Copywriting is not as easy as it looks like. There’s a lot of work required in creating goods or services specifications or PPC advertisement, and the monotonous structure of the jobs might jeopardize your originality. Here, find the list of 5 AI copywriting tools that comes handy for Social Media marketing

Can we offer a computer a handful of commands and have it create compelling content whilst focusing on more important tasks?

Well, owing to AI copywriting software driven by artificial intelligence, it’s finally achievable. Let us discuss how it functions and what it can revolutionize in our business approach.

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Artificial Intelligence Copywriting and it’s working.

One must first pick whatever they wish to publish plus which kind of information they require. It can be anywhere from an article to a descriptive marketing strategy. The AI copywriting tool is then given some settings to obey. For instance, suppose you wish to promote a new meditation program on social networking.

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Following the instructions, the system generates content based on these qualities by assessing similar available data from the web and changing it into something new and original.

Advantages of working with an AI Copywriting Tool? | 5 AI copywriting tools

Advantages of working with an AI Copywriting Tool?
Advantages of working with an AI Copywriting Tool? | AI copywriting generators

Marketers and content authors may be interested in AI copywriting generators for a variety of purposes.

Initially and importantly, AI copywriting cuts labour. These tools can assess data far quicker than humans, enabling computers to produce comprehensive articles in a fraction of the time. They generally operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so material may be created in a matter of seconds.

Consider the ease with which AI copywriting can be used. If you need a lot of material, like brand specs, AI copywriting can take care of it for you, allowing you to focus on more time-taking marketing tasks like lead acquisition and KPI monitoring. [ Copywriting generator ]

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Eventually, AI copywriting tools can help you overcome the terrible “blogger’s block” that all writers face. If you’re having trouble coming up with concepts or creating content, an AI tool could assist users to get back on track.

If you’re a hectic content producer who needs to meet many schedules or wants to scale their content creation, it is indeed worth looking into how AI copywriting can assist.

Content Creation with 5 AI Copywriting Tools. Are you ready to experiment with AI copywriting tools? 

Content Creation with 5 AI Copywriting Tools
Content Creation with 5 AI Copywriting Tools. Are you ready to experiment with copywriting tools? 

1. CopyAI | AI writing generator

CopyAI could assist anyone moving from blocked to creative in moments, from generating ideas to producing social media postings.

It’s a straightforward idea. 

Key Features

CopyAI’s simplicity is one of its best features. In moments, one can generate material such as Insta captions, brand descriptors, or even product price statements with only a few phrases.

CopyAI’s collection of idea creation tools, on the other hand, sets it apart. CopyAI keeps you rolling again if you require a popular blog idea or just don’t know what to publish regarding next.


There are two bundles to select from. The “Single” option costs $420 per year (paid monthly at $35) or $49 per month for continuous subscription services, and it includes all CopyAI tools, limitless trials, and 24 hour assistance.

Larger firms will benefit from the “Several Seats” option, which offers networking features to accommodate different teams. Pricing is available upon request. [ AI copywriting tools ]

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2. Wordtune | AI writing generator

Are you having problems expressing yourself clearly? Wordtune can assist you in finding the correct words. This authentic AI copywriting assistant assists you in rewriting and rephrasing your material without losing the flow, tone, or meaning.

It’s great for marketers who want to generate copy but need help structuring it, as it is not actually a comprehensive blogpost generator like CopyAI. It may save them time wasted fretting about word selection and paragraph arrangement while also allowing them to compose their content in a more innovative way. [ AI Copywriting Tools ]

Key Features

Wordtune is a tool for sophisticated content writers that can help with anything from sentence structure to full blog edits. It would be useful for marketers that need help compressing and rephrasing material for multiple platforms.

One can utilize the Browser extension across prominent websites like Twitter, Grammarly, and LinkedIn immediately after installing it, making this one among the most effective AI copywriting and sentence construction tools available.


There is a unique offer if you only need help to rephrase a few sentences.

Join up for Membership if you wish to use tools like phrase length controls, intensity control systems, and dictionary lookups. You have the option of paying $24.99 per month or saving money and paying $119 for the entire year. Except for team billing, you’ll have full access to all services.

