Is it in your mind to write something for your audience for a long time but don’t know how to start with it? Do you want to create something with your thoughts and innovation that will earn likes, comments, and shares? Well, then you must be thinking of creating a blog post. But again, don’t you know where to begin? Here is A Definitive Guide to Writing a Blog Post.

Well, it is all about a simple formula that can guide you through the path of the best blog post creation. It is as simple as just learning a recipe and putting in all the ingredients to get it cooked. But you need to know the recipe well. So, are you ready to understand how to deliver blog posts like a professional? Then, check out this article to get a comprehensive idea of writing an effective blog post. 

What is a blog post ? – A Definitive Guide to Writing a Blog Post

Before we take any step further, it is essential to know what a blog post is? Well, a blog post is any form of article, piece of news, or guide that we publish in the blog section of a website. A blog post usually covers a specific topic or a particular query that is informative and educational. (Source: Wikipedia)

You might think that a blog post is just a rush of texts formatted strategically to give in-depth information about any topic. But a blog post is more than that. Blog ideas range from 600 to 2000+ words and even contain infographics, images, charts, and videos.

What is a blog post called ?

Even though the term blog post is highly popular, there is another word for this term too. The blog is basically a truncation of the word “weblog,” which is a piece of informative write-up published on websites.

What is the difference between blog and blog posts ?

A blog refers to the abbreviated form of “website blog” or “weblog.” Most of the blogs are part of a website. However, not all websites have a blogs section. Besides, there are many other stand-alone blog platforms. A blog is like the other website elements, i.e., services, books, contact, about us, etc. It is popular with the name ‘page.’

On the other hand, a blog post is an individual entry on the blog like photos, video, text, links, audio, etc. We publish blog posts in the form of a unit and arrange them chronologically concerning other blog posts. (Source: Simplewriting)

What is the importance of blog posts ?

 Importance of blog posts-infographic
Importance of blog posts-infographic

Have you ever given it a thought, why blog posts are ruling the world of the internet? They have an immense significance, which makes it great to switch to blog posting. So, here is why blog posts are pretty advantageous.

Helps to drive traffic to your website

Why should you create relevant content in the form of a blog post? Well, it will serve you with an excellent opportunity to boost your web traffic. As you make blogs on your website a foundation for all your virtual media platforms, it will push a considerable amount of traffic to your site.

Tool to drive your SEO

SEO benefits those sites the most that deliver insightful good-quality content. For example, the best blog posts comprising knowledgeable information can increase your site’s SEO. In addition, creating fresh content works as a way to beat out your competitors on SERPs.

Helps in lead generation

New-age consumers have more focus on knowing how a brand’s service or product can benefit them. Apart from too many sales pitches, they are interested in informative-type content that enlightens them about a particular service or product. Thus, creating blog posts can help you to generate better-quality leads.

Lets you drive long-time results

If your blog post gets ranked on search engines, you need not worry about it later. It will continue to drive traffic for a long time. As long as your blog post remains informative and relevant to the user intent, it will keep performing well. As time goes, you can upgrade your blog’s information to make it rank again.

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What makes up a good blog post ? – A Definitive Guide to Writing a Blog Post

Before you start to type down an entire piece of write-up, you need to know how to add value to it. There are millions of blog ideas available on the internet. Hence, to be found, you need to ensure that your blog post is unique in terms of information, tone of writing, and other aspects.  

Before you start, you need to make sure that you know the answer to why someone would keep reading your entire blog post. Also, keep in mind why readers would keep coming back to you again and again. 

Good blogging consists of all those elements that can help readers resolve their pain points. Your work is not done with just offering the answers to their questions. You must provide some actionable steps, which maintain an engaging tone.

Your journey starts from the introduction that you must hook your readers to. A good blog post is an interesting one to read and offers educational value to readers.

A Definitive Guide to Writing a Blog Post
A Definitive Guide to Writing a Blog Post

How do you write a blog post ? – A Definitive Guide to Writing a Blog Post

Have you prepared your mind to start with stellar blogging? Roll up your sleeves, open your laptop, and begin in the following way:

Let’s do some prep at the beginning…

Know your audience

Well, you must have made up your mind to start with blog post writing, but for whom would you write? Do you know who your audience is and what kind of content they prefer to read? If not, understand it first!

Before creating the best blog posts, make sure you have a clear idea about your target audience. Ultimately the content you are creating must satisfy their intent and query.

To understand it better, consider what you already know about your buyer persona and interest?   For example, if your readers are entrepreneurs or newbie marketers looking for trendy marketing ideas, your blog must explicitly focus on it. 

Create a domain for your blog

You have to create a blog domain to get a place where you can host your posts. It will require you to choose a Content Management System. You will also need a domain hosting service for your website.

A CMS will help you show up with a website domain where you will publish the things to write about your topic. In addition, CMS platforms can seamlessly manage your domains and subdomains.

Opt for a good blog post theme

Your blog post must have a suitable theme that will offer an attractive appearance and an aesthetic presentation.

For example, if you write a few paragraphs on fashion trends or millennial style tips, the theme must be a fashionable one. It will offer an extra appeal to harness the interest of your audience. So, blogger, are you ready with the themes you want for your blog post?

