Whenever you grab a newspaper or an informative piece, the header will always be about an attack or a lynch or havoc of some kind. These are all the reports of urban terrorism mostly happening in the urban areas to affect the targeted populations to cause harm, injury, death or property damage. We have been hearing a lot of reported cases of urban terrorism as advanced areas are a void of large popularity ratios, trendy infrastructure and more width as compared to rural areas which results in urban areas getting abused because  the effects of  terrorist attack would be maximum and being the social, political and economical power sources, they are vulnerable to destruction.

Series of examples like car bombings, explosive vest and hijacked transports can be indoctrinated to the people as the various methods used to commit terror. Mindset of the terrorist cults and coups operate in a way to engulf an awe in the consensus of citizens which will force the government to make amends that would benefit them.

Ways of Urban Terrorism

Urban Terrorism
Urban Terrorism

Cities and other cosmopolitans are becoming the battlefield of the bad guys who plan to destroy and look to give armed forces a run for their money. In most cases, terrorists orchestrates all the attacks. Hence, many sects wreak havoc to get their demands. Thus, they retaliate to any amendment taken by central authorities. And, to put simply, the threat is from all the sides. Different strategies oppress the daily life of the cities. But, that does not mean we just stand and do nothing. Therefore, cities have to make some changes to become disaster-prone.

One way can be to strengthen the inter- territory framework, communication structure between diverse sectors of the economy. Booming police and armed forces as well as improving intelligence, safeguarding services can be counted as an important step. Engineers, civil constructors can also introduce techniques to undermine easy escape in a dangerous situation and investment is needed to construct blast proof walls, shatter proof plastic coated windows, attack resilient public amenities. Therefore, government should inculcate new amends for the public and spread awareness to upstage the bonds between different ethnic groups and identities who can stand together to eliminate fear and build social dominion.

“One hand is enough to take lives, one is enough to rescue, you have to decide who to move”.

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