A website is a brand’s most important asset. It depicts the brand’s motto, the founder’s vision and the quality of their products and services. A person will visit the website to learn about certain things. Once the person is visited, he or she can be converted into a customer. If a website is built precisely, the conversion rate will be higher. If not, the conversion rate will be low. That is why building a website the right way is very important.

But if you think that you must work hard only while designing the website, No! Once a good website is created, there are some things that you must do to make people curious enough to visit it. The higher the website traffic, the higher the conversion rate. So attracting people to your website is a crucial thing. It is a very tedious task. But we are here to help you. In this article, we have explained in-depth web analytics and simple ways to drive more traffic to a website

Web Analytics

Web analytics is the process of website traffic analysis in which the data generated by website users is analyzed. The main motto behind web analytics is to decode the behavior of the user. These reports will help the business increase its conversion rate. 

Web analytics

There are some key things that can be tracked with web analytics. They are, 

Overall website traffic

Overall website traffic will denote the total number of users who visited the website. 

Bounce rate

It is the denotation of people who have visited the website but skipped after watching only one page. This means that they are not interested in the website. So this should be low.

Sources of Traffic

The source of traffic is the manner in which a particular user has landed on your website. It can be through affiliate links, ads, emails and so on. 

New visitors

It will denote the total number of new visitors visiting your website. 

Returning visitors

Returning visitors can be loyal customers who are returning to the website. The higher number of returning visitors is good news. 

Time spent on site by users

This is the total time that a user spent on the website. They could be searching for products, services, or any information that they need. If this is higher, then you must know that the audience finds something interesting about the website. 

Importance of Web Analytics

Web analytics are crucial for any business. There are some reasons why you should check website traffic. They are,

  • You can get to know about the visitors. Age, gender, location and the device that they use to visit the website can be known by the website owner. This can help you to optimize the website according to the visitor’s needs. 
  • Web analytics can tell you the mode that can increase website traffic
  • It can also show you the keywords that are searched related to your website. 
  • It will also show the referral and affiliate links that have got you more website traffic

Overall, Web analytics will help you know about the actions that are reaping your benefits. Hence, you can continue to do them and curb things that are not benefiting you. 

Best Web Analytics Tools

There are many tools to analyze a website. These are basically website traffic checker. They are as follows. 

Best Web Analytics Tools

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that is available to monitor website traffic. There is a report that has been used for over 30 million websites. The tool will provide you with all the necessary information about your website. From traffic to social media clicks, everything can be analyzed in Google Analytics. It can help you increase the ROI for your business. 

Adobe Analytics

It is a paid web analytics tool. This is not only useful for measuring the performance of the website. It can also be used for analyzing the OTT platform’s performance. Many professional analysts use this tool. Adobe Analytics can give you all the results that Google Analytics will give you. With Adobe, you can get some more benefits, like multi-channel data collection and voice. 


It is yet another analytics tool that professionals rely on. It can be used to extract details about the customer’s behavior. It can also be used to interpret the intention that a customer has towards a product or service. In some aspects, Mix Panel performance is a step above Google Analytics. But it is not a free tool. If you are using it to detect the behavior of around 1000 users, it works for free. If the threshold is higher, then the Mix Panel needs to be paid. 

Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Increasing website traffic can be done with a few easy steps. But a business will need to frame a precise strategy to make it work well. Here are some of the ways in which you can increase  website traffic. 

Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Improve SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It basically helps with page ranking as a result of Google searches. For instance, if someone searches for healthy beverages, your website will come up first in the results if it contains that phrase. This is how SEO will work. If the page ranks in the first few places, the chances are high that the user will click on that link. SEO helps business in many ways. So it is crucial to know and improve it.

Search Engine Optimization

There are two ways to improve your SEO,


Keyword searches can be done using websites like Ahrefs and Semrush. They will provide you with the keywords that have been used most frequently while searching. You need to use those keywords on your websites. You can include them in the URL and in the webpage content. Make sure not to use keywords in a forceful way. Just naturally insert the keyword so that it will not look awkward in the user’s eye. The keywords must be relevant to your business. Just because a keyword has the highest search volume, it cannot be used everywhere. A food-based web page can only use keywords that are food-based. It is the cheapest way to drive traffic to a website

Rely on an SEO agency 

If you cannot improve the SEO by yourself, hire an SEO agency. This agency will take care of all the keyword related work. They will also give you insights into the analytics, which will help improve the website traffic.

Load the Website with Content and Update it Regularly

This is related to the first way. It is very tough to drive customers to the website without proper keyword insertion. To insert a keyword, the websites can be loaded with content like blogs and articles. Make sure to post blogs that are hot topics in the industry. 

To explain with an example. Consider a health-food based website. If a user searched “how to make healthy breakfasts,” If you post some blogs related to healthy breakfasts, your blog will pop up first. By clicking on the content, the user will visit your website. Your products can be mentioned in the blog. This is one of the best ways to drive website traffic. This has a high probability of increasing sales as well. 

This cannot stop after uploading only one blog post. You need to continuously update the blog tab of your website. Post a blog once a week or once a fortnight. This can get you a separate fan base and increase website traffic. If there are any new points to add to the old blog, edit them. There are many scientific types of research that go on. Every day you may get a new piece of information. Add it to the old blogs. It can prove to the user that your content is updated and reliable. A trust will be built, which will be converted into sales. 

