In a world where we all are constantly suffering from the health crisis brought by the pandemic, we are also moving towards a contactless world and while this might invite problems it also brings along solutions and innovations. One India Tamil is an Online news site that provides news in multiple languages. The Digital One India, the Tamil One India News, Oneindia Tamil, the Telugu One India all combine under one name; One India. 

Telugu One India and Tamil One India News site provides breaking news and is a deep well of information for all those who require a detailed report of current affairs. One India is an Indian Portal; Digital One India that provides new and informative guidance on different topics of interest. The One India or Oneindia Tamil Portal was founded by BG Mahesh owned by Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd. 

The various genres or topics covered by One India Tamil (Tamil One India News, Telugu One India, Digital One India) are spread across different fields of interest, these news concern the breaking news, city news, Covid FAQs, Videos, sports, Movies, Lifestyle, Auto, Gadgets, and Coupons. These topics have several other sub-topics. Here we analyze the different categories and subcategories.


One India Tamil one of the leading news portal focuses on many genres and at the same time on various other Indian languages. It is also available digitally by the name of Digital One India. One of the major languages in India is Tamil and One India also caters to this language as well by the name of Tamil One India News or Oneindia Tamil.

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This category contains all the breaking news or current affairs, it includes the political, economic, defense-related news pieces. As Digital One India and One India Tamil News is an online portal, the news needs to be updated on a timely basis so that the most recent news is catered to the public and the subscribers. It is said that old news is equivalent to garbage, this adds on a greater responsibility for Digital One India (Telugu One India) to work efficiently. 

With the advent of new media tools, there is quick information available to everyone through various mediums. Thus, news sites like One India Tamil / Oneindia Tamil or Tamil One India News and also Telugu One India should be active in uploading any piece of news with great efficiency.

The Telugu One India and Tamil One India News sections also share the news that is country-centric or national, international news, sports news, business news with Sensex reports, motivational stories, and the news features. 


Magnetic cinematography, gripping editing, and an impactful narration is bound to attract more masses as compared to endless paragraphs of information. One India Tamil/ Oneindia Tamil/ Telugu One India and Tamil One India News provides lays out different types of videos from different fields of news and entertainment which saves the audience from boredom and monotony. 


A news story sells more if it has a proximity feature. If more people relate to a particular event it is more likely to gain attention and interest towards that piece of knowledge. If someone is or will be facing the consequences of an event then the person would be willing to be prepared for it and that can happen only through the availability of the details.

One India Tamil or Telugu One India circulates those facts in a systematic order through Digital One India or Oneindia Tamil about the cities from almost every state. A wide network of reporters all coming under one banner; Oneindia Tamil, help in procuring and publishing the news. 


The cities included under this section of Telugu One India are:

  • Bengaluru
  • New Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai
  • Kolkata
  • Pune 
  • Salem
  • Belgaum
  • Ahmedabad
  • Mangalore
  • Hyderabad


The sports news are reported in a detailed manner on a sub-site of One India Tamil or Oneindia Tamil known as my Khel, it is also available in several languages such as English, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil (Tamil One India News), Telugu (Telugu One India), Bengali, etc.

Telugu One India or Tamil One India News site updates the latest scores of any ongoing match, it keeps a record of international sports and other sports-related news. Oneindia Tamil or Digital One India consists of feature stories about sports and sports institutes and personalities. It consists of a detailed explanation about motorsports and tennis along with a photo gallery with pictures of prominent sports celebrities. One India Tamil and Telugu One India however primarily focuses on cricket and football. 

The sports site of Oneindia Tamil and Tamil One India News also consists of videos of famous moments or highlights.


The movie segment of the One India Tamil or Oneindia Tamil is linked to another site known as Filmi beat, which provides information about the movies from several languages across India. This shows the technical exprestise of Digital One India.

Movies Section of One India
Movies Section of One India

Tamil One India News or Telugu One India or One India gives reviews about the latest films and web series along with distinctive columns about celebrity news, prominently the celebrities from the Hindi and the southern film industry as the name suggests; Tamil One India News and Telugu One India. One India also holds feature stories about the awards ceremonies across the globe and about the social media usage and influence of the actors.

Oneindia Tamil or Digital One India lists the latest TV shows, Web Series, Movies available on OTT platforms as well as on the broadcasting medium. To make things more interesting for its viewers and readers. 


One India Tamil launches new quiz questions and visual stories to increase the reach on Instagram. For example, their latest story about “Which Kareena Kapoor Character are you?” Has been a hit amongst the viewers. 


Oneindia Tamil (Digital One India, Tamil One India News, Telugu One India, One India) puts up blogs about the fashion and styling of the most searched celebrities regularly. 


The movie section of One India or Oneindia Tamil has one of the most exciting segments for the customers, which is the discount coupons for the subscription of many OTT platforms. Amidst the pandemic, OTT platforms have gained an increased amount of attention and viewership all thanks to the amazing range of content available to people in the comfort of their homes. The OTT platform coupons provided by One India or Telugu One India are for BookMyShow, ALTBalaji, Prime Video, and Disney Hotstar. These coupons are the star markers of Digital One India and Tamil One India News. 


