Have you ever thought of plans to let groups know your brand? Or went out to distribute flyers to promote your product or service? If yes, then you are already at the brinks of applying various marketing techniques. Marketing is an essential step for any brand, start up or an organization to step up their game of building their image. That is, marketing includes the ways incorporated by brands or companies to take themselves to customers. In this pacing centuries, marketing has shifted to virtual mode.  

The latest chapter included in the marketing domain is digital marketing. Digital marketing is the type of marketing which involves promoting products and services on virtual platforms. It has opened doors for various employment opportunities, known as digital marketing jobs.

The brand or the company invests in creating marketing components that suit the digital world. Here, the physical market shifts to a virtual market, and brands compete in finding customers through it. Digital marketing has continued to trend as an easy, advanced and ideal choice for marketing. Consequently, this rise in digital marketing has increased various job opportunities in the digital marketing field. There are various digital marketing jobs that have provided opportunities for tech-savvy enthusiasts. 

This article will include an explanation to what digital marketing is. Further, it will also elucidate on the benefits of digital marketing. Lastly, this article will include the 10 best digital marketing jobs of 2023. 

Digital Marketing- What Is It?

In very rudimentary meaning, digital marketing is the practice of promoting products and services through digital platforms. It is also referred to as marketing practices that use electronic devices to provide information about the products or services. So, any marketing tactics that appear on your phone, tablet, laptops and computers, are deemed as a part of digital marketing. Digital marketing utilizes the strength of visualization and creativity to create digital marketing campaigns that reach the customers. Contrasting to traditional marketing mode, digital marketing leverages the online synergy to build a virtual customer base. 

Digital marketing strategy is required to operate marketing efficency. The brand has to dive into researching various aspects before it plans to come up with the digital marketing content. The brand or the company has to be involved in researching the target audience, the marketing objectives, idea of advertisement and goals of it. Further, the brand or the company also needs to streamline the digital channel it will use for marketing. The selection of the digital channel relies on the marketing budget. A brand or a company can induce one or more digital channels, based on the marketing budgets. The options of digital marketing channels include social media, pay-per-click, search engine optimization and email marketing. 

Digital Marketing: What Is It?

Digital marketing is also known with different names. It is called Online marketing, as it is purely based on creating, marketing and promoting through online modes. This form of marketing is also referred to as Electronic marketing. Electronic marketing or digital marketing is the promotional activities, exclusively, designed for electronic devices. Currently, digital marketing is a potential marketing form in various industries such as B2B, B2C, C2C, and C2B.

This form of marketing allows the brand or the company to build a network that is diverse, active and interest generated. For instance, a brand like Nike, uses the social media platforms to update about their new addition. The digital marketing content that they create usually have celebrity faces that boost the promotion. As these social media platforms are accessible in various countries, Nike gets a diverse customer base. Also, the brand manipulates the digital content in different regions, which increases the chance of various customer connectivity. 

To summarize, digital marketing is a marketing form that provides a new dimension to launch in the market world. It harnesses digital growth to help the brands and companies find themselves an ideal spot in the virtual market. There are various benefits of digital marketing. These benefits of digital marketing are elaborated in the next section. 

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Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been increasingly taken up by various brands, startups and companies. This is mainly due to the benefits provided by digital marketing. The benefits of digital marketing include: 

A Global Expansion

The best part about using digital marketing as a marketing form, is its ability to transcend beyond a particular geography. With the traditional marketing form, it is very evident that a brand or a company will promote within a specific place. However, with digital marketing, an individual can reach a global dimension. Digital marketing helps a brand to create digital marketing content, ideal to be posted on a digital platform. By doing so, the digital marketing content is not viewed by specific geography, instead it attracts all. As a result, digital marketing helps in globalization of the brand or the company. 

