Shopping at this pace and technology has become a very easy task. Just easy steps of tapping, will let you have your favorite item delivered at doors. Purchasing and selling items have completely shifted from physical marketing to digital platforms. Today, you can be at different places around the world, and order items from some of the major platforms. These platforms that exclusively deal with purchase and sale of products or services, are known as e-commerce websites. Best E-commerce websites have emerged due to the growing demand for getting products or availing services from the comfort of their homes. These e-commerce websites have also dominated the bigger sector of the market, as they make all products available to diverse customers. 

Best E-commerce websites are of different types, catering to the varied needs of customers. The best e-commerce websites have also gained the customer trust due to securing customer data and delivering the products, exactly shown on the websites. In this article, there will be an explanation of what e-commerce websites are. Further, there will be an explanation of the types of e-commerce websites. There will be an elucidation to the benefits of e-commerce websites. Lastly, there will be a complete list of the 10 best e-commerce websites. 

What are E-Commerce Websites?

E-commerce websites are the virtual platforms that enable the users to shop or sell items or services. These websites are the replicated and digital version of the markets that exist physically. The e-commerce platform follows the same methods and principles existing in a physical market. You have to purchase, pay for the item and get the item delivered at your address. 

In an e-commerce platform, you have to create an account. The account will help the platform recognise you, track your purchases and provide you with buying preferences. Once you have created the account, you can search for the items that you want. The best e-commerce websites accumulate various choices for a particular item or service. You can select the item you want and proceed to buy it. The e-commerce platforms provide you with various payment options for completing the payments. As you pay, you also need to add the address details that will be used for delivering the items. In some of the e-commerce platforms, the address under the account details section. 

The availing of e-commerce platforms have increased due to its easy, smooth and efficient features. These features of e-commerce websites have also channelised various people to order. The features of e-commerce websites include:

  • Varied filters for price range, products types, and designs. 
  • Payment options include Debit/Credit cards, net banking and Cash on Delivery. 
  • Flexibility in placing orders. The orders can be placed from anywhere with just the e-commerce app and internet connectivity. 
  • The account section of e-commerce websites help in keeping a track of purchase. 
  • The e-commerce websites provide periodic details about the orders. 
  • Product videos and pictures to get a proper visualization of the products. 
  • Search bar to find different products. 
  • 24/7 customer support and easy resolution of the customer queries. 

E-commerce platforms can be classified into different types. The different types of e-commerce websites are elaborated in the next section. 

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Types of E-Commerce Websites

There are four types of e-commerce websites. These types of e-commerce websites are classified based on the products that they sell and services offered. The four types of e-commerce websites are:

Business to Business (B2B)

The business to business e-commerce websites are those that integrate products and services for various businesses. These e-commerce websites exclusively operate only between brands, manufactures and other retailers. For instance, an interior designing company can order specific ranges of chandeliers from e-commerce websites dealing with particular products. Some examples of business to business e-commerce websites include Shopify, Amazon, Alibaba. 

Business to Consumer (B2C)

There are prominently many e-commerce platforms that operate as B2C, or as business to consumers. These e-commerce websites operate to provide products and services of various brands, directly to the consumers. These e-commerce websites can be general or can be designed only for target-specific customers. The customers can search the item, purchase it and the website will directly deliver it to them. Some of the examples of business to consumer e-commerce websites are Walmart, Amazon, Flipkart. 

Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

Consumer to consumer e-commerce websites are exclusively the trade that happens amongst people. In these e-commerce websites, there are no brands or companies involved to provide the product or service. These e-commerce platforms help people to upload products and find potential customers for them. It can also be the other way around, where the consumers can look for products from people, which are reasonably cheap. Some examples of consumer to consumer e-commerce websites are eBay, Meesho, Rethought and more. 

Consumer to Business (C2B)

Consumer to business e-commerce websites are the platforms which help the companies to find products or services from the people. Currently, this type of e–commerce platform is available for services. These e-commerce websites are operated for various freelancers such as content writers, essayists, engineers, architects and more. Here, the people can get paid for providing services to the companies. Therefore, the companies get the services by paying a certain amount. Some of the examples of consumer to business e-commerce websites are LinkedIn, Upwork and others. 

