What is Corporate Communication And 6 Things to know about Corporate Communication

Things to know about Corporate Communicationn

Choosing courses as we step forward has always been a confusing task. Like what’s next after graduation? Do we look for jobs? or do we continue with higher studies? Even selecting graduation subjects have been confusing. There are so many courses yet so little knowledge about them. Isn’t that the tale of every curious student? If you are good at conversation, ready to take charge head-on, or even curious about the field of communication, you can always consider Corporate Communication as an excellent option. After all, are several interesting things to know about Corporate Communication that can open up a new window of opportunities.

We will be taking you through everything you need to know about Corporate Communication, with pointers to cover like- What is Corporate Communication, types of Corporate Communication, the importance of Corporate Communication, the scope of Corporate Communication, and the courses on Corporate Communication. So, hold on and keep on reading to know more about this intriguing course in the field of communication.

What is Communication? 

Communication is the way of relaying information from a person to another in a clear-cut manner. It is essential for conveying messages/relaying information. What essential is that we need the information to be clear and concise. Also, it should avoid any misunderstanding/conflicts. Proper communication is a necessary element that should be present in every organization/institution. 

Things to know about Corporate Communication: What is Corporate Communication?

Corporate Communication, in its definition, is a combination of two words- Corporate and Communication. Apart from profit-making, what else does the business require? Crystal-clear communication. And for that, you need professionals who know when and how to deliver! Corporate Communication handles how the transferring of information takes place in a business environment. That is, communicating with the employees, the public, and other stakeholders of the business. Through Corporate Communication, organizations know the proper way to communicate with these audiences.

Things to know about Corporate Communication: Areas of Application in Corporate Communication

There are several areas where we can apply the concept of Corporate Communication, which are as follows- 

  • Advertising:

It is the process of spreading information in an interesting/appealing way to create brand awareness among the target audience.

  • Marketing & Marketing Communication:

Marketing refers to creating products/commodities according to the market requirement, whereas Marketing communication refers to building product identity.

  • Public Relations:

It is the process of communicating with the public and creating an image of the brand/company. Public relations help in maintaining the goodwill of the company.

Things to Know about Corporate Communication: What are the Functions of Corporate Communication?

You are well aware that every course and process has its functions applicable in various fields given its requirements.

  • Communication with Media and maintaining relations:

You must have seen press briefings, conferences, news releases, and many other things that get relayed through the media. A company provides information about itself to media agencies. After that, the media agencies relay the message via their channels.

  • Maintaining Customer & Public Relations:

Customers and the external public are essential for any business as they build trust and credibility through their actions. Proper communication ensures that the queries receive correct information from the organizations/institutions. Hence, maintaining successful Corporate Communication.

  • Crisis Communication:

You never know when adversity may strike a business. There may be mishappening, foul-play, or accidents, which may need an addressal. Proper communication ensures that all the issues get dealt with care. Also, the message relayed is devoid of any misinformation.

  • Communicating with internal audiences:

Internal audiences are the employees of the organization that keep the business running. They are an essential part of the organization. Therefore, it is necessary that all the policies, information, and messages get relayed without misunderstandings. 

Things to Know about Corporate Communication: What are the Types of Corporate Communication?

There are different types of people we deal with in real life. Similarly, we have different audiences we deal with in the corporate world. They are the Internal and External audiences. We deal with people based on their nature and respond accordingly, don’t we? Likewise, we see the audience and communicate according to the initiated communication.

  • Internal Audience:

The internal audiences are the employees that work in the company. To communicate with them, we may need a different mode of communication. For example, we may need a conference meeting to decide collectively. We may need a personal meeting to discuss matters one-on-one. Communicating with the internal audience may also include Brochures, Newsletters, presentations, etc.

  • External Audience: 

The external audiences are the people that are the customers, the public, and other institutions/organizations. And how does the organization communicate with them? One way is through advertising. Another way is by maintaining public relations with the public. 

Every communication effort helps in creating awareness and goodwill about the brand. 

Things to Know about Corporate Communication: What are the Courses on Corporate Communication?

The colleges offer plenty of choices to students looking for opportunities in the field of communication. There are diplomas as well as full-time courses that help you sharpen your communication skills. Also, they make you ready for the corporate world because of their extensive practical work. For instance, the ‘Master’s of Arts in Mass Communication’ course offered by Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi, offers a two-year regular study course for graduates. The first year comprises the basic knowledge of all the concerned course areas. After that, the second year segments the students into the area of specialization. The courses are- Corporate Communication, New Media & Convergence, Film and Tv production, and Journalism. 

Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai, offers a 10-month diploma course on Public Relations and Corporate Communication. The course pattern follows extensive modules that cover the ins and outs of Corporate Communication.

We list the names of a few more colleges that offer Corporate Communication in India that you might be interested in:

  • National Institute of Mass Communication & Journalism, Ahmedabad.
  • Masters in Media Studies- University of Media Studies, Chandigarh University.
  • Certificate Program in Corporate Communications, NMIMS.
  • PG Diploma in Corporate Communication, Manipal University.
  • MA in Corporate Communication Management, BHU.
  • Scope of Corporate Communication Outside India| List of Corporate Communication Courses Abroad
  • Diploma course in Public Relations, Marketing Management, and Strategic Communication (Public University), University of Winnipeg, Canada.
  • Strategic Communication(Dual Degree Program), (Università IULM)IULM University, Milan, Italy.
  • Public Relations and Corporate Communication (MA program), Barry University(Private University), Miami, Florida.
  • Master’s of Public Relations and Corporate Communication, Lisbon Polytechnic Institute (Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa)
  • Strategic Public Relations and Communication Management(MSc), University of Stirling (Public University), Scotland.

Apart from the course mentioned above, there are plenty of diploma courses and degree courses available in both Public and Private Universities in India, which may help you achieve your dream job!

Corporate Communication Scope: What is the Scope of Corporate Communication?

Corporate Communication offers you a fast-working and fulfilling career. To build a career in Corporate Communication, you must be skilled with words. That is, you should be good at written and oral English. Another factor is that you should be comfortable with speaking and interacting with the public. Plus, you should know how to think fast to get out of the tricky situation and have technical knowledge.

With these attributes, you’ll be able to build a career in Corporate Communication in Crisis Management, Public Relations, Human Resources, Social Media Management, and so on.


 The Corporate world is surely a world of fast-paced life and constant work. It is not as easy as it seems to the outer world. Do not let the flashes lure you, but join to give your passion a direction. Everything falls into place when you work with passion.

Know you have more information than before about Corporate Communication. So, now there is one more field to consider!

Do tell us your thoughts about the field in the comments section below.

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