Starting a business is tough. But the toughest thing to do in any business is marketing the products or services. In business marketing, the products and services have to reach new customers and influence them to buy the products. In addition it should also make efforts to retain their old customers as well. The two things mentioned are the key factors to maintain a good customer base for any business.

Business marketing will be one such area where a firm has to spend a lot to promote their products effectively. In today’s world where everything has evolved, only following traditional marketing methods will not help a lot. Sometimes creative ways need to be followed to attract new customers. In this article we will discuss the creative ways that will help to market a business effectively.

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Following are the ways to do Business Marketing:

ways to do Business Marketing
Ways to do Business Marketing


It is a business marketing technique that is quite famous in the current times. It is a type of email marketing. E- newsletters are a type of mail that will have the updates of the business. Through this you need to send the new launches, new offers and wishes for festivals. This can keep your customers engaged. In this type of business marketing the newsletter has to be created in an attractive way.

Make sure the subject or the title of the email is catchy. This can either make the customers click or skip. Make sure to give specific discount codes via email. This can encourage the customers to regularly open and read the mail. Chances are high that they will buy the products. 

Mini’s on Discount

This is a business marketing method that only a few brands use. It is an underrated way to market the business. This can turn business sales to the next level.  Make some mini’s with considerable discounts. Frame a combo of mini products and sell them on great discounts. This can pull the customers who were doubtful about spending on your brand. They will get to try the products at a lower price and if they end up liking them they will become loyal customers.

Make sure to design a cute package for mini’s. There is a separate fan base for the cute mini products, they will buy it for sure. Also offer the mini’s as freebie if the order of the customer exceeds a certain threshold. Overall it is one of the newest and finest business marketing techniques that can increase the customer base.

Social Media Posts

This business marketing technique needs no introduction. It is the current marketing trend in the business marketing industry. Every brand owner must know how to promote business on social media for free. Make sure to have social media accounts like Instagram, twitter and so on. Post content consistently. Use the trending hashtags for the posts. The hashtags can make the post appear to most consumers.

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Interactive Social media posts need to be created. Make sure to add wordings like follow, like and share which can remind the viewers to engage. Include the wordings like “stop scrolling” in bold colors which can make the users stop and see the post. This may increase the chances for the users to buy. It is one of the free business marketing modes available that can increase the reach for the business.

Marketing through influencers

Creating content is a time consuming thing. There should be a separate social media manager. But if you are a small business that cannot hire a separate manager. Collaborate with the influencers. Influencers create content on an everyday basis. They can make content that can promote a particular product or service. They will make some creative social media posts example, different ways to use a product.

Send some products to the influencers. Ask them to create content that can be posted on their page or on your page. Ask them to take over the business page for a live or a small question and answer session. If the influencer has a huge following it is an added advantage. It is one of the best business marketing techniques for better reach.

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Sponsored Ads

Sponsored Ads
Sponsored Ads

The conventional TV commercials are costly for small businesses. This business marketing method is less costly but more effective than the TV commercials. The internet penetration is getting higher and higher each year. As of 2022, about 69% of the world population is actively using the internet. Each and every year there is a 4% increase. Which means around 196 million new users are accessing the internet every year. So giving paid Ads will help the business to reach more people. The paid ads can be done on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. These 3 are the social platforms with higher traffic. It is one of the great business techniques that small to big businesses can afford. 

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Sponsor a Show

It is a business marketing technique that is for bigger businesses. There will be many reality shows or award ceremonies that will take place. Being a co-sponsor for that can help your brand to reach a new consumer base. Usually shows and award functions are attended by numerous celebrities. People who are following those celebrities may notice your brand and buy some products.

The sponsors can also be for a TV show. Provide vouchers and hampers to the people who are participating in the show. This can also make your brand visible to a newer set of audience. The awards functions will host red carpet arrivals for celebrities. If you are a beauty or fashion brand, sponsor clothes and makeup for them. They usually share those pictures on their social media by tagging the brands, which can also make your brand more visible.

Sponsor a Competition

There are small sports that take place at school level or state level. These competitions can also be sponsored. If you are a sports wear based brand or a health food and beverage based brand, you can provide them uniforms or energy drinks. This kind of business marketing will help you to reach the regional customers. Also try to provide samples or testers to the audiences who are attending. If they found the products useful they will surely buy it. 

Follow 80/20 Rule

This is one of the business marketing techniques that will help you to gain more engagement from the customers. The 80/20 rule is also called Pareto rule. It is basically 80% of posting or giving useful insights to the customers and promoting the brand 20%. When you provide useful information, people listen to you and build a connection and trust. Then the promotion needs to be done for 20%. For example, a sports shoes promotion. Make a video giving health or stamina based tips, the model in the video should wear the shoes.

Make sure to include close up shots of the shoes. This can urge the viewers to buy the shoes. The other way to use this principle is through workshops. This is one of the best social media post ideas for business. Conduct a free workshop online, which will provide valuable information to the people. In the workshop, promote the products. Provide an extra discount for the people who attended the workshop. This business marketing technique is a trending technique right now.

Charity Auction

It is a business marketing technique that can earn a good name for the brand. This will help to increase traffic towards your brand. Charity auction is the way by which funds are raised for charity. There is a  way to use it for business marketing. When a customer is buying a product or service from you, tell them that a particular percentage will be given to a charity organization.

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If you have a very tight margin, ask the customer to pay an extra few bucks for charity while checking out the order. It can be 10 bucks or 20 bucks according to their preferences. For people who do not get a separate budget to donate will opt for this type of donation. And your brand will also be perceived in a great way. 

Loyalty Strategy

Loyalty Strategy
Loyalty Strategy

In the above business marketing technique  we saw the ways to gain new customers. A loyalty strategy is a business marketing technique with which you can retain the customers you already have. It is a strategy where you need to provide certain discounts to your loyal customers.

They can also be given with other perks. Provide them with cashback, rewards or involve them in the social media content. You can also take insights from them for creating a new product or service. You may think that you are compromising on the margin here. But  the cost you spend to reach a new customer is 5 times higher than you spend to retain an old customer. Hence use this business marketing strategy to retain the customers.

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Starting a business is tough. But the toughest thing to do in any business is marketing the products or services.  Business marketing will be one such area where a firm has to spend a lot to promote their products effectively. In today’s world where everything has evolved, only following traditional marketing methods will not help a lot. Sometimes creative ways need to be followed to attract new customers.

There are numerous business marketing techniques that are followed. There are techniques that will be promoted by giving useful information to the people. It includes e-newsletters and 80/20 rules. There are business marketing techniques by providing discounts. There are business marketing techniques that will use social media to promote. All the business marketing techniques mentioned in this article will help the business to  promote their products creatively.


  1. What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is promoting a business by using social media platforms.

  1. How to create a viral social media post?

Use the trending hashtags or music and post it in peak times, this can help the post to get viral.

  1. How to retain customers?

The customers can be retained through loyalty strategy.

  1. What is the easiest way to reach new customers?

Paid social media ads and influencer marketing are the easy ways to reach more customers.

  1. How to make the brand more visible online?

Use social media and SEO to make the brand more visible online.