What can traveling teach us about the world ? Travel or traveling according to Google is ” making a journey which is of some length”.

Since the time humans made their presence felt on this planet, they have traveled across lengths.

When the humans used to live in caves and used to hunt for sustenance, the only traveling was solely for sustenance and the distances usually were not that great.

Later, when the humans started living a more civilized life and started farming for sustenance, it was during this time that traveling across the lands began to take place, mainly for trade.

This is evident from the fact that a lot of Omani vessels were in Lothal, a port town during the Indus Valley Civilization.

Another example of the same would include the presence of Roman coins on the coast of Kerala.

The spread of Islam and Christianity in almost every part of the world can be attributed to traveling largely. The 12 apostles of Christ went to different parts of the world teaching and preaching Christianity. Of which, St.Thomas came to the Malabar coast in present-day Kerala in 52 AD. As per Islam, the religion spread primarily by conquering new lands.

In the medieval period, traveling was widely attributed and a lot of travelers were funded by the kings and royal families for finding new lands and trade routes. It is during this time we find several prominent travelers such as Christopher Columbus and Vasco Da Gama finding new trade routes primarily to come to the Indian subcontinent.

Today people travel for various reasons which include leisure, medical, religious among others.

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Now let us see what can travel teach us:

Traveling can break those shackles which inhibit you from moving on

Traveling can break those shackles
Traveling can break those shackles

When you travel, you can feel free like a bird that is just out of the cage. It exposes the fact that what you want from your life.

Things which one could only see in books or on the TV come to life

When you wish to learn about a new culture, you may tune into your favorite travel channel or web series that corresponds to the same. You may adore them or even see how they look but can never experience it. One now might argue that when the VR gears are available and one can experience the same, however, it does not happen in reality.

The experience of being in a place, eating the local cuisine may become a completely different experience than what it may be about reading it or viewing it on TV.

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Traveling makes you discover newer talents | What can traveling teach us about the world ?

Someone has rightly said, “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only option you have”. While you are traveling, you know that your money is limited and you tend to discover other ways in which work out.

Makes you appreciate the smallest of the things

When you travel, your resources are limited and you tend to appreciate every aspect of it. You consider low-speed internet also as a luxury. You tend to realize and appreciate all the luxuries that you receive.

Broadens your view about the world

Broadens your view about the world

When you travel, you tend to meet people from other nationalities as well as the locals and learn about how their culture is different from yours and how their world is different. When you tend to see alternatives, you realize everything and try and incorporate them into your life as well.

Breaking ice becomes easier | What can traveling teach us about the world ?

When you travel the world, you tend to realize and learn how people within the same planet live. In the future, if you work for a multi-national firm or decide to bring in foreign partners to your business, it becomes easier for you to break the ice with them.

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You tend to learn new languages

When you travel, you tend to learn more languages since your own language may not be effective in communication in a foreign land.

Tend to live in the present – What can traveling teach us about the world ?

While you travel, you tend to live in the present and capture each and every moment. You know that certain moments may never come to life after and you tend to experience it and let it go slow.

Helps you build a larger network

When you tend to meet new people, you realize that there are a lot of things that you might have in common with the other. Further, if you wish to start your own business, traveling will connect you with the correct partners.

Changes you for the good | What can traveling teach us about the world ?

Changes you for the good
Changes you for the good

You can be sure that when you travel, you as a person might change. You tend to value things more than you ever did before. You might become more conscious of things around you.

Hence, one can learn a lot about the world if one travels. One must travel as much as possible and see the wonders the world has to offer.

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