Productivity is an essential component that defines how we shape a valuable life. In fact, productivity measures per day define how close we are to our daily goals. In this pacing era, maintaining productivity levels has become tackling. The lack of time and continuously running towards finishing piles of tasks, can hinder productivity. For this, tracking one’s productivity level becomes really essential.

Your cumulative productivity provides an insight to how close one is to their ultimate goals. Our goals vary at different phases of our lives. Productivity can be essential for a short- term or a long-term goal. It is also a prominent component for competing in different fields. In a concise sense, productivity is an important component to determine one’s activeness, competitiveness and willingness to achieve certain goals. 

Currently, it has become hard to know how productive we are in our respective fields and domains. For this, there have been various productivity apps that have eased our tasks to how productive we have been. These best productivity apps not just track our productive aptitude, but also help us stay actively involved with our goals.

With these productivity apps, you can set your daily goals, set the achieving time period for them and record how much you have worked for them. Best Productivity apps also assist you in eliminating any kind of distraction and being a productive individual or active work in progress. 

In this article, there will be an explanation to what productivity apps do. Further, there will be an elaboration to what are the purpose and benefits of productivity apps. Lastly, there will be a complete list of 8 best productive apps. 

What are Productivity Apps?

In rudimentary understanding, a productive app is the software programming that enable the users to set their day to day tasks. These productivity apps are made accessible to the users on their phones, computers, laptops and tablets. The best productivity apps are designed for the users to add their main goals, and the sub-goals to achieve it. These productivity apps are being currently operated in various workplace institutions. It helps the entire staff to work efficiently and achieve the broader goal that has been set for the company. 

The best productivity apps have various essential features embedded in them. These features of productivity apps are: 

Visual Interface

Imagine explaining a project to a hundred employees differently? Will the information about the project reach them efficiently? The traditional mode of informing about the project can become a tough task. Also, if the project is a complex one, there are chances for the employees to miss out or confuse themselves.

The visual interface in a productive app makes it easier for disseminating the information to the team. The team manager can add all the details about the product, share the interface link and let it be visible to all. The best productivity apps let only simplified interface links, which makes it accessible for all the employees. 

Task Management 

The productivity apps have various features and methods to calculate the task management. Task management helps the organization to understand how the work is going on towards a particular project or work. The task management features of productivity apps include list of working employees, description of the tasks, deadlines for individual tasks and comments.

This feature also assists the organization to understand and review the tasks done by the employees. In case of editing, the comments will help the employees understand the areas for re-work. Another highlight of this feature is the multi-view system. Through the multi-view system, the managers can understand which employee is working efficiently and coordinating with the guidelines of the tasks. 


The best productivity apps help in completing the tasks based on one’s flexibility. The users can set the daily goal, and complete it based on their convenience. In recent times, this feature of a productive app has also helped the organizations, who sort for flexible work hours. So, for instance, the employees can work towards their assigned projects based on flexible timing.

However, the flexibility feature of productivity app should not be used for time wastage. The convenience should only be used for completing the task per day, but at one’s pace. This feature is suitable for students who opt for work and academics together. Flexibility is also an essential tool for the organization to schedule a workflow that suits the needs of different employees. 

Collaboration Enability 

The best productivity apps make it easier for any kind of collaboration. It enables collaboration for freelancers as well as organizations. In an organizational setting, the collaboration can be within or amongst a counter party organization. With the best productivity apps, it becomes simple and easy for the collaborative parties to track their work status. They also provide complete transparency of how the work is being done by both the parties. The collaborative features of productivity apps also enables contextual communication, discussions and queries. 

Analytics for Tracking 

Amongst most viable features of productivity apps, is its provision of analytics. The analytics section helps in knowing how the work is being progressed. These best productivity apps already have inbuilt features to track the work progress. Based on the work done, the apps provide weekly, monthly or yearly analysis. This saves time for manual analysis of how much the work is being done. In every productive app, the dashboard has the analytics feature. The analysis is presented through charts, bar graphs and line graphs. The analysis is also provided for individual and group work, separately. 

Integration of Tools

With the best productivity apps, integration of various tools becomes much easier and efficient. Without a productive app, it will be hard to access various tools. The individual has to switch between various tools, to complete one task. But, with productivity apps, you can place all the tools on one page.

