The Story of Voting- and starting of Digital Voting

Voting that uses electronic means to conduct, counting and casting of votes are Digital Voting. Therefore, in India, the EVMs, Electronic Voting Machine was by the Electronic Company of India and Bharat Electronics in the 1990’s. Initially, paper ballots and manual counting of votes was expensive. This method was because of its fraudulent practice of voting and booth capturing by party loyalists. Hence, the EVMs are to cast secure vote practices and effectively and efficiently utilization by everyone.

Digital Voting

In 2011, The Supreme Court of India directed the Election Commission of India to develop EVMs with Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT). Moreover, it was a trial in which paper included. It helps them to confirm the reliable operations of EVMs. This operation was after the faulty allegations of oppositions after their  failure in contesting elections. Trial methods of EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) and VVPAT (Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail) took place between 2012 and 2013. Now, they are in every Assembly and General Elections in India.

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EVMs arrive easily. Vote counting speed increased. It also reduced the cost of paying staff to count votes manually. It improved the accessibility for disable voters expenses which tends to decrease in long term. Through Digital voting, the country’s image improves as faster and published results are declared faster as compared to paper ballots voting. People living abroad and senior citizens who are far away from the polling booths find it convenient as they can easily  cast their votes to their respective candidates.

Limitations of EVM:

Limitations of EVM
Limitations of EVM | Digital Voting

EVMs have its limitations too as how many people have voted for a candidate from a particular polling booth can easily be recognized by him, resulting in the winning candidate can hold grudges against people of that area. The Election Commission of India has stated that EVMs manufacturers can connect several polling stations so that it  displays the overall result from an Assembly Elections and Lok Sabha constituency instead of showing votes from an individual polling station. This is possible through the ‘Totaliser Unit’ method to avoid such grudges. Even though there are some setbacks, governments have initiated the topmost technology to take care of voters’ interest.

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