Have you ever felt like going deep with a topic? Or sat near your screen, researching about a topic to discover new information about it? Blogging is an ideal solution that solves the inquisitiveness to dwell more into various subjects. Blogging refers to structured, qualitative and organized content on any topic that holds relevancy. The blogging industry is seeing continuous growth, with more people taking up the task of writing numerous blogs.

The popularity of blogs increases for their ability to connect with diverse audiences and open a fresh perspective towards the topic. Further, blogs are not one-time content, rather, they are posted regularly, which keeps the audience hooked towards them. Blogs are also a current trend due to their well researched, chronological and high potential to start a well paid writing career. 

Due to the rise in blogging, there are various blogging platforms that have pitched in various opportunities for the aspiring bloggers. Blogging platforms, also known as blogging websites are virtual spaces to write blogs, and share with the audience. These blogging websites have various features that support in creating relevant, concise and qualitative blogs.

Blogging on these exclusive websites also help in various streamlining that is required for any blogger to connect their blogs. In this article, there will be an explanation to what is blogging. Further, there will be an elaboration on the benefits of blogging and its current trends. There will be a detailed list of 8 best blogging websites, to initiate a bright future with blogging. 

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the process of creating content that is aimed to be read by the viewers or the desirable virtual readers. The outcome of blogging is blogs, which are researched, confined and information deemed to reach the readers. Blogs are the acronym of weblogs. Weblogs are the daily virtual entries or opinions on a particular subject. For instance, a political enthusiast will enter his or her perception towards the political affairs regularly on the virtual platforms. In an informal understanding, blogging is the daily diary entry, except that it is meant to be shared to a specific audience or readers. 

The rise in blogging industry began with technological advancement and the shift towards connecting virtually. Currently, blogging industry does not pertain to the writing industry. It has become a well-established tool for various domains, such as sports, economics, environment, social issues and more.

Blogging has also become a medium for generating revenues and connecting to a wider customer base, for organizations. For instance, a blog on manufacturing procedures of Nike, provides detailed information for the customers. The information also determines the inclination or deviation of the customers from the brand. So, the blogs have shifted from being a provider of information to stir successful channel for the organizations and brands. 

Blogging is best reliable through the blogging websites. These blogging websites are the platforms that are exclusively designed for writing, publishing and sharing blogs. The blogging websites can be operated either individually or by a group. The development of blogging websites are also considered to be reliable for a successful entrepreneurial journey.

Since more bloggers aim towards creating blogs on blogging websites, entrepreneurs can aim in starting these websites. The number of bloggers onboard, will determine the revenue for the blogging websites. Usually, blogging websites are very simple and easy to use. It has a space for writing and various editing features to streamline the content. These blogging platforms also include options for creating content that aims at specific target groups. 

The major feature of blogging is that it has regularly updated information on a particular topic. This feature of blogging industry also sets it apart from websites that have the “blog section”. The websites have blogs which include new topics, that are only for one-time purposes. There are chances that the websites would not repeat the same content, and would shift to post on new topics.

However, blogging updates on a subject and updates regularly on it, with fresh perspectives. The regularity of blogs is the main aspect that is required to keep the readers hooked for them. Another major aspect of blogging is reader-engagement. While websites focus on providing statistical and objective information, blogs are subjective in nature. The blogging is done to provide information that would push a reader to think and develop interpretation on a particular topic. 

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In a nutshell, blogging is the process involved in creating content that promotes the reader to receive, think and perceive a topic from various dimensions. There are various benefits of blogging. These are discussed in the next section. 

Benefits of Blogging

There are various benefits of blogging that have been yielded in recent times. These benefits of blogging are:

Build an Online Identity

With so many information providers in the virtual world, it can get hard to establish a self-online identity. Blogging helps in creating an online identity that is distinct and reflects a strong opinion. With blogging, you not only create a reader-centric blog, but also try to connect with the audience through it.

Build an Online Identity

Therefore, your well-researched and structured blogs do not just provide information, but also create a reliable identity for you. The quality of your blogging will determine the stability of your trustworthy, online identity. 

Opens New Doors

Blogging is not just about providing information to the mass readers. It is more than creating content for the audience. Blogging helps in knowing new aspects and discovering new facts about a topic. It also helps in exploring the topics from different perspectives and linking it with varied domains.

