From 7 to 14 February, these days are celebrated as valentine’s week February. Before that, some days are considered important, like world cancer day or the Indian coast guard day, and some more. Valentine’s Day is also known as St valentine’s day. Read on to know List of February Holidays 2022.

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Table of content of February days list 2022

1Tuesday01-FebIndian coast guard day
2Friday04-FebWorld cancer day
3Saturday05-FebVasant Panchami
4Sunday06-FebInternational day of zero tolerance to female genital mutilation
5Monday07-FebRose day, International safer Internet day
6Tuesday08-FebPropose day
7Wednesday09-FebChocolate day
8Thursday10-FebTeddy day
9Friday11-FebPromise day
10Saturday12-FebHug day
11Sunday13-FebKiss day, Sarojini Naidu’s birth anniversary
12Monday14-FebValentine's day
13Tuesday15-FebSlap day, International childhood cancer day, Hazrat Ali Jayanti
14Wednesday16-FebKick day
15Thursday17-FebPerfume day
16Friday18-FebFlirting day, Taj Mahotsav
17Saturday19-FebConfession day
18Sunday20-FebMissing day, world day of social justice
19Monday21-FebBreak up day, International mother language day
20Monday28-FebNational science day
February days list 2022 | List of February Holidays 2022
February days list 2022

Table of Contents

1 February- Indian coast guard day – List of February Holidays 2022

Indian Coast Guard Day was established on 1 February and is celebrated every year as the interim Indian coast was established on 1 February 1977 to prevent the seaborne smuggling of the goods. 

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4 February- world cancer day

The main goal of world cancer day is to raise awareness, motivation and decrease cancer worldwide. This day is celebrated on 4 February every year. By this, we can provide accurate information about the disease and the myths and make a difference in the lives of patients with cancer, as this is the biggest cause of death in the whole world.

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5 February – Vasant Panchami

This is the festival from which we start preparing for the spring season. And it is celebrated by the people of different religions in different styles. As for many Hindus, this festival is dedicated to the goddess Saraswati, also known as the goddess of knowledge, language, art, and music.

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6 February – International day of zero tolerance to female genital mutilation

This day was celebrated to make the people aware of the terrible practices performed towards women so that all may be aware of this so that we can profound gender inequality among people. In this, everyone is concerned about social justice and human rights.

7 February – Rose day and the international safer internet day

Rose day- February All days list 2022

Valentine’s week starts from this day as this is the first day of valentine’s week and is celebrated as the rose day in which the rose denotes love, affection between the lovers from the years and centuries. In this, two people meet and greet each other with the rose.

One quote was told by Thomas Folcroft “love and red roses can be hidden” as he thinks of this day especially and says this. 

The international safer internet the day- February special days list 2022

This day is celebrated every year on 7 February. This year this will be on the 8 February. The goal of this day is to provide safe and better internet service and connection to all over the world so that everyone can enjoy safe internet access connections. This year is the 20th year of safer internet day, and this takes palace all arounder the world in every networking site and other platforms.

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8h February- Propose Day

On the second day of valentine’s week in which the youth propose to each other to impress their love and to express their feeling for the individual as what they feel for them and what is their importance to them as after the rose, they try to impress their love by proposing them.

9 February- chocolate day- February special days list 2022

This is the third day of valentine week, and this is celebrated commonly among couples; and this is also known as the traditional way of gifting something to someone you like or love as in this the couples gift s chocolate to each other, which also signifies the sweetness in the relationship, and we can also surprise them by this.

10 February – teddy dayFebruary special days list 2022

This is the 4th and the cutest day of valentine’s week, and that is also at the same time romantic when the lover gift a cute teddy to their partner. Because these kinds of gifts are so attractive, there is a hidden message and meaning to the particular one who shows love and affection.

11 February- promise dayFebruary special days list 2022

This is the 5th valentine’s weekday in which the couples made a promise to each other which will last forever. We can also consider it as a pledge. The promise is of staying together in every situation and being there for each other in every condition. On this day, couples express their deep love towards their partner.

12 February- Hug dayFebruary special days list 2022

Hug day
Hug day

This is the 6th valentine’s weekday, one of the most important days of this week where the couples are emotionally attracted to each other more deeply, or we can say that which takes the bond between them to the next level. Here, the warm exchange of hugs takes place, which cannot be replaced, which not only strengthens the bond but also relieves the individual from the stress as this is said that hugging your partner relieves tension and stress.

