Music and human beings have a never ending connection. When we are with our friends we hear and dance to music. If we are sad we hear some music to heal ourselves. Likewise be it any mood, music is that one element that will never go away from us. A large crowd hears music to overcome their stress and depression as well. Scientifically while hearing to any music our body releases a hormone called dopamine, which is a feel good hormone. Making us happy is the prime goal of any musical bands.  

In the current world where internet penetration is very high, artists choose YouTube and sometimes Spotify as a medium to launch their official songs. If the song is attractive to hear, it is getting trending and becoming worldwide famous.

The bands that originated in Italy or South Korea, doing songs in their mother tongue, gained huge audiences across the world. This clearly shows that music has no language bounds and culture bounds to it. And people are ready to hear music from different languages but all they want is that the music has to make them happy and joyful. 

A lot of talented people have debuted in music and made their career successful here. Some of them have started their music career as friends or in a small group called a music band. The music market has always celebrated solo artists as well as bands. In this article we have listed the top international music artists across the world. 

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Here are the list of 5 Top International Musical Bands


Undoubted BTS is the biggest music band in the world. BTS is otherwise called Bangtan Boys and Bangtan sonyeondan. They are from South Korea, a k-pop band. They debuted in the music industry back in 2013. They have grown to sky highs in 2022. They lovingly call their fans the Army. Their brand colour is purple. They say “Borahae” to their Army fans which means “purple you”. That is their way of saying “love you” to the fans. They won several awards and were nominated for Grammys. They were also honoured at UN, Blue house and White house. 

The music band has 7 members. There are vocalists, rappers, visuals and dancers. They are well known for their talents. They write their songs and compose themselves. The group has totally made around 200 songs over the past 9 years. Their biggest hits include Dynamite, Boy with Luv, Butter, Mic drop and much more.

Source – billboard

The main theme or message that the group spreads is self-love. Even though the position of BTS right now is the dream place for many artists. They had a fair share of struggles in the beginning of  their career. They were highly disrespected and criticised by the people. They fought it strongly and became what they wanted to be. They insanely promote the same among their fans. They motivate them to love themselves, believe themselves and do what they are passionate about. 

The lyrics in each song have a deep meaning to it.  They make sure to write it in a way that heals and motivates their fans. Sometimes they address haters through the lyrics. This is the major reason why BTS is a successful music band. Their lyrics are raw and natural, that come straight from their heart. Each and every common man can relate to those easily.  And the music composition is mind blowing. If it is a peppy song they make you dance on the floor, if it is a sad song they make you sob. Their music is always just on point. Overall a great band which has great music to hear.                                                                                            


It is one of the oldest music band, which is still serving their audience. They were formed in 1977. They confirmed that they will continue to make music till 2025. They are a UK based music band. It is the most popular band in the world 2021 other than BTS. They have gained immense love from the people around the world for their soothing and calming music.

The music band totally has 5 members. Four of them are vocalist and instrumentalists and one is the creative head of the team. The band is well known for their Piano based and guitar based tracks. Even though they are famous across the world, they are very much popular in the US and UK. The vocalists of this music band have honey dripping golden voices. If they sing all night the world will hear them all night. The best instrumental tracks are icing to this. 

They are immensely talented. They have made around 170 songs till date. They have won a whopping number of 7 grammy awards. They have also worked with famous artists like Rihanna, BTS, Big Sean and much more. Some of their songs like Fix you, Viva La Vida are must hear. Overall a great music band that is pushing themselves very hard for aeons to make amazing music. 


Source – billboard

It is yet another girl music band that is South Korea based. There was a time when  the world could remember only BTS when they heard the word K-pop. But these girls broke the monotony. They have become the second k-pop group that has gained fans across the world. It is a music band that was formed by YG entertainment. They made their debut in the year of 2016. Their very first song has crossed many millions of streams. Which made them one of the strongest music band not only in South Korea but globally. They lovingly call their fans “Blinks”.

The music band has 4 girl members. They are amazingly talented singers, dancers and have great visuals. They also write their own songs. But the track composition part is dealt with by their company. Their songs have got prestigious awards like Golden disc, MTV, Mnet and people choice awards.

Even though the members know multiple languages. Their songs are mostly in Korean with a little bit of English. They have also collaborated with top stars like Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga. Some of their must-hear songs are How you like that, Whistle, Ddu-du Ddu-du.  

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It is a rock band that is famous in many countries. The name Maneskin means moonlight in the danish language. This band was formed in the year of 2016. They are an Italian rock music band that was formed in Rome. There are four members in the music band. They are vocalists, guitarists and drummers. They are one of the famous international musicians. They topped the list of U.S rock music charts. They have billions of streams on Spotify. They skyrocketed to success last year for the album Zitti E Buoni. It holds the privilege of being the first Italian band to be charted in the US and UK.

They performed at AMA’s and Grammys. They were also nominated as participating talents in Grammys along with BTS and some other bands.  They have bagged numerous awards in the Italian music industry. Overall they are an amazingly talented music band, having a great future in the music industry. 


Source – rollingstone

It is an upcoming music band. It is an Irish based music band. They originated from Dublin. They were formed in the year of 2016. The group consists of four members. They are vocalists and guitarists. They compose their own songs, write lyrics and sing.  They were constantly working on the music.

Their song released in 2021 called “It won’t be always like this” has got the band all the success that it needed. They have got a huge fan following in the UK. They were also featured in the BBC sounds.  They have got awards like Music Move Europe Talent Award and have got nominated for many. Some of their songs like My Honest Face, Cheer Up Baby are must-hears. It is a great music band with amazing talents.


Music and human beings have a never ending connection. When we are with our friends we hear and dance to music. If we are sad we hear some music to heal ourselves. Likewise be it any mood, music is that one element that will never go away from us.

A large crowd hears music to overcome their stress and depression as well. Scientifically while hearing to any music our body releases a hormone called dopamine, which is a feel good hormone. With the high internet penetration in the current world, the music band gets higher recognition.

K-pop bands like BTS and Blackpink have sold millions and have fans all over the world. With the soothing vocals and music the music band Coldplay always remains a comfort music for everyone. Maneskin being an Italy based music band has crossed seas and got recognition in the US as well as in entire Europe.

Inhaler is talented and an upcoming band that will grow far better in future. These bands make great music that is motivating, soothing, calming and also apt for partying. Make sure to indulge yourself with the music of the bands mentioned above. 

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  1. What is the biggest band in the world?

BTS is the biggest band in the world.

  1. Can BTS speak English?

BTS can understand little English and is learning to speak english. But the leader of BTS, RM, has good fluency in English. 

  1. When did Blackpink debut?

They debuted in the year of 2016. 

  1. How many Grammys did Coldplay win?

Coldplay has totally won 7 Grammy awards. 

  1. Why is Blackpink not nominated for Grammys?

Their music does not fulfil the criterias for being nominated for Grammys.