These are the types of e-commerce websites that operate on the digital platform. There are various benefits gained by e-commerce websites. These benefits of e-commerce websites are explained in the next section. 

Benefits of E-Commerce Websites 

Best E-commerce websites have emerged as ideal destinations for any kind of purchase or sale. The benefits of e-commerce websites are:

Quick Buying

The best part of shopping through an e-commerce platform is to avail the quick buying procedures. In a physical buying process where you need to stand in a queue, and give cash, or keep searching for the product. However, at an e-commerce platform, you do not have to wait for long. You can search the product that you want to buy, add it to your cart, make the payments and get the product delivered at your home. 

Filtration of the Product or Service

At e-commerce websites, it becomes easier to search for the product that you want. The e-commerce platforms have various filters regarding the product type, color, design, size and price range. You can use the filters to search for the products. These filtration options make it easier to purchase the products. For instance, if you want to search for a Red Dress, use the filters for colors, dress type and design to search. Further, you can also set the price range for the dress you want to purchase. 

Easier Price Comparison 

Imagine yourself going after different stores to find the ideal price of the item you want. Price comparison of products is a stressful task to do in the physical market. However, with best e-commerce websites, price comparison has become absolutely easy. At the e-commerce platforms, you can compare the price for a particular product, sold by various enterprises. The price comparisons are reliable and enable you to choose the ideal product that fits your budget. You can also compare the price of the product at different e-commerce websites. 

No Geographical Barriers

The ideal benefit of e-commerce websites is that there are no geographical barriers. In a physical mode of market, the products are pertained to a particular geography. The products and services at e-commerce platforms are available to every demography. People from different places can avail the same product or service, through a common portal, that is the e-commerce site. This also increases the sale of the brands and companies, as more customers will avail to the services. Therefore, it becomes easier to get the product and circulate it to different countries than just one specific geography. 

Discounts and Deals

E-commerce websites have more offers, deals and discounts to get on various products. In order to increase the traffic towards the e-commerce site, there are deals and discounts to avail. These offers increase the customer retention for the particular e-commerce site. There are seasonal deals and on boarding offers for the new users. These offers also cut down the expensive price of the items at the physical market. Since the same products are provided at cheaper costs, the customers will be more attracted to buy from the e-commerce websites. 

These are the benefits of e-commerce websites. These benefits of e-commerce websites are also the reasons for customers to avail e-commerce shopping. It becomes easy, ideal and less expensive for the users to buy from e-commerce websites. There are various best e-commerce websites that have emerged. The top e-commerce websites are mentioned in the next section. 

10 Best E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are prominently emerging to satisfy the demands of customers’ online shopping preferences. The 10 top e-commerce websites are: 



The best e-commerce site to buy and sell, Shopify is both for C2C and B2C customers. At shopify, you have to create an account, either for selling or for purchasing. This e-commerce site is ideal for the brands that aim to look for customers, with minimal infrastructure. At Shopify, you can also sell the products that you do not use or if you want to start a small side venture. You can post about the products and also track the customer visit towards your products. The environment of Shopify is also a well-regarded one. The platform uses Javascripts and omnichannel, to get the users on board. Shopify is also ideal for the consumers who look for quality and affordability. 


BigCommerce is an ideal e-commerce site for starting your business or taking the existing business to online customers. Here, you can not just find the products but also sell them. The free plan of BigCommerce comes with various essential features required to start the e-commerce site. There are various tools for SEO, inventory management and methods to rank top on the e-commerce site. BigCommerce is also well known for the features like all time customer service, live chatting with the professionals and contacting details. This e-commerce site is well known for B2B or business to business enterprises. This platform is ideal for various organizations to collaborate with each other and exchange products. 



The ideal platform for buying various products, Amazon is the most used e-commerce site. At Amazon, you can buy, sell and als avail various other facilities integrated in the e-commerce site. At Amazon, through the advanced filters, you can search for the product in simple steps. Further, Amazon has also integrated various services. These include express delivery and services for virtual television. By availing Amazon Prime, you not only get a free delivery but also watch various series and movies. Amazon also has easy steps for payment. The products and service at Amazon are also praised for its quality and being budget-friendly. 