Reasonable Marketing Budget

Imagine printing a thousand copies of the advertisement? Or paying a huge amount of the newspapers to have your advertisement on the first page? Marketing in the traditional mode is much more difficult and very expensive. It utilizes the strength and huge sum of marketing budget to execute the marketing plans. With digital marketing, the marketing budget can be streamlined well. You do not have to invest so much, instead, you can induce limited money to create an efficient marketing budget. The creation of digital content is cheap and can help large people. 

Efficiency of Targeting Customers

Efficiency of Targeting Customers

Digital marketing is ideal to know and target the required customers. You do not have to create digital marketing content for all. You can create the digital marketing campaigns and design it based on your target customers. For instance, a toy brand can create a digital marketing campaigns that appeals to the children and the parent groups. It can include elements like animism, creativity and colors, that are some major appealing factors for the customers. There are various digital marketing websites that help brands to create digital marketing campaigns that best suit its customer needs. 

Various Content Types

If your marketing budget is efficient, you can also create various digital marketing campaigns on various mediums. With the help of digital marketing, you do not need to restrict a particular content creation. Instead, a brand can utilize various content creation modes. It can use social media, messaging, email marketing, and online short videos to promote the product or service. The budget to create various content marketing types is also minimal, and can be operated easily. Further, various digital marketing content types can be uploaded simultaneously to target various potential customers using different digital spaces. 

Analytics and Result Comparisons

Analytics and Result Comparisons

Digital marketing is also beneficial to measure the outcome of every digital marketing campaigns that a brand creates. There are various inbuilt analytics in the digital websites that help the brands to understand the potentiality of their digital marketing tactics. These digital marketing websites also provide various suggestions to tweak the digital marketing campaigns. This will help the brand to target the right customers and increase the visibility of it. The brands can also view the results or outcomes of their digital marketing campaigns, weekly, monthly or yearly. 

The above are the benefits of digital marketing. Digital marketing acts as an ideal marketing technique for brands or companies to reach more customers through advancement. There are various digital marketing jobs that have emerged due to progression in the digital marketing field. The 10 best digital marketing jobs of 2023 are elaborated in the next section. 

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10 Best Digital Marketing Jobs of 2023

Digital marketing has opened various job opportunities for the individuals. The 10 best digital marketing jobs of 2023 are:

Content Strategist

Content is the core of digital marketing. A brand or a company competes to get the customers on board, through the digital content it sends out. As a content strategist, the role of the individual will be to come up with a content that serves dual purposes. These dual purposes include creating content according to the brand’s objectives and customer requirements. Further, the content strategist also plans the content that is qualitative and gives insight to the viewers. It also includes the addition of the USPs, or the Unique Selling Points of the company or brand. A content strategist also looks after the SEO requirements to increase the visibility of the brand on various digital platforms. 

Email Marketer

Email marketing is a popularly regarded sub-type of digital marketing. In email marketing, the focus is to get the customers on board through emails sent on their registered email ids. As an email marketer, the task of the individual would include curating emails for promoting the brand and its products or services. The curated emails should include the elements of personalization, call to action and the brief of a brand’s product or service. The tasks of email marketer also include boosting the traffic for the brand, increasing conversion rates and generating leads to create brand awareness. 

Digital Marketing Manager

The digital marketing domain requires various handlings before and after it is operated. Digital marketing manager is an entity that looks after the entire process of digital marketing that a brand intends to induce. He or she also looks after the successful creation and launch of the digital marketing campaigns. The tasks of a digital marketing manager include execution of the digital marketing plans, generation of leads and managing the efficiency of the various sub-teams. Further, the digital marketing manager also has to ensure that there is no confusion about the marketing pattern amongst various teams. The digital marketing manager is also the prime entity to keep the entire team working efficiently, and coming up with new ideas. 

Social Media Manager

Social media manager is exclusively the entity who looks after digital content, promoted on social media platforms. The promotional activities that take place solely on social media, is one of the types of digital marketing. It is popularly regarded as social media marketing. The main task of a social media manager is to create the brand voice, on the all opted social media platforms.