For instance, a blog on mental health, will help in knowing what it is, the different mental disorders and its links to various domains, such as society, economics and education. Blogging also helps in replenishing the old knowledge and updating one with the new ones. Therefore, blogging is not just about providing information but also discovering and finding new aspects of a subject. 

Furnish Your Writing Skills

The best benefits of blogging is reweaving and furnishing one’s writing skills. Most often, we have the information, however, we struggle to find the right words to convey them. With blogging, you can brand your writing skills and present the information in a structured pattern.

Blogging websites are also helpful tools to know what content should be added or removed, to create reliable blog content. With blogging, you can also understand the language that would cater to the needs of your target readers. Therefore, blogging is not just about providing information, it is also about connecting the language to the readers. 

Increase Connectivity 

Blogging, from an entrepreneurial perspective, is very essential for bonding and creating a connection with the audience. Today, there are various startups and established brands that have taken up blogging as an important domain for their success. Since the customers are inclining towards the virtual market world, it has become essential to create a bond with them.

Blogs are the ideal way to connect with the customers. By providing a complete insight to the brand objectives, its working and achievements, the customer traffic is increased. It also opens opportunities for the brands to connect with the audience through reviews,feedback and polls on their respective blogs. Therefore, blogging is essential to build a trusting relationship with the readers. 

Finding a Potential Writing Career

You can consider blogging as the first step to start a potential writing career. This is amongst the best benefits of blogging websites. Your genuine interest can stir you to write blogs. The continuous furnishing and brandish of the blogging skills can introduce you to the writing world. It will help you in discovering the right ways to write, use creativity and structure the content.

Blogging or owning a blogging site will add onto your resume too. This will boost your chances of getting hired by the content writing agencies, or other relevant companies due to your skilled writing. Therefore, blogging also opens the door for you to find yourself as an established writer in future. Blogging also becomes a plus point, if you want to start your career as an author. 

These are some of the benefits of blogging. Blogging websites are the key for establishing a strong hold on your blogging skills. There are various trends emerging in the blogging industry and fields. These trends of blogging are elaborated in the next section. 



Current Trends in Blogging Industry

Blogging industry is a dynamic domain which regularly gets updated with new aspects or trends. Currently, there are various trends dominating the blogging industry and the bloggers. These trends in blogging industry are:

Visualization of Blogging Content

The visual aspect of your blogs is very essential in recent times. If there is no visualization to your blogs, the traffic towards your blogging site will be less or nearly zero. Visualization of blogs is the addition of relevant visuals such as images, videos, charts, and more. The visuals in the blog help in increasing the connectivity towards the content. It promotes customer engagement and highlights the creativity of the blogger. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is an important addition to the blogs, if they are generated by brands, start ups and any service providing industry. The meaning of affiliate marketing is hiring a blogger to write about the product or service, and promoting sales through that content. For instance, if a brand has content on a specific food item, it will aim to generate sales for it through that content.

Affiliate Marketing

In doing so, the brand would also provide an offer or discount, if any customer aims to purchase the product after reading related content. Many startups have taken up affiliate marketing, which does dual work for them. It promotes the brand and also increases sales of the specific product or service. 

Critical Target Audience

Blogging industry has emerged as a means to provide information and insights on a topic. However, currently, it is also trending for harboring critical readers. The readers of the blogs are not only searching for content, but also analyze it carefully. This has made the bloggers conscious of creating content that is authentic, well-defined and has requisite supporting evidence.

Blogs that fail to have correct and relevant information, are less read or visited by the readers who are in search of actual information. As a need to create proper and accurate content, there are various editing, and plagiarism tools used by the bloggers. This has also increased the practice of intense proofreading before the blog is published. 

Different Access Formats

Today, blogs are not confined to be read on computers or laptops. Blogs have accommodated various electronic gadgets. They are made accessible on phones, ipads, tablets, and other relevant devices. The bloggers have to create blogs which are accessible on all forms of devices.

By doing so, the traffic towards reading the blog will increase. This trend in blogging websites has also emerged due to lack of time and busy schedule. People who are working can also access the blogs through whatever electronic devices they usually carry. As a result, they would not miss out on the regular update of blogs on the blogging websites. 

These are some of the current trends in the blogging industry and sector. There are various blogging websites that create an ideal opportunity to start blogging. The next section has a complete list of 8 best blogging websites. 

