Productivity has become an important aspect in every human being’s life. It is the ability to do high quality work in a limited time. Productivity is a key to be successful.  In today’s world there is a huge competition in every single field of work. One needs to be efficient at planning and achieving goals to stand out from others. The technologies in today’s world serve humankind in all possible ways. Likewise it helps us to increase our productivity by providing us with the best in class productivity apps.

These productivity apps will help you to make a to-do list, work on time without distractions and to achieve those goals. Since we all have our mobile phones with us all the time, the easy way to track our productivity is through productivity apps. In this article we will list you some of the best productivity apps that are available for the man-kind to use.

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This is one of the best productivity apps for students. This app helps people who will get easily distracted during a task. This app can also help people who are looking for a way to reduce their phone usage in between tasks. There is a productivity technique called Pomodoro technique. This technique involves taking a task, working on it for 25 minutes and then taking a 5 minutes break. The cycle of 25/5 continues for about 4 to 5 hours depending on the task that you set. The Forest app is based on this technique.

In this app, the user will be planting a virtual seedling when he/she starts a task. As the user continues to do the task, the tree grows. If the user gets distracted by clicking on to other social media, the tree will die. As soon as the app is closed there will be notifications that will urge the user to go back and continue with the task. It will also provide weekly insights. These will help people, especially students, to focus on their tasks. It is an aesthetic productivity app, which is yet another aspect that attracts students.


It is the most popular productivity apps of all time. The hype is due to the convenience it provides. It is an easy to use app. Daily tasks based to-do lists can be made in this app. As the tasks are completed, it should be updated in this app. Weekly to-do list can also be made. At the end of each day and week, the app shows the cumulative efforts that have been put on work. It also has features which will enable prioritizing the tasks.

For example, Imagine you have a list of 5 – 6 tasks in a day or week. Out of these 5 – 6 there will be some tasks which are of utmost importance. It can be a conference to attend or visiting your mom. The important tasks can be highlighted so that you do the task without fail. In the Pro plan version there are also reminder options. It is the best productivity apps for working folks to be more productive.


Source – Google play

It is yet another productivity apps that works based on Pomodoro technique. Unlike forest, it does not have aesthetically pleasing features. But it is the best app for people who love a very basic app. People who can use it are the ones whose productivity peaks with regular breaks in between. It also enables me to make to-do lists and track the goals. Overall it is a tailor made productivity apps for working professionals who likes to track goals and use Pomodoro technique while working.


It is one of the Top productivity apps for android to follow the workflow of any goal or tasks. In this app, there are cards and boards. In boards a goal can be set. In cards, the goal needs to be broken into tasks and added with dates. This will ensure that the tasks are completed on time. Once the tasks are completed, the completed cards can be moved to the ‘done’ list. This also has options to change the background and theme according to the user’s tastes and preferences. For example, the goal is to make a product.

Now the board has to be named as Product development. Each step involved like R&D and the number of trials should be added in the cards with a set time, it can be a date. Whenever a task is getting completed, it should be moved to the ‘done’ list. This is how the workflows are tracked with this productivity apps.

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It is a productivity apps that everyone needs. Doing efficient tasks in a limited time is productive. One should plan their tasks in accordance with time and complete them. This will help the person to improve their productivity overall. This app will enable users to set the time for each task. In other words we can say this as time blocking. In time blocking the person assigns a particular time to do a task. For example, for task A, 9:30 AM and for task B, 9:50 AM. By setting the time, one’s mindset will urge the person to do the task within the set time. This will ultimately increase the productivity of the person.


It is a productivity apps that won an award for the best designed app in 2017. It got its award because it is one of the best aesthetic productivity apps. This app can be used to include daily tasks and goals. Separate boards can be created like personal life, work, studies and so on.

Under each board’s task and to-do’s can be added. Tasks can also be added as daily to-do lists and weekly to-do lists. When it is finished it can be striked out. This app also enables you to set an alarm and notification to remind you about the tasks. The limitations of this app is that it is only available for apple users and it is a paid app.


Source – Crunchbase

It is a productivity apps that is created to help people stay organized. This app enables you to create to-do lists.  One can make 3 days to weekly plans in this app. This app also has a calendar and reminder feature which will help the users to complete the tasks on time. The app has a unique voice-entry feature, through which the tasks can be included by speaking. This app is loved by the current users for its UI. It is an easy app to use. Hence it marks its place in the best productivity apps 2022.


It is a productivity apps that helps any organization. It has features that help team communication and planning. It will help managers and team leads to be on track with their subordinates. This has features like easy sharing of a company’s goals and plans. Individuals can also benefit from this since it has a to-do feature and planner. In the planner, one can plan their weekly tasks and the app will remind you about completing tasks.

It is an integration of apps like Google calendar, Asana and Trello. It makes it easy for us to start days knowing what exactly needs to be done. When a person knows what to work on, productivity increases to a great extent. Hence it is a productivity apps of great usage.

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This productivity apps will help the managers and team leads to a greater extent. The major focus of this app is time tracking. This will track the time that a team as a whole takes to finish a project. At the end it provides you insights like time spent by employees on projects and so on. Through measuring the time that is taken to complete the task, productivity can be increased measurably. Hence it is one of the best productivity apps that will help to increase productivity of your team and employees.


Source – TickTick

This productivity apps helps individuals and organizations to maintain the tasks. This app can be used predominantly for making to-do lists. This app has voice entry features, with which you can add the tasks by speaking. It also has the feature of converting the emails into tasks. In this app you can also assign dates and deadlines to each task. Whenever the deadlines are crossed this app gives a notification or an alarm to remind about tasks. It also has calendars which will enable you to plan for a week or month. Overall it is one of the best productivity apps that will help to complete tasks on time.


Productivity has become an important aspect in every human being’s life. The technologies in today’s world serve humankind in all possible ways. Likewise it helps us to increase our productivity by providing us with the best in class apps. These productivity apps will help you to make a to-do list and to achieve those goals. The productivity apps like Forest and Be focused use Pomodoro techniques to help individuals to do tasks without getting distracted.

Apps like Timecamp and Friday will enable organizations to track their employees’ performance. Other productivity apps like Todoist, Trello,, Ticktick, Things 3, Toggl helps to make to-do lists and remind you about the tasks. 

All the above mentioned apps are free productivity apps that will have the best usage to people who want to improve their work quality. These apps can also help the students to study without distractions. These apps help people like working professionals to know exactly what they want to do. Overall these apps help individuals to do efficient work.