What is National Energy Conservation Day?

India observes National Energy Conservation Day every year on 14th of December to create awareness among its citizens about the necessity to preserve energy and its resources.

The Bureau of Energy (BEE) regulates its authority under Government of India(GOI). It assists the government to make policies and modules to enforce the use of energy and lessen its misuse. This constitutional body was the driving force to bring the Energy Conservation Act in the year 2001.

The purpose of the National Energy Conservation Day is to save energy for a better future of mankind.

Why Do We Need Energy Conservation for the Better Days?

We have studied it in our middle schools that energy cannot be formed. Hence, to ensure the fuel for our future generations, we need to conserve energy. Either curbing its misuse or using the fuels efficiently, the conservation of energy should be our primary focus.

There is a need to set the behaviors and patterns of the masses in such a way that it becomes our instinct to think about energy conservation.

Energy conservation should be rooted in the behavior of every human being to get more effect towards the plan of energy conservation.

Tiny but Significant Steps :

There is no rocket science involved behind the conservation of energy. We observe the National Energy Conservation Day in order to encourage the habits to conserve the energy through various mediums at various levels

Some of the important steps which are taken on the occasion are:

  • Organizing seminars, events, discussions, advertising campaigns, workshops, and conferences et cetera to propagate ideas which form the base of energy conservation.
  • Suggesting ways to  individuals and firms about how they can give their part for the cause
  • Introducing alternate means of energy and fuels which can help the fossil fuels to not burn out completely

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