Technology is applying scientific knowledge for the betterment of human life. There is absolutely no doubt that the technologies are mind blowing these days. And there are constant efforts made by the technology based companies and the engineers to take it even further. We all have this doubt in our head “how will technology change our lives in the future!”. Undeniably the future technology is going to be even better.

There are some predictions of future technology  that are being assumed  by the experts. In this article we are going to see the top predictions of future  technology. From changes in the medical field to manufacturing everything is covered in this article. As mentioned these are predictions of the future some of these may come true some may not. But the below mentioned technologies are most likely to come into existence.

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This is the future technology in the manufacturing industry. AI powered means applying AI and machine learning in the manufacturing industry. AI will benefit the manufacturing industries to a greater extent. It will turn the manufacturing industry into an efficient, productive and skillful version of itself. It helps with record keeping in the industry. This will help the employees to concentrate less on documentation and more on other important stuff.

It also helps with automated problem solving and inventory management. It also does machine data analysis which will maintain the machines health. Overall it increases productivity and reduces the downtime and manual errors. Not only huge manufacturers, but even small scale industries can benefit from AI.  Therefore it is one of the greatest future technology ideas that is definitely gonna make its mark. 


The future technology in computing will be quantum computing. Quantum computing is a technology that is built by having quantum mechanics as its base. Quantum mechanics is a concept in physics. Through this concept the properties of subatomic particles are described. Quantum computing combines the concept of quantum mechanics and cloud computing.  

Quantum computers are used to solve problems that are tedious for normal computers. They basically perform calculations that are too complex to solve. They are used in large manufacturing companies. They usually have large sets of data so they rely on quantum computers to solve those. It is also used in weather forecasts. It can predict weather events like cyclones and storms with much more accuracy than the conventional systems. Quantum computing has more potential, but currently it is in the initial stages of development. It is under research to improve it.  Hence it is one of the future technology in 10 years will take an upper hand. 



It is the most expected future technology. By now we all are expecting and waiting to use the 5G. It is the 5th generation cellular technology. It is a wireless  communication technology. It is used for mobile communication. It is known to be 20 times faster than the 4th generation technology. It helps us to have improved mobile communications and offers more users to use the mobile connecting to one tower.

It increases the speed of internet connection, so we can get high speed internet connection from anywhere. It will increase the usage of IoT. It is an important technology that will help the self-driving vehicles concept. It can also increase the quality of the live broadcasting. It can be used in manufacturing industries and also in robots to increase communication. 


It is also one of the most expected future technology. The robots are expected to do the jobs. In this, the robots are preferably to make an entry soon in retail and convenience stores. The job of billing will be taken over by robots or it will be automated. If it is automated, the buyers themselves have to bill the products or else the robots will do it for them. The robots will also replace the waiters and waitresses in hotels and restaurants.

Even for the housekeeping and other cleaning works the robots will be employed.  Even in the healthcare industries robots can make a mark. Like robots will check the temperature of the patients and fix appointments for the patients. So overall robots will be seen as workers in many places in the future technology


It is another expected future technology in the field of medicine. In future we do not even need to physically be at a clinic or a hospital. The consultation can be done through virtual meetings. Sometimes when you are out of station it can be very difficult to consult a doctor so this can help people who are constantly travelling.

Sometimes we cannot take our elders to the doctors who are far away from our home. In this case remote consultation will help. In remote consultation only primary consultations can be done and also prescribing scans and tests can be done. However, for a keen consultation we need to see doctors in person. Overall the future technology in healthcare is going to be a never seen before scenario. 



It is also an expected future technology. This is a technology which was in the developing stage over a few years. By this time, there are artificial pacemakers, blood glucose metres. Also, we all are aware of the fact that these days our smartwatch has health tracking options. Like it tracks the number of steps, our heartbeat, total number of hours we are sitting or moving. Even smartphones do that.

The apple watches can also read ECG. This is a technology which is improving constantly. In future technology, there will be sensors that can measure the physiological functions in our body. Like it can measure the hormone balance levels, blood sugars, blood pressure and much more. 


Compared to all the above, the future technology in transportation seems quite astounding. There are going to be robot driven vehicles. But above that, there are going to be autonomous cars which do not need a driver. In the future there will be drone delivery. Companies like Amazon, DHL, UPS are working on it.

There will be flying taxis to avoid heavy traffic. There will be a new transport system called hyperloop. The hyperloop is a system that uses the properties of vacuum. It transports users from one place to another by using a loop. The loop is like a track to travel for this system. It operates at a speed of 700 mph. It will be one of the jaw dropping future technology in transportation.    


It is a future technology that is absolutely surprising. The field of neuroscience usually deals with human nervous systems which are primarily composed of the brain. Neurotechnology concentrates on machine brain interactions. The best invention in this field so far is, the scientists have made the paralyzed people walk. Researchers in the field of neuroscience and technology are joining their hands to invent brain controlled machines.

It includes robots that complete the task when the human thinks about it. In the future we can also download the memories from our brain. There will be controlling devices for emotions, dream. There will be implants to improve the memory and other abilities of the brain. It is a future technology 2050 that will literally make a massive impact in so many aspects of our life.


It sounds scary! But it is a future technology that is being worked on by the experts to meet the emotional needs of humans. In this the people who are staying far away or who have passed away can be brought into real life with the help of virtual reality. People who miss their loved ones can have some good times with the help of this  future technology. The memories can be extracted from the brain using nanotechnology, this can be used to recreate the person. Recreation of the person can also be done by a DNA sample of the recently passed away person. 



It is technology that needs to be worked on a lot. In future technology, it is hoped that all the internet users will be safe. A study has shown that only 33% of the internet users feel that they are safe while using the internet. The balance 67% are scared of being hacked at any time. This actually shows the need to improve safety over the internet.  Technologies like VPNs are needed to secure the data. This is being worked on by the companies to bring it as soon as possible. Privacy Enhancing Technology is going to be a future technology that is going to be a basic need for the internet users.  


Technology is applying scientific knowledge for the betterment of human life. There is absolutely no doubt that the technologies are mind blowing these days. And there are constant efforts made by the technology based companies and the engineers to take it even further. There are numerous expectations from mankind towards the technology field as well. 

From 5G to cyber security there are numerous awaited by the people to use. Ultimately these two can increase the quality of the internet. The future technology in the medical fields like remote consultation, biomedical technology and neurotechnology are working to improve the health related aspects of life. There is future technology like reincarnation to serve the emotional needs of the people.

Then there are transportation technologies which are going to create a massive impact on the way we travel. The future technology like robots, AI, and computing will help the manufactures to run their industries better. The above mentioned are the top predictions for the future of technology. 


  1. How does the future in technology look?

The future of technology is great. Scientists and engineers are constantly working to provide us a better quality of life. 

  1. What is technology?

Technology is applying the scientific knowledge gained to help mankind to ease life.

  1. What will be the  advancements in transportation?

Transportation in the future will have hyperloop, delivery drones and autonomous cars.

  1. What is the future technology in medicine?

There will be remote consultation, biomedical gadgets to look after the body’s physiological functions.

  1. Will there be any technology that will safeguard the users from hackers?

Yes, there is technology called Privacy Enhancing Technology(PET), which is being worked to increase the security of internet users.