The world cannot pleasantly survive without the entity that keeps it informed and aware. This entity thus, proudly stands as the fourth pillar of every democracy. Hence, the simplest journalism meaning is to describe it as an activity that consists of writing and informing using various media such as; newspapers, magazines, or digital platforms.

Furthermore, it also includes preparing the content for broadcast or electronic media. Thus, according to the journalism meaning it is a flourishing field.

The journalism meaning expands in to various sub categories which are closely associated with this courageous and demanding profession. One who understands the true journalism meaning gains a sense of bravery. Here we study certain modern day aspects associated with journalism; Types of Journalism, Purpose of Journalism, Journalism Course, Journalism Career, Journalism Salary. 

Before dwelling deep into the journalism meaning, we need to know the history of it. Today it is a flourishing profession with norms and roles but back then, it meant something else. The history of journalism dates back to ancient Rome. This was when the Acta Diurna recorded the daily events that happened in this vast empire. Thus, it is regarded as the first type of news sheet. 

However, moving ahead in time the process of recording the news and events changed. Furthermore, with advent of new technology such as the printing press, it became easier to print more number of copies. Gradually, those in power began to realise the importance of news and features. Propagandas were published with the change in political and social dynamic. Hence the journalism meaning transformed a lot since the time of its inception. 

The daily Courant, regarded as the first ever daily newspaper emerged in the beginning of the 18th Century in Great Britain. As we transcend through the bright and dull times of history, we witness a change in the environment around us. This change is largely experienced and observed through the activity called journalism. 

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As we discussed earlier in the blog that journalism is now a flourishing profession and is technologically as well as socially abreast with the modern times. Hence, there are now several types of journalism. These types of journalism offer a person a variety of career options with this profession. The various types of journalism require a specific skill set. Hence, here we mention the various types of journalism and the associated skills. 


The field of arts is field full of passion and creativity. It is for those who have beautiful flair of writing and expressing. It includes writing news stories or features about the different forms of arts such as; dance, literature, music, painting, sketching, dramatic, poetry, and so on. A great many connoisseurs love reading about the diverse fields of arts.


This type of journalistic reporting includes the events happening in the business world. A business journalist gathers news about big and small companies that make some difference or have something new to present. Events such as product launch, press conference, forming of unions, performance analysis, and the overall economic atmosphere. Therefore, the skills required for this type of a journalistic reporting are excellent research skills and analytical writing skills.

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The paparazzi culture has become more prominent with the emergence of citizen journalism or civic journalism. Anyone with a camera and internet connection has become a reporter. Though it has its drawbacks, celebrity journalism is one of the most entertaining form of journalistic reporting. Hence, the reporters chase film stars, musicians and other prominent public figures and gather news about the daily happenings in their lives and careers. Moreover, this form of journalistic reporting becomes entertaining for the masses when scandals are exposed. 



OTT series such as Sherlock and Line of Duty make this form of journalistic reporting appear as very exciting and suspenseful. However, the reality is slightly different. The real life crime journalists gather a variety of information on a particular case by interviewing all sorts of people. They meet criminals, cops, and the victims. One has to be courageous and practical. Thus, it includes a great deal of investigation. Furthermore, a journalist willing to report crime stories should also form contacts who inform them about the happening of all the areas. 


The world is filled with people of different religions, faiths and cultures. Thus, the primary job of cultural form of journalistic reporter is to inform people about the different cultures across the globe. These types of journalists explore different places, people, cuisines, festivals, and rituals. Thus, we are made aware of the cultural differences around us. 


As the name suggests this types of a journalistic reporting revolves around the field of sports. It includes all types of sports. A sports journalist can write features and news reports, they are also indulged in giving live commentary on TV and radio. Hence, a sports journalist should be completely aware about the rules of the game and other such details. He or she should also posses excellent communication skills. 

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It is regarded as one the most serious forms of journalistic reporting and writing. A political journalist reports local, national, and international news relating to politics. Thus, such a journalist should be well informed about the various political theories, election campaigns, political bodies, constitutional operations, and prominent political figures across the globe. Furthermore, it is a risky profession where one makes a lot enemies. However, it is like the survival kit of a democracy. 

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This section of journalistic reporting includes writing about the military forces such as the Army, Navy, and the Air Force. It can be a national emergency or a celebration and also an international crisis. Furthermore, if it is during the times of war a defense reporter would be required to visit the place near the battlefield. It is thus, a very daring profession and certainly a patriotic one.


