Do your eyes stay on hold as a mysterious plot of a movie unfolds? Watching a mysterious movie shakes our hearts and keeps our heads in suspense. With the cinema world growing each decade, we have got some of the best mystery movies. These best mystery movies of all time have been watched by all of us. And if not watched, they have been recommended strongly. Mystery movies are also associated with other themes like suspense, horror, psychological thriller, and more. This is why they are also called suspense movies, mystery thriller movies, and psychological thriller movies. 

The best mystery movies will hold on to the plot and the watchers till the end. Once you indulge in the plot of suspense movies, you can be both terrified and thoughtful. You will find your interpretations of the mysterious characters with suspense creation. There are a plethora of mystery movies to watch. But, some of them stand out to be the best mystery movies

Before we proceed to learn about these mystery thriller movies, let’s know what makes a movie mysterious. 

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What Do Mystery/ Suspense Movies Have?

What Do Mystery/ Suspense Movies Have?
What Do Mystery/ Suspense Movies Have?

Mystery thriller movies revolve around the plot of discovery and solution. It generally unfolds with a discovery of a mysterious object or situation. This suspense creation gives rise to mysterious characters. The plot proceeds with an individual or a group of people, finding more about the mystery and ultimately solving them. 

These suspense movies are also called psychological thriller movies. Watching such best mystery movies, erks the human psyche greatly. Once a mind indulges in watching such movies, there is a huge pitch in of ideas and thoughts. The viewer will continue to hypothesize the next move or change in the mystery movies. 

The best mystery movies of all time stand out due to many aspects. The best mystery movies project the plot by engaging the audience dominantly. Right from the start till the end, the viewers sync with the plot. These mystery thriller movies never make the viewers uncomfortable. There are always twists in major or minor ways. This keeps the audience curious and on the seat’s edge. 

Some of the best mystery movies also include a scary turnover. This is done to further amplify the degree of suspense. However, adding these frightening elements requires it to be logical and aligned with the main plot. Mystery thriller movies are the best ways to awaken the detective in oneself. These movies give an insight into how imagination can be plundered in unreal yet compelling situations. 

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8 Best Mystery Movies To Watch

8 Best Mystery Movies To Watch
8 Best Mystery Movies To Watch

Knowing the magnum opus of mystery movies is a must. If you are looking for mystery movies to watch, you must start with the best ones. Here are the 8 best mystery movies you must watch. 

The Game-1997

Released in 1997, The Game is one of the best mystery movies. The movie finds its protagonist receiving a mysterious gift. Once he makes use of the gift, it lands him in pools of mysteries and troubles. With absurd situations happening in the movie, the viewers will find themselves confused with the protagonist. However, at the end of the movie, the protagonist returns safely to his next birthday party. The movie reflects upon the mystery of fears in life and how we face them. It also reflects upon large hatched conspiracies in life, that we might be ignorant of and treat them lightly. 

Mystic River- 2003

Directed in 2003, Mystic River will take you through the amalgamation of mystery and psychological thriller. The movie is about three friends who part ways with changing lives. However, a murder association brings them together. The movie is an exploration of one of the friend’s daughter’s causes behind the mysterious death. However, the catch in the movie is a representation of old and present traumas. While the friends juggle with their disturbing past, new troubles again take a toll on their friendship. The movie consists of strong graphics which can be disturbing to watch. The movie has been accoladed with numerous awards including six Academy Awards. 

Secret Window-2004

A psychological thriller. Secret Window will give you goosebumps of being stalked. The movie revolves around the life of a writer who decides to be in solitude at a lakeside. However, an intervention by mysterious stalkers sets off his life on the wrong side. The writer’s encounter with the stalker changes everything badly in his life. He finds things turning into turmoil and people dying around him. All these mysteries lead to the discovery of truth. By the end of the movie, the viewers will be flabbergasted on knowing the true nature of the stalker. The movie hangs on the interventions of mysterious characters and adds to the suspense creation. 

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The Da Vinci Code- 2006

The Da Vinci Code- 2006
The Da Vinci Code- 2006

Based on Dan Brown’s novel of the same name, The Da Vinci Code is amongst the best mystery movies of all time.  The movie has a lightning speed of mysterious happenings. It will make you hang on the cliff of every plot that unfolds. The setting is in Louver Museum where a murder takes place. The famed painting of Leonardo Da Vinci gives clues that lead to the development of the religious mystery. There is a twist in every step which keeps diverging from the expected conclusion for the movie. The movie has been appreciated but also criticized for its involvement in religious sentiments. 

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo-2011

Based on the 2005 novel by Swedish author Stieg Larsson, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo will twist your head. The movie includes the themes of the human psyche and is also classified under psychological thriller movies. The plot of the movie discovers the absence of a wealthy girl for 40 years. This discovery was made by the journalist Mikael Blomkvist, based in Stockholm. The movie stands out for its settings in America. It dives into exploring darker subjects like psychological dissimilarities and cycles of abuse. The movie has been included in the Top 10 films of 2011 by the National Board Of Review. 

Don’t Breathe-2016

Released in 2016, Don’t Breathe brings a combination of horror, suspense, and thriller. The movie is a tumultuous ride through fear and suspense creation, which unfolds step by step. The film is about three friends who try to steal from a Gulf War veteran’s house. However, in the process, they discover the dark secrets about the veteran. They try futile attempts to save themselves. The movie promises to rush your heart as the veteran makes scary, sudden appearances. Also, the continuous quest to break free will pull the viewers to understand the mysterious characters. The film has a sequel which was released in August 2021. 

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The Girl On The Train- 2016

A mysterious psychological thriller released in 2016, The Girl On The Train takes you through the journey of Rachel Watson. The protagonist is divorced and is recovering from her alcoholic mannerism. Her continuous blackouts are the prominent mystery developer in the movie. Due to depression and alcoholism, Rachel only remembers the incident in pieces. This puts the viewers in ideating about ‘what had happened’ when Rache blacked out. The movie, however, takes an unimaginable turn in the end which makes Rachel leave for a new life. The movie also has a Bollywood remake of the same name and stars Parineeti Chopra in lead. 

A Quiet Place-2018

Released in 2018, A Quiet Place revolves around a continuous quest for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. The movie takes the journey of a family who tries to survive amidst a world inhabited by blind monsters. The movie stands as one of the best mystery thriller movies due to its realistic imagery. The movie reflects how real a fictional world of monsters could be. The blind monsters can also be interpreted with the violence which is growing today. The movie has shades of science fiction which reflect on a world that is changing rapidly with science. 

These are the 8 best mystery movies to watch once in a while. They bring you fresh plots and ideas about how mystery can be used. These best mystery movies will shrink your heart but at the same time build suspense. Watching these suspense movies will put your mind in deep thoughts. 

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Parting Note

The best mystery movies include you in the plot. They are popularized due to the addition of imagery, secretive settings, and exploration of dark subjects. Mystery thriller movies put your head into devising conclusions. Moreover, similar psychological thriller movies help you interpret the human mind from different perspectives. 

The suspense creation and mysterious characters are perfect add ons to a mystery movie. There is always speculation made about the happenings in the films. These add ons make you hypothesize and reach the nearest truth behind everything that happens. 

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Making the best mystery movies requires an understanding of the smallest precision. This helps in tying the plot loops with the end story. Mystery movies are a creation of human imagination. However, today, they appear to be no less than the real world. Once you dive into a mystery movie, you too become a part of it. 

So, what is holding you back? Dive in the mystery movies and solve the mysteries now!