Social Media Manager

The social media manager also takes care of what marketing component will go on social media platforms, and sets schedules for it. The analytics and how well the particular digital content is doing on social media, is also taken care of. Currently, a social media manager is also expected to integrate the brand with relevant influencers who could accelerate the marketing objectives. 

Data Analyst

With all these digital marketing campaigns going across the digital channels, it is essential to track their success. Data analyst or a digital marketing analyst is the individual who takes care of how well the marketing components are doing for a brand. The primary task of a data analyst is to track the success of the marketing, and identify the loop holes. Further, it also includes identifying the strengths or weaknesses of the digital marketing plan that the brand has implemented. The task of a data analyst also includes finding the marketing patterns that are trending. Lastly, a data analyst is expected to identify insightful suggestions that can be implemented in the future marketing prospects of a brand. 

Content Creator

Content is an integral part of any brand that aims to apply digital marketing. The content that a brand creates to promote itself, should align on various aspects. Every time the brand plans a digital marketing campaigns, it is the task of the content creator to devise the content. Content creators can be divided based on their forte of works. A content creator can be videographer, content writer, editor, photographer and graphic designer. The content creator ensures that the content creator for any part of the digital marketing campaigns is authentic. The content should not be similar and should include catchy pointers for viewers. It is also the responsibility of the content creator to ensure that the content serves the customers and inflates revenue. 

SEO Specialist

Search engines are an integral part of any digital marketing. They are the driving forces which determine how a brand can rank itself on the digital world. It is essential to increase the visibility of the brand through the digital marketing content. A SEO specialist’s tasks include testing, analyzing and changing the content, to rank it better on search engines. An SEO specialist is also assigned with the task to find out keyphrases or keywords that can be used in the digital marketing content. With this, the checking of the keyword’s performance is also included as a responsibility of SEO specialists. 

BOT Developer

Customer connectivity and interaction is very important for a brand to transcend as a “customer brand.” A BOT developer is the individual who takes care of creating and maintaining customer connectivity with the brand. The responsibility of BOT developer includes creation of chat boxes, and applications that cater to the customer queries. The duty is to create exclusive software applications that converse with customers. The interaction is made possible either through audio or text. The individual opting to be a BOT developer must have an expertise knowledge about artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Social Media Manager

Social media manager is the entity who looks after the digital marketing content that is posted on social media platforms. The social media manager has to review the content that is designed by the content creators for digital marketing. The schedule for posting the digital marketing content is also finalized by a social media manager. Further, a social media manager devises strategies to increase followers, monitoring quality of the content, and analyzing the results of the launched digital marketing content. 

SEM Executive

Search Engine Marketing or SEM executive is responsible for looking after the SEO strategy of the digital marketing campaigns. The SEM executive is also entitled with the task of understanding the rankings of the SEO, and improving them in case of any lagging. Further, the task also includes bringing the digital marketing content to greater visibility through organic increase in the SEO rankings. A SEM executive is also responsible for devising strategies to increase the traffic towards the digital content launched by the brand. The linking and limiting the content repetition. For being a SEM executive, it is essential to have a proficient knowledge on SEO or Search Engine Organization. 

These are the 10 best digital marketing jobs of 2023. The rapid expansion to the digital marketing field has increased job opportunities. 


The above article explains what digital marketing is. The article also sheds light on various benefits of digital marketing. Lastly, the article also includes 10 best digital marketing jobs of 2023. 

Commonly Asked FAQs

  1. What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the practice of promoting products and services through digital platforms. It is also referred to as marketing practices that use electronic devices to provide information about the products or services. 

  1. What are types of digital marketing?

The types of digital marketing are:

  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Influencer Marketing 
  • Content Marketing 
  1. What is a digital marketing job?

Digital marketing jobs is a job which uses digital advancement to propose marketing prospects. A job in the digital marketing field includes looking after the virtual digital marketing content, analytics of the campaigns and continuous development. 

  1. What are the benefits of digital marketing?

The benefits of digital marketing are:

  • A Global Expansion
  • Reasonable Marketing Budget
  • Efficiency of Targeting Customers
  • Various Content Types