The best invention of the current century is definitely the smartphone.  It helps us with almost everything through a variety of mobile apps from shopping to health. Mobile apps are software or computer applications. These mobile apps run on smartphones, ipad and tablet. It makes our life a lot more effortless. Likewise it makes farmers and agriculture stakeholders’ lives a lot easier too.

These agriculture apps help to improve efficiency and profitability in the field of agriculture. In this article we have listed the best agriculture apps in 2022 that are available for the use of farmers. These agriculture apps will help farmers from tracking the climatic condition to the agronomy.

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The Best Agricultural Mobile Apps are:-

Best Agricultural Mobile Apps


Farm21 is one of the best farming apps that helps farmers with the field conditions. The farmers need to install a sensor in their field. This sensor will be connected to the mobile through an app. These sensors will track the growth of crops, climatic conditions, soil conditions. This app also tracks the plant diseases and water irrigation. All the information that is tracked is stored in the agriculture app. The stored data can be shared with the crop consultant or others if the farmer wants to share. This agriculture app can be used by Android as well as IOS users.


E-Luminate is an agriculture app by the company Golden Harvest Seeds. Golden harvest is a company that deals with genetics and agronomy. This company has a board of advisors to help farmers with seed. The app in particular helps farmers by providing real time insights. The major features of this app includes crop monitoring and weather insights. This agriculture app also provides advice on the seeds to the farmers. This app is only available for the IOS.


This agriculture app is used mainly for soil. This app is useful for gathering and managing the soil samples for the farmers. It involves a sensor that needs to run on the top of the field. This can be done through any vehicle. The vehicle needs to be installed with the sensor. The farmer needs  to install the Traction Field App.  Once the vehicle with the sensor starts to move around the farm. The agriculture app shows the zones of where the sample is needed to be collected for testing. This app can be used only by IOS users. 

GROWERS rally app

This agriculture app is an app that helps in  digital sales. This app helps in the creation of accurate forecasts by accessing the sales. It enhances the customer experience by updating price and product list. This app builds the relationship of retailers with the farmers. Thus it is one of the best agriculture app that is available for the farmers.


FarmHQ is an app that helps the farmer in the irrigation system.This technology involves an app, a cellular device and some sensors.  This app provides the convenience to control and monitor the irrigation system through the app. This app can also give insights about the equipment working condition and failures. This agricultural apps eliminate errors that will end up in crop waste and water waste. This in turn will help to save energy, time and money. Hence this is one of the best agriculture apps that helps the farmer a lot.


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Farmme is an agriculture app, which is actually like an interacting app. In this agriculture app, the farmers can meet each other in video calls. Here, if a farmer has a certain equipment , he/she can connect with other farmers about the equipment. He/She can lend the equipment for rent. Another use of this app is that farmers who cannot raise their own fund, can also find investors.It can also be used for getting help from other farmers for harvesting, sowing etc.,. This is one of the best agriculture apps that is available for farmers. This app can be used by Android and IOS users.


Farm water advisor is an app that helps the farmers in proper irrigation. This app helps the farmers to precisely irrigate the field. This app uses information like the soil type, crop type and weather, to create a schedule for irrigation. This app provides a weekly schedule for irrigation. It analyzes all the data and provides the information of when and how much to irrigate for a week. This helps to prevent water wastage and crop wastage. This is an agriculture app that helps farmers in terms of irrigation.


Drop control is an agriculture app with the best feature. It helps the farmers to follow up the soil condition, weather condition and irrigation system. In this, field nodes will be installed in the farms and will be connected to the smartphone of the farmer via app. The field nodes will analyze the conditions of soil, weather and irrigation system. The app shows the status to the farmer, which will help the farmers to know about the field and to irrigate and maintain it properly. This agriculture app is available for the users of Android and IOS.


