Content creation is the new trend in the millennial era. From social media influencers to big brands and new start-ups, content creation is the foremost way to do business. Whether you want to build yourself as a brand or advertise your service or product, content creation is essential to gain the trust of your target audience. The kind of content you curate reflects your style and individuality. Content doesn’t just come out of thin air. To make your content effective, it is important to use some content creation tools. 


There are a plethora of content creation tools available out there. If you are new to this, choosing the right and most effective content creation tool might be a daunting task. The options can be really confusing. This article will help you narrow down your options to the best content creation tools available in the market. 

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Best Content Creation Tools for Social Media

Content Creation Tools
Content Creation Tools

Creating content for social media is no easy feat. Though it might look easy on the outside, finding that perfect tagline or hash tag can be really nerve wracking. However, thanks to certain content creation tools, most of which are free, you can easily curate a best-selling social media post. Let us have a look at some of the content creation tools for social media. 


Thanks to all the grammar Nazis out there, writing a grammatically correct social media post should be your number one priority. Grammarly is your one stop solution in this case. It is an effective spelling and grammar tool which rectifies mistakes which even Microsoft Word cannot.

In addition to that, Grammarly also suggests verbs and tenses to make your content concise and precise with a better reach. It provides explanations for its suggestions so that you know why a particular change is required. For all the content marketers and writers out there, Grammarly is your best friend when it comes to curating content for your brand. The application is mostly free which covers all important features. However, you can also opt for a paid version to avail extra benefits. 


Now that your content is grammatically perfect, you need to up the design game. And what can be a better tool for content creation than Canva? From creating stellar powerpoint presentations that are sure to bring you a promotion to effective resume templates, logos to Instagram posts, Canva has got you covered! It can help you create beautiful social media posts, lists and designs.

The layouts are of the highest quality and there is a mind boggling range of options to choose from. And the best part? It hardly requires a manual and is totally easy to use. Canva has both free and paid versions. The paid version obviously offers a more professional approach. 


You do not have to be a graphic expert to use Crello; it is that easy. Like Canva, Crello is also a design application. But unlike Canva, Crello has more than 10,000 design templates, 65 million stock free images and 10,000-11,000 design elements in its library.

Crello is the ultimate content creating tool for social media which even includes templates to create Tik Tok videos for marketing! Do we need anything more? However, Crello too has both free and paid versions and the user can choose their package accordingly. 

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Slide Share is the go to content creation tool when it comes to curating professional posts for LinkedIn. And what’s more? It is now even owned by LinkedIn Cooperation. Informative articles can be really boring and often fail to hold the attention of the audience. But with SlideShare, such articles can be transformed into visually appealing infographics which you can sync directly with your LinkedIn platform.

SlideShare is most effective for sharing presentations and e-books. The application often comes with its complementary partner, FlipSnack, previously known as Slide Snack. FlipSnack gives your content the additional spark by enabling you to add voice to your work. 


Creating video content for your business or brand can extensively drain your budget if you go for professional video creators. PowToon comes to your rescue if you are looking to gain maximum output by investing a minimum amount. PowToon is a fairly easy video application which allows you to create relatable videos for your website or any kind of client presentations. They have a fair amount of templates from where you can choose and customize according to your needs. While the basic version is free, paid versions of PowToon start at a monthly subscription of $19 only. 


What better way to engage with your target customers than by asking them relevant questions or having fun quizzes? Typeform, unlike other quiz building platforms, takes the boring out of the quiz. It enables you to build interactive quizzes, short answer quizzes, yes/no quizzes and even image quizzes for the ultimate top notch content.

With a simple click of a button, you can share your quiz on multiple social media platforms with different formats suited for each of them. In addition to this, every month, you get 10 questions and 10 responses free. For more exclusive features, you can also avail their various paid packages. 


While talking about content creation, let’s not forget the game changer; podcast. Over the last two years, podcasts have gained sufficient ground and have proved itself as a major content creation tool to benefit your business in the most creative way possible.