Let’s go deeper into blog post writing…

Go for a good topic

Have you yet decided on the topic to start with? Well, let’s be practical from the beginning. You might be starting with a burst of enthusiasm, but as time goes, you may abandon your blog posting. It might happen due to the lack of relevant and interesting topics. 

It is too hard to follow up with interesting blog post ideas. However, do not let this happen to you. Here are some suggestions to get your first ever topic and keep up with the stream of your future topics.

Go for topics that instill your passion

Things can barely go wrong with the topics about which you are passionate. When you really care about a topic, you can put your innovation, research, and emotion into it. Most interestingly, such topics have better power to connect with your audience. What are the things to write about a topic become clear when you brainstorm well.

Know the passion of your reader

Do you already know what your readers care about the most? Then, it will help you come up with new blog post ideas every time, which, in turn, will serve better engagement.

Do good research

Are you curious about a subject? Then it is time to perform a quick research on it. Take your hands into the internet to find out related topics to that subject.

Take some inspiration from others

It is always a healthy practice to draw inspiration from others when it comes to getting blog post ideas. You can go through the write-ups of other writers whose contents already exist on the internet on the same subject.

Go for a clear angle

Hopefully, you have found your topic now. But which angle will you be covering? We recommend you opt for a clear angle. It is better to avoid a broader approach. You can segment your angle and find a suitable niche to put better focus and research well.

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Go for a good format

The format you are using for your blogging matters a lot. Thus, you should follow a unique and appropriate blog post format. So, here is how the structure must look like:

  • Make use of proper headings with a catchy approach
  • Include bulleted or numbered lists under the subheads
  • Use relevant graphics and images
  • Consider highlighting important lines or phrases
  • Implement helpful captions with photos in your blog post template

An optimized approach is necessary

The blog you are writing should reiterate a clear tone. It is often the case that we like to write an organized blog concerning the tone we use in speaking. 

Well, it is better to organize and draft your thoughts before you start typing them down. It will help you better in blog post format optimization. Follow a clear and well-optimized outline. The topics must have a sense of fluidness in them.

Be strong with your approach

The moment you open a website and post your first blog, you dive into a pool of competition. There are thousands and millions of blog ideas to beat you. But will you let them? No!

Let’s face the truth. You have only 2-3 seconds to hook the attention of your reader and 4-5 minutes to deliver them the answer and satisfaction. So, what will you do then? Your goal must be to target a large audience. Hence, your approach must be strong, interesting, eye-catchy, and unique! Put some extra added value to your opening paragraph. A short yet crisp piece can do the magic.

The flow must be natural

As a blogger, it is better to write naturally. Even if you have to satisfy the bots to index your content, your final target should be your reader. Google‘s BERT algorithm prefers those content most, which you write for a human and not for a machine. 

Consider writing in the first and second person while putting some relatable anecdotes to it. Go for storytelling rather than just serving a dry piece of information. From the blog post template to keyword implementation, everything must be natural.

Emotions must be there


Let’s not misinterpret the idea of putting an emotional touch to your write-up with getting dramatic. You need to invigorate your emotions in your blog post to connect well with your audience.

Best blog posts sum up to a piece of writing that rightly knows how to engage the audience mentally. So, to create such a blog, you can use emotional language about the topics your readers care for the most. But do not overflow it with emotions!

Go for a strong ending

Have you read those stories, which are complete in themselves but still leave a lasting impact on your mind? Exactly that trick can be used in your blog post to create a lasting impression. The ending matters the most when it comes to offering some value to your write-up.  Here is how you do it.

End it naturally

You must end your blogging on a natural stopping point. In your blog posts, there is no need to include bottom lines, wrap-ups, etc. Just end it when you feel you are done. However, there must be a sense of conclusion in the last paragraph, even if you do not mention it officially.

Create your TLDR

Another smart idea that you can use at the end of your blog is giving a TLDR at the finishing point. TLDR or “Too Long Didn’t Read” comes in the form of a simple bulleted list that lets readers consume the conclusion at a glance.

Ask for comments and social share

It is a good practice to ask your readers to do social sharing at the end of reading if they find the blog content good. You can further ask them to comment below with a humble approach to know how your blog is performing. (Source: Grammarly)

Some quick tips that you should never miss out on while blog writing

Now that you know the basics of creating a nice blog post, it is time to learn some simple points that you can incorporate to add better value.

  • Before you write, do thorough research. Your blogging must have a bunch of valid information, which is highly reliable.
  • Do not forget to fact-check what you are writing.
  • The headings or titles must be interesting enough, but don’t ruin it with click-bait sentences.
  • Check as many resources as you can before writing.
  • Make use of necessary images, videos, infographics, and engaging charts to make your blog post visually attractive.
  • Use a simple yet clean-looking stylish formatting with the right things to write about.
  • The sentences and typography must be readable enough.
  • It is better to reflect a sense of positivity through your writing.
  • Perform solid keyword research to SEO-optimize your title.
  • Place keywords naturally and avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Avoid repetition of information.
  • Check if everything is fine before posting the blog.

Wrap Up – A Definitive Guide to Writing a Blog Post

Creating a blog post may not be child’s play, but you can excel in it by following some simple tips and tricks. All you need to do is be very clear with your tone and target audience from the beginning.

Also, make sure your write-up is free from grammatical errors. Creating a well-informative blog with a positive tone and knowledgeable aspect will give you success in no time. Keep up with your research and practice. Be passionate, be creative, be a blogger!