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13 February – Kiss day, Sarojini Naidu’s birth anniversary

Kiss day

This is the 7th valentine’s weekday. This is kiss day where the couples attract physically and hold on to each other as kissing is a way of expressing love, affection care towards their partner. This also refreshes the mind. Like by hugging, we feel stress-free by kissing. We get a refreshed mind and also feel more relaxed.

Sarojini Naidu’s birth anniversary- February All days list 2022

On every 13 February, we celebrate Indian commemorates Sarojini Naidu’s birth as National women’s day as she was born on 13 February 1879. Because of her poetry, she had given the title “Nightingale of India” or “Bharat kokila.” 

14th February- Valentine’s dayFebruary special days list 2022

The last day of this week is the ultimate day which is called valentine’s day. This is the day of love, attraction and affection for their loved ones. On this day, most couples take their loved ones out for dinner or some other fun activities vehicle some take their relationship to the next level on this day. This day is also known as St. Valentines’ day.

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List of valentine’s weekdays 2022- February days list 2022

SerialDaysDatesSpecial Days
1Monday07-FebRose day
2Tuesday08-FebPropose day
3Wednesday09-FebChocolate day
4Thursday10-FebTeddy day
5Friday11-FebPromise day
6Saturday12-FebHug day
7Sunday13-FebKiss day
8Monday14-FebValentine’s day

15th February- Slap day, international childhood cancer day and Hazrat Ali Jayanti

Slap day

This is the first day of the anti-valentine week as the valentine week is full of love and affection in here there is opposite if this takes place as if the person regrets the individual of some reason.

International childhood cancer day

This day is celebrated on 15th February as it gives information about cancer among youngsters. Cancer is always a dangerous and life-threatening disease. And, the main motive is only to make awareness about childhood cancer. 

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Hazrat Ali Jayanti

This is celebrated as honor the day of the birth of Ali ibn Abu Talib who was the son-in-law of the prophet Muhammad and as the public holiday in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

16th February – kick dayFebruary special days list 2022

This is the 2nd day of the anti-valentine week. It refers to contextual meaning as that means denial or rejection to the other person. As it refers to him or her being kicked out of particular life.

17th February- perfume day – February special days list 2022

This is the third day of the anti-valentine week as the name refers to perfume day by this, we can say about the nature of the person by their fragrance of the perfume, and there is nothing such anti-romantic in this day. But it is said that before ending the relation one should gift a perfume to their loved ones.

18th February- flirting day and Taj Mahotsav

Flirting day 

This is the fourth day of the anti-valentine week in this way, the person has another chance to try their luck and flirting is another way of romance, and it is also said that couples who flirt with each other are happier than other

Taj Mahotsav- February days list 2022

This is organized by the department of tourism and the government of India. The main motive of this is to promote the country’s rich art and craft dance and music.


19th February- confession dayFebruary special days list 2022

This is the fifth day of the anti-valentine week; in this, the lovers who keep the secret as they did not confess their love to individual it’s their time to confess that this day was founded by Thomas Roy and Ruth Roy. 

20th February- missing day and world day of social justice

20th February- missing day and world day of social justice
20th February- missing day and world day of social justice

Missing day

This is the 6th day of the anti-valentine week. This is for the long-distance lovers who miss their best time together, and that also feels good as we get to know about the love and affection of our partner by saying to them, “I miss you”.

World day of social justice

On 20th February, this day is celebrated every year as the movie of celebrating this day is to have people together and walk together for the idea of justice rights and peace in every place.

21st February- break-up day and international mother language day

Break-up day- February days list 2022

The last day of the anti-valentine week is break-up day. It means cutting off the relationship, which is not good and living life on their own because we feel like not compatible and does not match.

International mother language day- February All days list 2022

This day is always celebrated on 21st February, and it is also called the Matribhasha Diwas to promote cultural diversity and multilingualism all over the world.

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List of anti-valentine’s day week- February special days list 2022

SerialDaysDatesSpecial Days
1Tuesday15-FebSlap day
2Wednesday16-FebKick day
3Thursday17-FebPerfume day
4Friday18-FebFlirting day
5Saturday19-FebConfession day
6Sunday20-FebMissing day
7Monday21-FebBreak-up day

We hope that this list of all days in February 2022 was helpful!