What is sales training? Businesses for whom the sales skill sets learning programmes surpassed anticipations had considerably greater win scores (52.6 per cent) than businesses for whom sales training programmes met perceptions (48 per cent) or required advancement (40.5 per cent), according to studies performed.

How could a corporation create business training programmes that surpass standards for its staff members?

Let’s begin with whatever we anticipate from training in the broad sense, and specifically from digital workplace training. It all boils back to learning new skills that will aid individuals in their careers. However, if we develop training packages with all of our industry’s instructional assets, then digital training will indeed be unproductive, time-consuming, and simply downright boring. Consider being forced to hold prospective consumers waiting whilst they go through a training programme like this. They are not going to do it.


As a result, your training must be useful, interesting, and entertaining in order to meet your instructional goals. Assume you wish to improve the customer conversation skills of your salespeople. Providing them with a pamphlet containing bespoke lines or allowing them to practice communication abilities in a conversation simulator might be more helpful.

What is sales training?

What is sales training?
What is sales training?

“Sales Training Defined: Sales training is the process of improving seller skills, knowledge, and attributes to drive seller behavioral change and maximize sales success.” says  Mike Schultz , President, RAIN Group

Sales training is the practice of strengthening a vendor’s abilities, expertise, and traits in order to motivate them to modify their behaviour and increase their sales performance. Sales training must be regarded, developed, and implemented as a transformation management programme to be highly efficient.

Despite this, majority sales training struggles to produce long-term outcomes.This is due to the fact that many businesses do not appropriately describe and handle sales training.

You must reframe and understand what sales training is in order to give efficacious sales training. To boost sales success, you must concentrate on altering the salespeople’ behaviour and supporting this transformation as a transformation management activity.

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5 Sales Training Tools – What is Sales Training ?

5 Sales Training Tools
5 Sales Training Tools

You’ll require 5 teaching and development tools to start and sustain efficient digital sales training in any corporation: a writing tool, a training management platform, an online training platform, an online instructional learning tool, and a messaging platform. They’ll take care of everything you need to know about the curriculum, from designing and executing training courses to enabling interaction. Let’s take a closer glance at each one individually.

1. A tool for writing

A SCORM writing tool is a program building program that allows you to create learning material and transform it to an electronic version for delivery via a training management network afterwards. Although various writing tools have multiple functions, the core principles are all the same. These give you the ability to:

Build a program.

Slide-based programs typically include multiple forms of multimedia displayed with graphics and activities.

Generate assessments.

No training is complete without assessing how effectively students grasp new information. One may use a writing tool to create dynamic tests using drag-and-drop queries, hot zones, stereo, and extra, making an otherwise difficult aspect of the learning experience enjoyable.

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Build simulations of client interactions.

Allow employees to learn via experimentation in virtual simulations rather than in actual situations by using avatars who depict your prospective consumers. Consider it a plane’s flying simulation. Although any sales training can not rescue life, it will preserve and make a profit for your company.

Screencasts and multimedia courses should be recorded.

If you’re selling an IT or software service, your salesperson must be technical geniuses in their own right. They must be ready to describe all product attributes in-depth, at the very minimum. Capture step-by-step visual instructions with an emphasized pointer, system audio, speech, and others using screencasts to assist customers to find out how their software or technology operates.

Though several writing tools provide all of the above features, the majority of these necessitate the involvement of a group of skilled programmers to bring your work up and operating. Unless you’re a newbie, seek technologies that don’t have a stiff training curve. 

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Users won’t need to know how to code to develop conversation simulators with iSpring Suite; just select individuals and destinations from the resource gallery’s approximately 81,000 educational elements, enter dialogue response alternatives and select the right options. Models display a range of sentiments, including rage to joy, to help salesmen understand how to prevent common blunders in actual client interactions.

iSpring Suite, BranchTrack, and Articulate Rise are the finest writing solutions for sales training. [Sales Training Tools ]

2. Learning Management System (LMS) or System for Managing Training.

A training management platform, also known as an LMS, is a computer that is used to offer educational programmes and monitor learner performance. Consider it your firm’s unique virtual institution, where you could archive all instructional resources for various divisions, monitor how many lessons an individual has completed, whichever ones they completed and missed, and much more.

To discover whatever such type of product can achieve for the company sales team, consider iSpring Educational LMS. iSpring Learning can simplify all training management operations, such as assigning novice employees to an introductory class, notifying them of the latest updates, and compellingly assessing their experience and abilities.

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It will also provide you with the statistics on each employee, so you know exactly what they are good at and what they still need to work on. Learners can study materials on any device at any time.

Several LMSs provide a writing tool that enables users to build basic programs. iSpring Learning also includes an internet module generator for fast creating article-style courses, plus with exception of similar LMSs on the market, it is coupled with iSpring Suite, allowing users to create any eLearning material they want and distribute it through iSpring Learn.

iSpring Learn, SAP Litmos, and LearnUpon are the finest LMSs providing sales training.

3. A microlearning platform

An online training platform combines the features of both an authoring tool as well as a learning management system. It enables users to develop and deliver bite-sized eLearning materials to their workforce. Microlearning systems are an excellent training option for local firms with less than 100 workers. Although their usefulness is restricted, you can nevertheless give salesmen brief product instruction sessions that they can complete on their smartphones in their spare time.

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OttoLearn and Gnowbe are the finest microlearning solutions for sales training. [Sales Training Tools ]

4. A platform for online instructor-led instruction.

Despite the fact that virtual classes and various eLearning materials serve the most important function in current education, face-to-face interactions remain popular owing to the major benefits of personal communication. You’ll also require the correct instrument to achieve your training goals utilising this method. Zoom is among the biggest widely used online instructor-led applications currently.

A zoom is indeed a good option, but somehow it restricts either trainers and educators’ ability to deliver training resources, observe trainees, and get responses or queries in conversation. Other sophisticated technologies, like Microsoft Teams’ whiteboard, provide collaboration possibilities, enabling learners to co-develop ideas, communicate, and others.

These characteristics make training quite enjoyable and, as a result, more effective.

Microsoft Teams and WebEx are the finest online instructor-led learning platforms for sales training.

5. A means of communication

A means of communication
A means of communication

Every learning procedure, especially sales training, requires effective interaction. Sales representatives must explore innovative methods, discuss ideas, and offer their perspectives on emerging information and abilities. However, how will they be able to do so if they earn and learn from home? It is indeed difficult to believe they’d use emails for it. While social networking may be beneficial to certain individuals, other workers choose to maintain their personal lives confidential.


If you discover yourself under such circumstances, an interaction solution could be a big help. They have various functions: few serve as workplace communicators, while others serve as company social platforms. Pick whatever is most pertinent to yourself plus your salesmen, and any sales training may turn more enduring and informative simply when employees will have the chance to debate it afterwards. [Sales Training Tools]

Slack, Troop Messenger, and Workplace are the finest interaction solutions regarding sales training.

To summarize

So there you have it: the assets you’ll require for sales training. Based on the firm’s training priorities and purposes, one could use part or most of these. We believe you were pleased to find an outstanding remedy for your situation and hope you are finally ready to create web-based training that meets or surpasses your aspirations.