Privacy, the thing everybody has but nobody wants to show, most important aspect to all. Privacy means everything in a human’s life. It is the ability of a being to seclude or isolate itself from the public and share their views to a selected individual or a specific group of people. If something is private to a person, means it’s a sensitive or special case in their own dairy and nobody wants to share their dairy, that’s how our mind works and that’s how it will continue to work. what is Right To Privacy?

A republic can only work when people have the freedom to share what they want to share and store what they want sealed. Common man has various things he wants to keep intimate and for that, government has One such policy, the right to privacy where the citizens personal information is protected from public knowledge and nobody on any case or situation can force information out of them. It is the ‘right to be let alone’ and is encompassed under Article 21 of the constitution.

Right To Privacy, Fundamental
Right To Privacy, Fundamental (SOURCE – IPLEADERS)

But How Crucial is Right to Privacy?

But do you know if this crucial right is counted as a fundamental right or not, some people say positive and some say otherwise. “is it?” or “is it not?” that’s the question which always flashes whenever there is debate and the conclusion is always dis-satisfactory. But that’s not what the crowd wants, it wants a definite answer and the government is unable to give them one. According to reports, more than 150 countries around the world practice the right and it’s mention as an extreme pivot to people, so why is there a question about it being a fundamental right until now.

There have been attempts to re-frame the right and some policies are being discovered but will they fit into the complex archaeology seems to be the biggest steppingstone. the firm reason for the incompetency was the lethargic  mindset of the  bureaucrats, officials at the highest level who never thought about privacy being a thing that needed protection, but changing times never alarm anyone and various alterations in the public hierarchy resulted in privacy being the right most important of all.

According to various reports, Supreme court has passed an incorporation which says that right to privacy can be recognized as a fundamental right, but many people still hate the fact stating there are other important issues to take care of spouting about the dynamics of right to privacy. Still, things are moving in a positive way and people are understanding the true nature of generic privacy policies, we just need to take it realize.

Some Videos About Right to Privacy

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