For instance, you have to use Grammarly, Google Docs and Google Images simultaneously. At a productive app, you can place all of them in one space. This will make it simple and easy to use the tools. It will also lead to less time consumption and confusion due to continuous switching between various tools. 

These are the various inbuilt features of productivity apps. There are various purposes of productivity apps. The purpose of the best productivity apps are elaborated in the next section. 

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Purpose of Productivity Apps

The best productivity apps have emerged out of various needs and to solve some grinding purposes. The purpose of productivity apps are: 

Planning Projects and Works 

Productivity apps have become a prominent requirement for planning of a project or a work. With the productive app, it becomes easier to structure how the project will be, its component and expected date of completion. The users can structure their project schedules, tasks assignment or addition and analyze the overall performance. The integration and automation facilities also assist in storing the information about the project properly. 

Time Management and Tracking

For all the projects or works, the best productivity apps can designate a time and date. Based on the scheduled time and date, the project work can be tracked. The tracking can also be done for individual employees. Further, the group involvement in the tasks can also be tracked. The productivity apps help in knowing how far the project is worked out. It also provides a notice for alteration of the project date in advance. 

Common Centre for Communication

The productivity apps are used for designing a common pattern and center for communication. They help in creating a centralized sphere, for the group to communicate on a particular project or work. Productivity apps eliminate the issue of communicating in a physical space that can be chaotic or influenced by any other factor. For instance, through a productive app, an organization can create one, common chat room. Through the chat room, all the related information regarding the project can be provided. Thus, this saves time and conducts the project more efficiently. 

Reminders Notification

The best part about a productive app is, they do not let you forget. Once you have set in your task or goal, for a particular day, you will complete it. How? The productivity apps have reminders that let you know what tasks you have assigned yourself for a day.

With this, you can complete the task at earliest and know that it is done. The reminders are usually through notifications, or relevant information about the task, passed to your account. This saves the individual from forgetting the tasks or delaying them for the next day. 

These are the purposes of productivity apps. The productivity apps make it easy to clear a task, efficiently and on time. There are various benefits of using productivity apps. These benefits of productivity apps are illustrated in the next section. 

Benefits of Productivity Apps 

There are a plethora of benefits of productivity apps that you can gain. These benefits of productivity apps are:

Multiplies Efficiency

The ideal benefit to gain from a productive app is multiplying your efficiency towards work. With access to a productive app, it becomes easier to know how your work or project is processed. For instance, if you want to work on a project, you can streamline it by dividing the work per day, setting deadlines and completing each component of the task.

It helps you in compiling your work which will be straightly aligned to your project goal. The app’s reminders will also keep you updated regarding the smaller tasks you need each day. Further, the analytics of productivity apps, will help you understand the improving areas and how the project is going on. 

Gives Chance for Health Collaboration

Productivity apps are an ideal source to initiate and maintain various collaborations. The company can assign various tasks to the employees or ask them to collaborate their work. Further, these productive apps also help in letting different parties to collaborate, and discuss the work in one space.

With the collaboration, it becomes easy for the parties to discuss the project, assign tasks and know the progress through  the analytics. Therefore, productivity apps ensure that collaboration takes smoothly and yields potential results without hindrance. 

Assists in Work Division

Productive app is the best to assign the tasks to the working entities. In a physical mode, it becomes hard to allot work. The entities have to circle around, in letting the tasks known to all. However, with these productivity apps, it becomes easier to allot work. With the assign tasks option, the managers can assign work to the employees. They can also put the task information individually, so that the assigned employee can see or refer to it while working towards the projects. 

Enhances Work Quality

Productivity apps make it easier to fine tune the work of the quality of the project. With the virtual platform at productive app, the tasks can be well furnished and of ideal quality. With these apps, you can divide the work and set a deadline for them.

This will help in completing the work in a smaller version, and will ensure the quality of the overall task. Further, productivity apps also have various inbuilt tools which assist in creating a unique and tangible project. Therefore, productivity apps help in curating efficient work, that is also qualitative in nature. 

These are the benefits of productivity apps. There are various productivity apps that have emerged. The best 8 productivity apps are mentioned in the next section. 

8 Best Productivity Apps

Best Productivity apps have streamlined our lives as very easy and less time consuming. Below are the 8 best productivity apps. 