Some businesses will sell their products through their websites. If there is any change in the ingredient list or claims, update them as well. So that the customer is not disappointed after receiving the product. 

Use Social Media

Internet penetration is higher these days. A person spends about 2.5 hours per day on average on Socialsocial media. Businesses must use this to increase website traffic

Social Media to improve website traffic

There are two different ways to use social media to increase website traffic,

Influencer Marketing

There are many well-established influencers right at the moment. There are also regional influencers who have a good connection with their audience. You can provide them with an affiliate link and an affiliate code. If the audience uses the code they will get extra offers. The influencers will speak about your product or services and will ask their audiences to use the link and code. Their audiences will become your users. The links and codes should benefit the influencers as well.  

Brand page

Create a social media handle for your brand. Post some useful content for the audience. While posting, leave a link to the website in the description and in the bio. The followers will click on the link and visit the website. Post regularly about the sales and offers that go on the website. This can increase website traffic

Paid ads

Paid advertisements are the sponsored ads that are done. It is usually done on television, on billboards and on social media. Television and billboards are costly modes of advertisement. Paid ads on social media are a very affordable mode of advertising. On Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, paid ads can be easily placed. Just post content and promote it using the tools on social media. Make sure to link the websites in the description. In this case, you can also tie up with an influencer and promote the content. It can give you extra reach. Social media is known to increase website traffic and the conversion rate.

Email Marketing

Marketing through emails is one of the best ways to increase website traffic. Email newsletters can be sent to customers. The mail should have the latest news about the brand. It can also be a notification of the latest blog post on the website. The emails can also have information like “the products are waiting on your cart” or “few stocks left.” The mail should also contain the link to the website. Make sure to frame the email in such a way that it will look attractive on both desktop and mobile. Add some signatures and colorful emojis, which will attract customers. Add the customers’ names in the mail to make them feel connected. 

Some experiments can also be done to know which type of mail is well-tested. Create two templates of mail with different content and themes. Send both of them to 100 customers. Note down which is getting more clicks. The one that received the most clicks can be set as the email template for the business.   

SMS/WhatsApp texts

SMS/WhatsApp marketing is another technique that is simple yet powerful way to increase website traffic


WhatsApp is a service that has 1.3 billion active users per month. Brands can create text messages with a link in them. It should be sent to the customers. Announce exciting deals and offers through WhatsApp. It can get good website traffic. There are also chatbot facilities in WhatsApp. Tests can be created in a personalized manner and sent to customers. This type of text will have reply options through which the customers can also interact with the chatbot. Never forget to add links. Add web page links and social media links in the WhatsApp text message. 

SMS texts

There are some users who do not even use WhatsApp. But we can never see a person who is not using normal messaging apps. A study shows that about 95% of people use phones every day. Important information like new product launches and sales can be sent in a message with a link attached. This can increase website traffic to a greater extent.

Guest posts

You can invite the guests to host and take over the social media handle for a day. You can also ask them to write a piece of content and share it in your post. You can bring any celebrities or famous social media influencers for this. Their followers will also start following your page and engaging. You can also link to the website in their post. This will eventually increase website traffic

Web Exclusives

No matter what you do, you must provide some reason and value for the users to visit the website. So make sure to provide some valuable exclusives for the customers who visit your websites. This will eventually increase website traffic

Exclusive sales

Host some exclusive sales at the month’s end or weekend. This can induce the customers’ urge to visit the website. This will increase website traffic and the conversion rate.  


Provide the customers with some freebies for every order. This is usually done by brands to increase website traffic hack. The freebies can be minis or samples. Getting a free product is a favorite thing for every customer. If a customer is buying for a certain threshold amount, you can give them full-size free products. Some sales like Buy 1 get 1 or Buy 2 get 2 will encourage the customers to visit the website. This can make a tremendous increase in website traffic and conversion rates. 

Coupon codes

Provide the customers with coupon codes that can be used on the website to get some offers. You can tie up with the influencers and give them separate codes. These codes must provide the customers with some additional offers. This can encourage users to visit the website. 

Valuable moves

Not only offers and freebies can attract customers. They can also be attracted by some valuable moves. You can announce plastic recycling movements and tree plantation movements. These kinds of works are gaining a warm welcome from people. Hence, these kinds of claims will definitely get good website traffic. This will also increase conversion rates. 

All the mentioned moves can get the website traffic to the next level. Make sure to implement these.  


A website is an asset for the brand. It must be chiseled to perfection to get good attention. The number of people visiting the website is called website traffic. Website traffic can increase the conversion rate.  In turn, it will increase the ROI. In order to increase website traffic, you must know the current performance level of the website. There is a process called web analytics that must be carried out to know the current status of the website’s performance. There are many simple ways through which website traffic can be increased. The methods mentioned in this article are some of the most effective ways to increase website traffic. This can eventually result in an increased conversion rate. 


  1. What is website traffic?

The number of users visiting a website is called website traffic

  1. What is the use of increasing website traffic?

Increased website traffic can increase the conversion rate. This in turn will increase the business’s ROI. 

  1. How to calculate website traffic?

There are tools that are available to calculate website traffic. Some of them are Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and MixPanel. 

  1. What is considered good website traffic?

Good website traffic should be around 15,000 to 200,000 visitors per month. 

  1. How fast website traffic can grow?

The ideal growth rate for website traffic should be around 10 to 20%.