Farmbrite is an agricultural app that every farmer will need on an everyday basis. This app helps the farmers on everyday planning. It involves daily operations like everyday planning, documentation,  and selling products online. This app mainly helps small scale farmers. This helps the small scale farmers to track their crop growth, soil condition, equipment and so on. This mobile is a one stop solution for small scale farmers. This agriculture app is available for Android and IOS.


Field Prophet is an agriculture app that helps in the tracking of disease. The farmers need to input the information about the field like soil conditions.  These inputs are used to predict any risk of disease. It gives guiding tips to help the farmers prevent disease occurrence. This app currently focuses on two diseases. One is tar spot in maize and the other one is white mold in soybeans. Thus this agriculture app helps the farmers to prevent disease and the loss that will be caused by the disease. This app is only available for IOS users.


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This agriculture app focuses to help the farmers get a better crop production. It allows the farmer to manage the field remotely. It gives warning and feedback on weather, disease and pest control. The farmer gets daily and weekly reports on the maintenance of the crop. So the farmers can take steps at the right time to avoid any disasters to crop. Hence this agriculture app helps the farmers who are living far away from their fields. This  agriculture app can be used by  both android and IOS users.


This agriculture app is an app that will also help the farmers with irrigation and crop diseases. This app gives you real time notifications. If there are any concerns regarding crop health and the irrigation system, this app will give immediate notifications. So that the farmers can take action as soon as possible. This is the best agriculture app for farmers who try to keep track of their irrigation system and crop health. Android users as well IOS users can use this app.


CommoditAG is an e-commerce app that is specially made for farmers. In this app there are products that are used for agriculture anytime and anywhere. This app contains high quality agricultural products like fertilizers, chemicals and nutrients for plants. It  also has some discounts going on all the time. This app will make sure that the products are being delivered at the warehouse of farmers. Thus it is an agriculture app that helps the farmers to get the best products at the lowest price possible.


Agrisync is an agriculture app that will help connect farmers and advisors. The advisors and farmers can connect in real time by video call. The farmers can talk about queries related to crop health, irrigation system and soil. The advisors will provide solutions to the queries. Hence it is an agriculture app that provides the farmers the best advice from experts. This helps the farmers to prevent loss. Android users and IOS users can use this agriculture app.


Crop Nutrient Advisor is an agriculture app, which will help to identify the crop nutrient deficiency. This app has information about the crop disease and deficiency and corresponding solution for it. In this app, they have pictures of the affected crops for visual references. So that the farmer can compare and see whether their crops are actually affected or not. The app will give product recommendations to treat the nutrient deficiency. Thus this agriculture app helps the farmers to maintain the crops health. This agriculture app can be used by both Android users and IOS users.

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Mobile apps help to make our life effortless. Likewise it makes farmers and agriculture stakeholders’ lives a lot easier. There are a lot of free farming apps and agriculture apps by the government for the use of farmers. Use of mobile apps in agriculture has made farmers’ lives easier. From maintaining the field to crop disease detection there are a lot of apps that will help the farmers.

Agriculture apps like Farm21, E-Luminate will help farmers with maintaining the fields. Apps like Crop Nutrient Advisor, Valley Insights, Semios will help farmers to get better crop production by giving insights about the crop diseases and deficiency. Apps like Agrisync and Commoditag will give solutions to the queries of farmers. On a whole, these agriculture apps are helpful for farmers to prevent losses in crop production.


1.      Are mobile apps available to help farmers?

Yes, there are a lot of mobile apps that will help farmers in terms of field management and agronomy.

2.      Is there any app available for buying resources online?

There is an app called Commoditag, which helps the farmers to buy products online at a very low price.

3.      What is the best app for agriculture?

There are numerous apps available targeting different problems, it is explained in the article. One needs to choose according to their needs.

4.      Can we get expert advice through apps?

Agrisync is an app, which can be used to interact with experts.

5.      Are there any planning apps for agriculture?

There is an app called Fembrite to plan daily operations.