Banks have dates set on which they do not operate. SBI, being a public sector bank, has holidays on all important dates and events according to the Indian Calendar. Hence, often a number of people are not aware of these occasions. Here, in our blog, we mention all the SBI Bank Holidays 2021 for you to keep a check on all the days the SBI bank will not be operating.


The State Bank of India, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra is an Indian multinational public sector bank. It has a huge presence all around the world. The bank was inaugurated in the beginning of the 19th Century as the Bank of Bengal. Later, the Bank of Bombay, Bank of Madras, and Bank of Bengal were integrated as joint-stock companies. After Independence, the banks that belonged to princely states came under the supervision of the State Bank of India. It is one of the largest public sector banks in the world today. 

List of SBI Bank Holidays 2021 in September

The following is a list of SBI holidays 2021 on which SBI branches will be closed. 

Bank Holidays 2021Date Day 
Official holiday 5th September Sunday 
Prakash Utsav Shri Guru Granth Sahib JI 8th September Wednesday
Ganesh Chaturthi11th September Saturday
Official Holiday, Nuakhia11th September2nd Saturday of the Month
Official holiday 12th September Sunday 
Teja Dashmi, Ramdev Jayanti 16th September Thursday 
Karma Pooja17th SeptemberFriday
Official holiday 19th September Sunday 
Sree Narayana Guru Jayanti, Shri Narayana Guru Samadhi 21st September Tuesday 
Heroes Martyrdom Day23rd September Thursday
Official holiday25th September 4th Saturday of the Month 
Official holiday26th September Sunday 
Shri Bhagat Singh Jayanti 28th September Tuesday 

Notable Information on SBI Bank Holidays in September 2021

According to the official RBI guidelines, the second and fourth Saturday of every month shall be SBI Bank Holidays. Moreover, every Sunday of every month is also an official holiday. 

SBI Bank Holidays in September 2021
SBI Bank Holidays in September 2021

India is a diverse land and each state has its own festivals and events, hence, the holidays are divided according to their importance in respective states. 

The Ganesh Chaturthi Holiday is only in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odisha, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, 

The Heroes Martyrdom Day Holiday is only applicable in the states of Haryana and Punjab. Shri Narayana Guru Samadhi and Shri Narayana Guru Jayanti holiday are only applicable in the state of Kerala. Moreover, the Mahalaya Amavasya holiday is only in the states of Odisha and West Bengal. The Prakash Utsav Shri Guru Granth Sahib JI and Shri Bhagat Singh Jayanti holidays are only in the state of Punjab. Lastly, the Teja Dashmi holiday is only in Rajasthan, and the Indra Jatra holiday, only in Sikkim. 

Hence, the bank functions in a professional manner and controls a large amount of money supply in the country. SBI has a total of around 24000 branches in India.

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Note: The following calendar was created after extensive research. However, some of the festivals and holidays may change depending on the moon’s position and the government‘s or organization’s decision.