What is Flag Day?

The flag of the UAE serves the purpose to bring all the fragments of society within one brace. It is the face of the values and ethics of the country. If you are wondering what is Flag Day ? Well, let us get the answer. 

The federal flag was launched by Sheikh Mohammed, himself. Along with the flag, he also inaugurated the initiative, ‘My work elevates my flag’ campaign. The inaugurations were made during the commemoration of the 41st anniversary of National Day. The program was conducted by Watani Programme.

When is Flag Day of UAE?

The Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who also happens to be the ruler of Dubai, is all praises for this day. The day is to be celebrated annually on the last day of November by the people of the United Arab Emirates.

The date is decided with respect to the victory of Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan as the president of UAE.

The campaigns included a number of events. There was also an event in which the people present were to create cards. The cards had to list that they take pride in. This activity was the exact translation of the objective behind Flag Day.( Source: khaleejtimes)


The objective of Flag Day is to instill the honor for the Flag as a national identity. The day aims to reverb the ethics and values of the country. The flag is a symbol of brotherhood, harmony, and patriotism among the countrymen.

There are celebrations all across the country while the ’Flag Day’ is celebrated. During the major event, children from 800 schools all over the country take part in it.

A Flag Day boosts the spirit of brotherhood and patriotism in the country.

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