One India and Tamil One India News provides reviews and other services for movies from various industries such as Bollywood, Hollywood, Malayalam, Tamil (One India Tamil), Telugu (Telugu One India), and Kannada.


The lifestyle section of Digital One India and Tamil One India News is connected with which shares insights into the ideal lifestyle that a person should adhere to. 

There are several sections with the lifestyle genre. Let us see those lifestyle genres of One India Tamil | Digital One India | Tamil One India News | Oneindia Tamil



Health has been the focus of some people ever since the pandemic hit. It has highlighted the importance of a healthy and fit lifestyle and the internet is flooded with information about maintaining one’s health regime. The health section at Digital One India or One India talks about wellness, nutrition, Diet and Fitness, Diabetes, Disorder and Cure, Expert Advice, and various tools that one can use and benefit from. 


Beauty has always been the primary focus of several people, Oneindia Tamil and Telugu One India primarily focuses on the beauty services that cater to women. This section from Digital One India includes subcategories such as Skincare, Haircare, Body Care, and Makeup. With increasing awareness about body types and skin types, one must avail the correct type of information that suits the respective person. One India provides this valuable knowledge and ensures that women get the optimum output from the advice that they provide. 


This sub-category classifies as one of the most-watched genres of the Tamil One India News. This category caters to the mass which is interested in and inspired by the activities and style of celebrities, who are generally idolized by the common public. The category shares information along with pictures about the Celebrity Wardrobe and the Latest Fashion Trends.


People cannot be prevented from believing in something intrinsic to their being. Astrology is one such concept that is born out of faith and belief. The section within Digital One India shares counsel about Horoscopes, Palmistry, Remedies, Zodiac Signs, and Numerology. 


The two sub-sections within this category of Digital One India or One India are Life and Pulse which circulate the information around the important days and festivities in a year and talk about the affluent class of people such as big businessmen in different states. 


One India Tamil is known for producing videos that capture the attention of its viewers. The videos within the lifestyle section include themes such as astrology videos, beauty videos, DIY videos, entertainment videos, fashion videos, festival-centric videos, health-related videos, and yoga videos. 


The Internet has become the modern-day guru and in times of doubt, one does not bother asking people around them but rather relies on portals such as One India. The category shares information about the Pre Natal, Post Natal, Basic knowledge, tips for a healthy baby, and grown-up kids. It additionally also gives options about the baby names for parents. 



This category is flooded with words about mouth-watering and easy-to-make recipes. One India Tamil supplies tips about healthy cooking and aids those who have learned to cook during the pandemic with mind-blowing vegetarian, Non-vegetarian, snacks, salads, and tangy pickle recipes. 


One of the most searched and hyped genres by automobile and car enthusiasts. This category of One India Tamil or Oneindia Tamil drives our attention towards the honest reviews and latest news about a whole range of Cars; top-notch and affordable and Bikes along with the information associated with the EMIs and how to purchase or use the automobile. 


Digital One India’s gadgets section holds all the possible knowledge and news about tablets, mobiles, telecom, apps, laptop, camera, the internet, computer, and a lot more.

The reviews circulated by One India include an honest opinion about the gadgets and seem as if they are used by the person who writes those reviews. 

The feature stories include tips and tricks, mobile feature story, wearable feature story, How-to, Social Media feature, App feature story and writes features about everything that is technology.

There is also a photo gallery for those who wish to see the product with details before buying it. One India Tamil also keeps an update about the new features and technological devices that enter the market. 


Lastly, we arrive at the category that is the most interesting and appealing to the masses, a very strategic idea applied by Oneindia Tamil and Tamil One India News is the one that provides discount coupons and promo codes for a variety of apps and brands. 

Following are the names of those brands for which the coupons are available:

  • Amazon
  • MMT
  • Myntra
  • Domino’s 
  • Go Daddy
  • Swiggy
  • Medlife
  • Udemy
  • Lenskart
  • Flipkart
  • Lenovo
  • Zivame


One India Tamil, OneIndia Tamil, Telugu One India, Tamil One India News, and Digital One India are all different names for one brand; One India. Oneindia Tamil is a revolutionary portal as it comprises information from all the spheres of life that one can imagine. One India, much like its name is an all-inclusive website, no one is left out and that is the most intriguing feature of One India Tamil.

Telugu One India has emerged to its deserved popularity because it not only provides loads of information about current affairs but it also shares directions about other important topics that concern a person’s daily life. Digital One India has a distinctly integrated system of different websites which work in full force and give the best output. 

One India Tamil or One India or Oneindia Tamil is a site to be shared as it spreads its wings across all the realms or domains that concern one’s life. One India Tamil or Tamil One India News gives out information while at the same time maintaining the stature of being responsible and accountable for the knowledge or advice that they bestow. Additionally, the coupon offers are a contributing factor to Digital One India’s rising popularity. Tamil One India News is thus an all rounder in terms of disseminating vital information and advice. Oneindia Tamil is a source of inspiration to try novice tricks which are proven and shared by experts.