8 Best Blogging Websites

There are various blogging websites to kick start your blogging journey. Below is a list of 8 best blogging websites



This blogging website is the best for beginners and for bloggers with an aim for simple marketing. This blogging website has simple but effective tools that will help in generating reliable blog content. It is cheap and comes with the budget friendly approach. The user interface is smooth and it has easy steps to create an account, write a blog and publish it. This blogging platform is also ideal for those who want to start blogging without any income expectation. It is best suitable for those who want to start their initial blogging pursuits.  


An all rounder, Squarespace is the ideal amongst blogging websites to create blogs and websites, all on your own! This platform has various advanced features that help you create fine-tuned blogs and is customer-centric too. The options at Squarespace can be accessed smoothly and do not involve any requirement for advanced technical knowledge. There are also various designed blog templates that can be used for the blogs. The blogging platform also has easy drag and drop options. 


An old competition of WordPress, Wix is the one of the ideal blogging platforms for creating blogs for various digital platforms. You can create blogs for websites, social media platforms and also content for your YouTube channel. The prominent feature at Wix is its drag and drop builder. Currently, the blogging website operates with 600 million users. It also has a website builder and various pre-made templates for the blogs. It also has options for various plugins. With Wix, you can also access the SEO features to improve the ranking of your blogs. 


The most used blogging website, WordPress.com is the ideal amongst blogging websites choice for various bloggers in different domains. The platform has easy steps to create an account and is also a better option for individual bloggers. The blogging website has profile settings, facilities, and various editing options. In WordPress.com, you can also add various visual items to your blogs that will increase its visibility. Further, the SEO tools help in getting the right keyword for the blog to increase its ranking. This blogging website is ideal for getting all the required guidelines to start creating quality blogs. 


Blogger is the ideal blogging platform for those who want to start a free blogging career and explore the content world. This blogging website is created and provided by Google. It is easily accessible without any higher technical skills required. You can also increase the visibility of your blogs by integrating with other Google services. Further, this platform also has an easy setup to create your blogging profile. This blogging website also offers you security backup, so that your blogs are created safe and stored securely. 

Stay Curious

Stay Curious is a new amongst blogging platforms, which has only emerged in recent years. Stay Curious is well known for creating blogs, which are aimed at a specific interest. At this blogging website, you can login free, and create quality blogs. You can create an account and also publish your content with it. However, Stay Curious only publishes blogs after verifying its quality. Therefore, the blogs that you create must be updated and qualitative. 

LinkedIn Pulse

If you are aiming to expand your professional career through blogging, then LinkedIn Pulse is the ideal platform. In this blogging website, you can create periodic blogs and share it with your LinkedIn followers. This platform is also ideal for reaching the customers, and expanding the brand’s reach through blog content. The platform also has average capabilities for SEO, which helps in ideal ranking of the blogs. 



If you are an avid writer and keep your blogs on Evernote, Postach.io is the instant blogging site to publish the saved blogs. Using this blogging website, you can convert the content on Evernote to blogs, by just tagging them as “published”. This blogging site is a free platform to write blogs. However, the only catch is, you must have a predetermined SEO optimization. This blogging platform also has facilities for social media sharing and Google analytics. 

These are the 8 best blogging websites. These blogging websites are ideal for trying out various blogging styles and start a perfect blogging journey. 


The above article discusses what is blogging. It also explains the benefits and the current trends in blogging industry. Lastly, the article also has a complete list of the 8 best blogging websites

Commonly Asked FAQs

  1. What is blogging?

Blogging is the process of creating content that is aimed to be read by the viewers or the desirable virtual readers. The outcome of blogging is blogs, which are researched, confined and information deemed to reach the readers.

2. What are blogging websites?

 Blogging websites are the platforms that are exclusively designed for writing, publishing and sharing blogs. The blogging websites can be operated either individually or by a group

3. Is WordPress.com a good blogging website?

Yes, WordPress.com is the most famous amongst blogging websites. It is used by various individual bloggers, websites and groups to create quality blog content. 

4. Can I write a blog for free?

You can write free blogs on blogging websites that have free subscriptions. Some of the blogging websites for free are WordPress.com, Medium, Blogger. These free blogging websites have increasingly impacted the blogging industry.