If you own a larger company or many teams that collaborate? Take a look at the Premium for Organizations plan. The cost of the resources you need is determined by the extent of the operations you desire. [ AI Copywriting Tools ]

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3. Copysmith | AI writing generator

Copysmith | 5 AI copywriting tools
Copysmith | AI writing generator

Need assistance with copywriting to scale your business and promote development? Copysmith is the best copywriting tool for you.

Copysmith provides all the resources visitors need to truly accelerate their development via personalized sales, not merely generating beautiful content, regardless of whether you’re a freelancer or heading marketing personnel.

Key Features

For overworked advertising departments and content writers, Copysmith offers an outstanding set of services.

Copysmith, for instance, could create an entire FAQ page for clients as well as infinite product details if you operate an e-commerce store. Do you need a catchy phrase to make your business shine?  Copysmith helps transform your brand idea into compelling, distinctive advertorials, so you can keep track of all of your customer information in one location.


There isn’t a free version, however, there are three options assuming you’re willing to spend for AI writing assistance.

We’ll begin with the Starter Pack. It costs $192 for a year’s membership, or $16 a monthly. A monthly membership, which costs $19 a month, is an alternative. For your payment, you’ll receive 20 monthly originality assessments, Google Ad connections, and Browser extensions that let you acquire copywriting help right from your browser.

The Professional level costs $600 annually ($50 monthly) or $59 monthly. You’ll receive all of it from the Starter plan plus 100 automated blog entries to keep your ideas rolling.

Lastly, there’s an Enterprise option, which costs $5,088 per year or $499 monthly if charged a fee. It includes infinite originality checking and blog suggestions, as well as Shopify connection, so users will never be stumped for just product specification again! [ AI Copywriting Tools ]

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4. Wordsmith | AI writing generator

Do you make a lot of decisions based on statistics in your daily life? If that’s the case, take a look at Wordsmith. You could utilize this tool for anything from journalism to finance statements because it creates organic text based on analyzing massive data sets.

Key Features

Wordsmith is primarily upon the size, just like Copysmith. Wordsmith can create multiple different scripts if you build one layout and establish a couple of parameters. One can, for instance, develop chatbot programs to answer a variety of difficult consumer queries or an online gaming script.

Wordsmith is also useful for displaying financial information in easy-to-understand Language to aid in budgetary traceability and accounting: It is used by the Associated Press to print over 3,000 business stories per month!


To get an estimate, request a free trial and explain Wordsmith a bit more regarding your company and publishing needs.

5. Writesonic | AI writing generator

Searching for an Automated tool that can evolve with your company? Writesonic could be a good fit for you.

Writesonic could indeed help users build all of it from webpages to Facebook advertising, and it’s configured to maximize the possibility of listing well on browsers. It is indeed “given training” on fruitful versions from famous brands. Writesonic will present numerous content samples for users to pick from when users choose a framework and present a couple of phrases of information.

Key Features

Businesses that wish to manage more basic writing chores like greeting mails or SEO meta descriptions would love Writesonic. The charging system is also quite adaptable, allowing users to grow their subscriptions to meet your changing business requirements.

The home page creator, on the other hand, is a remarkable element. Users can create an optimized, compelling homepage in seconds by providing just a few important details.

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There seem to be three price categories to choose from.

Starter: For $29 monthly (or $25 if users subscribe annually), you’ll get 75 points and connect directly to simple tools like SEO tagging and the text rewriter.

Professional: Quarterly rolling memberships are $99, while an annual membership for $89 monthly is less expensive. Nevertheless, for things like blog layouts, users are limited to 150 credits each month.

Business: For $449 monthly for yearlong memberships or $499 monthly for solitary months, users receive anything in the Professional plan additional 1200 points for additional capabilities such as complete article composing.

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Best AI Copywriting Software for Copywriters and Marketers

Conclusion | 5 AI copywriting tools

AI copywriting tools could assist businesses to grow their writing formation and accomplish their company objectives, regardless of whether you’re a marketing professional or a hectic copywriter. They’re simple to understand and operate, and typically generate organic, compelling writing to match your requirements.

Since each AI copywriting tool is a bit unique, it’s best to try out a few free samples before buying. This way, you’ll gain a better grasp of how different services work and which one best fits your organisational approach.