To decide the content of your blog you should understand how many varieties of types of blogs that exist. Every blog has its own content and it panders to your audience.

Writing about your passion and hobby of-course leaves a lot of room for you to come up with quick ideas to write about. Also know best kinds of blogs.

You just don’t need to chalk out your plan for your content. You have to use a theme, optimization for SEO and improve your website. Also there are other various needs to be taken care of as well.

The term “blog” exploded on the internet since the time it first came out. People nowadays can make money from their blog. 

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What are the various kinds of blogs? | Best kinds of blogs

The most popular blogs as of 2022 are described as the following:

 various kinds of blogs
Various kinds of blogs

Personal blog 

He in this type of blog, you’re supposed to share your life’s journey with your audience. It is your own personalised online space which you have created for yourself. It is more like an online journal of yourself.

When you like to write about yourself it’s highly probable that you really enjoy writing and do not really care what anyone thinks of you. 

Chances are high that you have a personal blog of your own as you’re reading this.

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Fashion blog

Fashion blog is one of the most popular blogs of all time since it caters to a large audience worldwide. 

It’s a well known fact that fashion blog owners have their own perks since they get invited to major events and can even do product sponsoring and even business deals with top brands.

This type of blog is good for people who have a very sharp eye for fashion and brandings.

Lifestyle blogs 

Along with fashion blogs, even lifestyle blogs are one of the most popular ones on the internet. Its content ranges from fashion, nutrition, yoga to diet and workouts etc. 

People or your audience constantly need advice for cool, practicals and efficient tips to lead a high maintenance life. 

Lifestyle bloggers get to be an influencer and get to reach a million followers on social media if you’re a top notch blogger.

They can also become speakers and partner with businesses to make a difference to the society.

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Travel blogs

If you love travelling, travel blogs are the best option for you. It is becoming more and more popular as days go by.

This makes other travellers get to know about the place they’re visiting which they have never seen before. The work of travel bloggers is quite the peril though. They have to do a lot of research about the place, find out places to stay in the destination, what are the sight scenes in and around the places.

Travel blogs
Travel blogs

It is mandatory for travellers to blog about the local cuisines cause people or his or her audience would love to know.

It might seem that travelling blogs are very easy and a low effort thing, you just have to roam about in the places and write about them.. It isn’t as easy as it seems to be.

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Food blogs

Now if you love cooking or trying out different cuisines and various cafes and restaurants then this blog is made just for you. Diversification of meals, cooking or ordering food can very turn your blog into business and thus you can make some extra money against it.

Fitness blog

Fitness blogs sell like hot cakes. It covers topics from energy, health and the overall general fitness display. It sounds fairly reasonable to find fitness blogs interestig, 

Fitness bloggers or basically gym instructors can give diet plans, workouts regimes as well. They can also create video content showcasing various exercises and workouts.

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Review blogs

Suppose you read a book recently or went for a movie and you want to talk about the various things which are new and you have tried them and to spread that information to your audiences, then this kind of blog is perfect for you.

This kind of blog brings the cash through affiliate marketing and paid partnership with various brands and doing brand promotions and deals. Also if your blogs gets huge, brands will even pay your for their reviews.


Best kinds of blogs to write about?

These are the few types of blogs which you might come across while surfing the internet. 

If you want to find the right category for you it’s best to explore your hobbies first and then take up challenges to make it a success.

Once you have chosen the niche of your blog, writing and managing content will be the next things which you need to be taking care of!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a degree to start blogging?

Absolutely not. Blogging can only become a viable career if you’re doing it for like ten years and people are still trying to get used to it.

  • How to get over the feeling of anxiety before I start my blog?

It is important to acknowledge your fears and anxiety before you start anything new and accept it leaving room for growth. Anyway you can write about your anxiety in your blog as well.

  • Which one is the best blogging platform?

Currently it’s WordPress.

  • How can I earn money through my blog?

Using Google Adsense, affiliate marketing as well as brand sponsorship and dealings are few of the ways through which you can make money off your blog.


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