Hailing the International Mountain Day

Since 2003, the world celebrates ‘International Mountain Day’ on December 11. The day was declared by the United Nations General Assembly. UNGA is the driving force behind the organization of events at distinct levels on the occasion of International Mountain Day. Hence, the international community signifies the need of the hour to maintain sustainable mountain development.

2020 is the year for Diversity and Inclusion indeed.

The theme for the year 2020 for the observance of International Mountain Day is ‘Mountain biodiversity.’ The theme addresses the prolific biodiversity which the mountains are boasted of. The theme is also about the threats exposed to it.

While we know the mountains to be a permanent feature of the most picturesque landscapes, they are a lot more. The isolation of the mountain areas, irregular climatic zones and complex topography add up to favorable living conditions for a variety of living species. Under the umbrella of biodiversity, distinct life forms and ecosystems take shelter. Mountains are known to possess various native species.

Not an alien problem

The observance of International Mountain Day is often neglected by the masses. The people who live in cities understand mountains as only a vacation spot. However, it is to understand that the any threat to mountains is a threat to mankind.

A considerable share of the world population, that is, fifteen percent, lives in mountain regions. Moreover, mountains are also home to every one out of two biodiversities found in the planet. They also serve as a source of freshwater which regulates the life of nearly half of mankind. Mountain conservation is an indistinguishable part of world’s population.

It is our responsibility to save these mountains and hence, human resources from exposure to global warming and also, overexploitation.

This, International Mountain Day, let us all pledge to give our share to save the mountains. Mountains form an evitable part of the human life on the planet.

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