Are you looking for an ideal platform to get all your veggies and groceries? Well, Growcer is the ideal e-commerce platform that will get you all the household items that you want. At this e-commerce site, you can get all the grocery items you want. The search bar will help you in getting the food items. You can explore them based on rice ranges and the food brand that you want. Gorwcer, apart from selling out grocery items, also has various sub-platforms for other essentials. It has liquor delivery, e-pharmacy and also funeral items. 

Yo! Rent 

Yo! Rent

Are you looking for homes to shift? To search around different places would be time consuming and costly. With Yo! Rent, you can search for different homes to rent, by just being at your place. This e-commerce site also has the option for you to sell your space or rent them. You can also use the filters to rent a home that matches your preferences. Apart from the renting and selling part, Yo! Rent is also an ideal platform for you to find various home essentials. This platform has an advance booking calendar, so you can expect an on time delivery. 


China’s largest and most used e-commerce site, Alibaba is the ideal platform to enjoy the networks of brands and companies. At this e-commerce site, you can find various items, related to your household and luxury. The e-commerce website has various filter options and a common search bar to search for your products. At present, Alibaba, has products of food items, beverages, clothing, interior designing and more. This e-commerce site is also well regarded for its integration with various brands, in China, and internationally.  


The prime destination for all women clothing, Urbanic is one of the best e-commerce websites. At this e-commerce platform, you can avail to various trending women clothing styles. The e-commerce site has various options ranging for women’s tops, t-shirts, accessories, shoes, pants and more. Urbanic is also well known for its affordability and the quality of products. This e-commerce platform also has various coupons to redeem, which increases the customer traffic and loyalty. It is also accessible to different countries around the globe. 

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics

Started by modeling star, Kylie Jenner, Kylie Cosmetics e-commerce has the wide range of cosmetics availability. The e-commerce site of Kylie Cosmetics have various cosmetics ranges to choose from. The cosmetics are regarded to be appealing and realistic with the skin tones. The products at Kylie Cosmetics are 100% vegan, which increases the traffic of the customer towards the site. The purchasing options at Kylie Cosmetics are customer-friendly. This e-commerce website is accessible and operational in different countries, apart from the USA. 


If you are someone who loves to create the vintage look, then Fashionphile is the ideal e-commerce site to be at. Here, you can buy the clothing line which resembles your aesthetic thoughts and vintage vibes. It is amongst best e-commerce websites has products from various well known brands. These include products from Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Prada. The website also has seasonal deals and coupons for first-time users. 


One of the best e-commerce websites to order food, Seamless is a popular option for instant food ordering. The headquarters of Seamless is located in New York City. The e-commerce site has all the options of different food items. The website is chained with various leading restaurants in the USA. The food delivery is “seamless” and it operates to various parts of the country. However, Seamless is currently only operational to the USA geography. Apart from the food delivery, there are also facilities for driving and others. 

These are the 10 best e-commerce websites. These best e-commerce websites ease out various tasks of purchasing and selling in different domains. 


In the above article, there is an explanation to what e-commerce websites are. Further, there is an elucidation to the types of e-commerce websites. The article also includes an explanation of the benefits of e-commerce websites. Lastly, the article also has a complete list of 10 best e-commerce websites

Commonly Asked FAQs

  1. What is an e-commerce website?

E-commerce websites are the virtual platforms that enable the users to shop or sell items or services. These websites are the replicated and digital version of the markets that exist physically. The e-commerce platform follows the same methods and principles existing in a physical market. 

  1. Is Amazon an e-commerce?

Yes, Amazon is one amongst the best e-commerce websites. It has various facilities for buying and selling products. It has various products and services such as Amazon Prime. 

  1. What are the features of best e-commerce websites?

The features of best e-commerce websites are:

  • Flexibility in Buying/ Selling
  • Less Time Consumption
  • Various Product/Service Options
  • Product/Service Filtration 
  1. What are the best e-commerce websites?

The best e-commerce websites are: 

  • Amazon
  • Alibaba
  • Kylie Cosmetics
  • Fashionphile
  • BigCommerce