When it comes to the creation, distribution and monetization of your podcast, there can be no better alternative than Anchor. You do not need to be a sound designer to create engaging podcasts and distribute them on your favorite social media outlet. And the best part? It is free without any catch whatsoever!  


If you are itching to add a fun and playful twist to your content for your brand, what can be better than some good old animation? But for this one, you do not need to approach any high end animator. Animoto is another, slightly lesser known animation creating tool.

With Animoto, you can turn existing video clips and even still images into fun animation! In fact it is one of the first video tools which allow a square video format to suit certain specific social media platforms. However, the slight downside is that the free version of Animoto will have their branding as a watermark on the clip. To avoid that you can always go for a paid version that starts from €28 a month.  

The most challenging task, when it comes to content creation, is to keep up with trends. What was popular last year may not give you the best outputs this year. Keeping track of new and innovative trends can be time consuming. But it is always feasible to check for the latest content creation tools. These tools will have you picking up on the newest trends in no time. Below is a list of the latest content creation tools 2020 and content creation tools 2021

Content Creation Tools | Content Creation Tools 2021

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Content Creation Tools 2020 | Content Creation Tools 2021
Content Creation Tools 2020 | Content Creation Tools 2021

Let us see the various important content creation tools


The year 2020 brought upon us the pandemic and along with that, zoom calls. When it comes to online meetings via zoom or any other similar platform, screen sharing and presentations are a huge part. Prezi Video is an effective content creation tool through which you can present visuals and presentations in the most professional way possible.

While screen sharing makes you lose face to face interaction with your colleagues, with Prezi video you cannot do so. Videos created through Prezi video are of HD quality, watermark free and can be used to make posters, social media posts and even visually attractive bar graphs. 


Even though slack has been out there for quite some time, it gained relevance during the pandemic and continues to hold business through 2021 as well. Slack is a mixture of a messaging app and content creating app. It is best for communicating on projects with your team members. The free version of slack however has limited storage. After a while most users opt for the paid version to avail unlimited benefits. 


As quirky as it sounds, Woofy is the most organised application to track performance for your social media posts and campaigns. It also teaches you how to maximize your reach by giving effective suggestions. Need we say anything more? 


Gone are the days when creating content meant writing long form copies and boring descriptions of business and services. The audience is always on the lookout for something fun which conveys the right message. To accomplish this goal, Creatopy can be your most loyal content creation tool. It is a GIF maker and editor with a simple user interface for the entire fun element you need to build your brand. It requires negligible effort on your part and is a great way to interact with your audience. 

Content Creation Tools Free

While content is the heart and soul of any marketing or promotional campaign, it does not bode well for the business if it burns a hole in the pocket. For all the start-ups and first timers out there, this exclusive list of free content creation tools might be exactly what you need. 


Just like the name suggests, Pablo is an amazing tool to create eye-catching images for your Facebook, Instagram or twitter posts. Because like it or not, images never fail to capture a person’s attention compared to text. With Pablo, you can either choose images from their vast library or edit your own image to add text for all your marketing needs. 

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Google Drive Research Tool

To hunt for free content creation tools, you don’t have to venture far away. The Google Drive Research tool option allows you to create value content in the most authentic way possible. When you are using Google docs, you can easily navigate to the ‘Tools’ button to access this feature. A genuine and well researched blog post goes a long way in enhancing your business. 


The presence of a strong visual or video in your landing page can do wonders for your business. With Biteable and its huge collection of stunning visuals, you can do just that. Biteable comes with an extremely easy user interface. It allows you to create videos with images, texts and even sound clips in the most effective way possible. 


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With these highly proactive content creation tools, you can take your content to a whole new level altogether. Gone are the days when businesses had to purchase design software to do the simplest of tasks. With these tools in your pocket, creating and marketing our own business has become the new normal.