Do vampires exist? Some of you may say yes, others would say it is a myth created by the western world. I would tell you that vampires do exist – and that too across the world, and they may be present in the very room you are sitting in right now! You might have guessed by now what creature I am talking about, it is our small buzzing friends (or enemies): deadly mosquitoes.

Sitting in the living room with the world’s deadliest animal:

Ah, you must be feeling relieved now – a mosquito. What harm can these tiny creatures do possibly other than feasting on our blood now and then! Well, let me tell you the fact that more people have been killed by mosquitos rather than any other animal on earth. In simple terms, they are the deadliest animal, eradicating 7,25,000 people from the face of the earth each year, 12 times more than snakes or a thousand times more than sharks. 

Feasted on the blood of your ancestors too!

The little mosquitoes have been a problem for the entire human race since their supposed inception – 226 million years ago. I am sure, all of your ancestors would have faced the wrath of the little vampires at some point in their life. There are even theories put forward by scientists that these deadly mosquitoes are responsible for the death of large dinosaurs. Even the world’s greatest emperor – Alexander died due to a deadly mosquito bite.

Deadly mosquitoes creating menace

Mosquito-repellents, mosquitoes hookah-bar!

You must be thinking that mosquitoes are not going to kill me, I live in the NCT of Delhi in a pucca house building. Well, of course, the probability of you dying as a result of a mosquito bite does decrease but it is far from zero. Have you noticed that in the last decade or so, the effectiveness of mosquito repellents has diminished? Of course, the advertisements of all these repellents are better and more engaging now. As the advertisements state, they are offering protection from mosquito bites by keeping all the deadly mosquitoes out and giving you a good night’s sleep.

But ask yourself, how effective are these mosquito repellents now, are these repellents providing what has been portrayed in the advertisements. Far from it, I have seen these deadly mosquitoes sitting down on the top of these repellents comfortably. These deadly mosquitoes are so used to the fumes that they have adapted with the same. They are not anymore being repelled by the same. Of course, you might be feeling claustrophobic by the fumes but that is a different story altogether – seems like the human body has not adapted to the fumes. Add with it the deadly air pollution which blankets the entire North-India in winters, your lungs would not be much happy about the same.

Chernobyl in the living room?

Chernobyl in the living room?
Chernobyl in the living room?

So, what, if repellents are not working, I can use other measures like the mosquito repelling spray, or mosquito repelling creams to keep these mini vampires at bay – you might be thinking this? Well, of course, there are a number of these products available in the grocery market downstairs and they might be providing us with “better protection” if compared with the liquid mosquito repellents, however, how advisable is it to apply such creams or use these pressurized spray cans daily in your living room. The choice is tough indeed.

Yes, you can appoint a professional mosquito killer to use their crazy ninja-like skills to spot and kill mosquitoes for you while you sleep peacefully at night. Yes, that does not sound feasible. 

Can enjoy blood mocktail 13,000 feet above the ground!

The problem is not limited inside your living room anymore, the mosquitoes are present everywhere – out in the streets, offices, hospitals, metros, and even aero-planes. They have conducted surgical strikes on almost all known institutions built by mankind. Surely, if someone were able to create a mosquito-sized drone for intelligence gathering, it would be quite successful. The mosquito menace is so much big that even the Chief Minister of Delhi -Arvind Kejriwal had to take cognizance of the issue and hart-out plans to save the Delhiites from the little bloodsuckers. 

Are smarter than our Einstein’s and Hawking’s! 

Yes, we will keep evolving new technologies to fight these mosquitos, however, the mosquitos will learn to cope up with these technologies and continue to sting us. If besides Malaria and Dengue, what if these mosquitoes can carry diseases like coronavirus or ebolavirus with them, the very thought is scary. It will not be very surprising if the human race is eradicated due to killer mosquitos rather than nuclear weapons or cyber-robots.

Stay aware, stay safe!