Deemed as one of the best productivity apps, Evernote is your ideal destination to record everything regarding your work or project. This app has all the facilities for taking notes, recording project ideas, and design to-do lists. Further, with this app, you can also hold meetings to discuss the project. You can schedule the meetings and it will send reminders to the entities, a few minutes before it starts. You can also share the entire notebook of your project to the co-workers or the partners. 



A team-collaboration software, Slack is the ideal platform to keep all the collaborative works precise and intact. You can design the chat rooms and separate them if there are more than one projects, requiring attention simultaneously. This productive app is ideal for collaborative communication. It also has various other tools to assess the project and operate it within a particular budget. Some of the best features of Slack are time messaging, file sharing and powerful search. This platform is suitable for all those who want to create a collaborative, and practically working atmosphere for work. 


A platform for all the productive multipurposes, ProofHub is a must try for all your projects or works. The ProofHub productivity app is ideal for all types of workers. It is best for freelancers, small businesses entities, and small or temporary teams. At ProofHub, you can design the project, track its progress, assign works, and meet with different project deliveries. This productive app also provides space for project or work collaboration. You can create a separate team or group pertaining to the different projects. Some of the best features of ProofHub are chat rooms, discussion rooms, Gantt charts, Kanban board, custom reports, files and more. 


With the technology pacing each day, we have various digital distractions that hinder our work progress. Imagine yourself switching on the laptop to write a blog, but you spend binge watching Netflix. Such social media platforms can deviate you from the purpose. To rescue you from all such distractions, StayFocusd is your best friend. This platform is ideal to minimize the distractions that various social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube can cause. This app allows you to set a time limit for all the social media platforms that you are prone to use. Further, you also have the option to block the website, if you need to channelise your willpower in working towards your goals. 



There are several things we have to do everyday. There is a strong possibility that we might miss out on various activities. To keep a track and remind yourself of your daily tasks, Todoist is one amongst best productivity apps. This app is ideal for those who want to record their projects and various other tasks. The free version of this app allows you to create approximately 80 projects. Further, you can also set a reminder for your basic tasks, such as breakfasts, gym, dinner and more. You also get to set your goals, both long-term and short-term goals. This app is ideal for having your professional tasks and personal tasks recorded at one place. 



One of the best productivity apps for teams and groups, Trello is ideal when you have so many projects requiring management together. All your projects and access to the team members can be done for the Trello board. The board is where the projects will be maintained and circulate amongst team members, in case of collaborative working. This platform is ideal for the marketing sector, who have to design various marketing materials. Trello will be an ideal platform for them to collaborate with graphic designers, content writers and content designers. 


Any.Do is your ideal productive app to keep all the tasks organized. You can create your customized to-do lists and add the daily tasks. You also get to choose the dates from the calendar. With every project, the productivity app will keep you updated with its reminder feature. Also, you can add the project details by just speaking about it through the voice-entry feature. For its simplified features, Any. Do is one of the best productivity apps, used frequently. 


Toggl app is an ideal productive app that helps you to organize your task. The best feature of this app is, you can track the time that you spend on each task. Further, with Toggl, you can also segregate the tasks and add them in different folders. The users can access the app in just one-click. Further, the app also has some efficient business tools such as Asana, Trello and Google Calendar. 


Amalgamating technology with the environment, Forest is the ideal app for you to concentrate on work and avoid distraction. With Forest, you will plant a virtual tree with every task that you complete. You need to start the timer, and that will plant a virtual tree. The tree will continue to grow, till the time you do the task. If you stop the task in between, or switch to a different task, the tree will die. 


In this article, there is an explanation to what productive app is. Further, there is an elaboration on the purpose and benefits of productivity apps. Lastly, there is a complete list of 8 best productivity apps. 


  1. What is a productivity app?

In rudimentary understanding, productivity apps are the software programming that enable the users to set their day to day tasks. These productivity apps are made accessible to the users on their phones, computers, laptops and tablets. The productivity apps are designed for the users to add their main goals, and the sub-goals to achieve it. 

  1. What are the features of productivity apps?

The features of productivity apps are:

  • Visual Interface
  • Task Management 
  • Flexibility 
  • Collaboration Enability 
  1. Is Toggl a good app?

Yes, Toggl is a good productive app. It helps in tracking time spent on each task and segregation of various projects. With this productive app, you can keep all your tasks organized.

  1. What are the best productivity apps?

The best productivity apps are:

  • Toggl
  • Forest
  • Any.Do
  • Trello
  • ProofHub