This type of journalistic writing caters to all those who sleep with a copy of Vogue or Elle under their pillow. A journalist working in this field covers all the important fashion events, launches, collaborations as well as the personal lives of those in the fashion industry. Furthermore, they interview people in the industry and report news ranging from street fashion to couture. It is thus, one of the most popular fields of journalistic writing. 

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News is the form of communication that keeps us aware and informed about the changing scenario. It highlights the issues, events, and problems which are faced by the common man. But it is not only informative, news is also a source of entertainment which helps us find a reason to be joyful. 

Hence, purpose of journalism is to deliver information to its citizens using which they are able to make concrete life decisions. For example, the purpose of journalism is to inform the sensex, based on this information a person working in the stock market will be able trade the stocks and earn profit. 

However, press and media might seem like an enemy to the common people or to the viewers. They believe that it is something which is delivering the bad news to the public. Hence, the people who believe that purpose of journalism is to demotivate people are not completely correct. Furthermore, the true purpose of journalism is to chase the greater truth behind each and every event. Thus, media and press is not the enemy but rather an informant to the people. 

Moreover, in a democracy the purpose of journalism is to behave like a watchdog. As a watchdog, the media can prevent abuses, corruption, and misuse of power. Media and journalists particularly are like the witnesses that have the ability to validate the truth of an event. The problem begins when journalists start substituting the role of the court of justice and initiate the media trials. 

Lastly, the purpose of this profound field depends on its many reporters and journalists who work relentlessly to make this world a better place. 



The first ever journalism course was offered by the University of Missouri at Columbia in the year 1879-1884. The syllabus and subjects have developed a lot since what they were like almost 300 years ago. A journalism course can be studied for bachelors as well as masters all around the world. The journalism course is not restricted to a particular geographical location or political boundaries. Thus, journalism course can be studied anywhere. Increasing number of students are applying for a journalism course and its application in the professional world. Students learn the following under a journalism course:


This course is meant for improving one’s writing skills. As a journalist writing is one of your key talents. Thus, in order to become successful it is important to understand the language of the media and public relation practitioners. 


This subject is useful for understanding the world around you. One can only write about various types or themes if he or she is aware about these topics. Hence, this subject is vital for gaining the primary knowledge about the atmosphere around you. 


One of the strengths present in all good journalists is the ability to communicate with great ease. Moreover, journalists are known to place the correct word at the correct place to imply something indirectly. This skill should be honed further.


Within the broad scope of journalism career, reporting, writing, and anchoring are not the only ones. An important part of any journalistic reporting is the design. This is important especially in the case of print media. Special professionals are hired for the design part of it. Thus, it is an important subject to master.


To move ahead we must acknowledge what is left behind. The history of journalism tells us what to do but it also informs us about what not to do. For example; during the terrorist attacks in India in the year 2008, a lot of news agencies placed their reporters at the site of attacks. They recorded the tragic bombings and killings. However, this caused a huge threat to the lives of those who were held hostage. The terrorists across the borders could see these videos on Indian News channels and could guide the on ground terrorists to attack. It was not only humiliating but also careless and sinister on the part of the Indian Media. 


The media laws help in guiding the future journalists. The subject distinguishes between what is ethical and what is not. Hence, a subject like this should be carefully taught and understood especially in the current times. 


This subject is all about the art of visuals. Moreover, the subject is practical in come colleges and universities. This allows students to explore the on ground realities and deadlines of photojournalism. 

Hence, there are a number of subjects under this diverse field with a several option for specialization. One must choose wisely and be responsible while studying it. 



The field os journalistic excellence has an amazing range of journalism career options. It is full of professional opportunities and ensures personal growth. A journalism career is possible in all parts of the world and requires skills. Hence here we present a list of journalism career options:



The tasks would include creating content for all forms of media. This would incorporate research and execution as well. 



The task would include the selection and gathering of various news articles and stories for broadcast or electronic media.



The task would include supervision over publishing process for traditional and new media. They would also have to check the reliability of the content along with its writing style. An editor will also correct if there are any mistakes in the report. 



The task of a communication manager will encompass implementation of the various communicative strategies for marketing and PR purposes. He or she will have to develop innovative ideas and execute them as well. 


Therefore, the field of journalistic excellence is an ever growing one. The world will witness some or the other event until it ends. Hence, the task of journalists is not only an exciting one but also a responsible one. While a lot of things may go wrong we will need the journalists to be our last real heroes.