Fake News

People have proven the fact that we can use our brains to get as much knowledge as possible. It is exploring the space or knowing enough about human body. We have done a lot since we used to live like animals( some still do). Our ability to think and find out reasons about most things have granted us the life we are currently living. Although just like time, our beliefs and mindsets tend to change . While presently, we focus on getting every answer and being completely sure about our actions. In past times our lives were not about our choices. Instead of finding the truth and logic, the society blinded the people through religion and a lot of other stuff. So, how omens and superstitions affect Indian public ?

What appeared to be the truth were just clever ways to manipulate people into doing things. Soon a new belief system started. Here, people plated fake beliefs about how they can shape their lives through their actions. We can change our lives through our actions. We still can’t do it as easily as we knew earlier.

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What used to be the real deal in our past is just omens and superstitions in the contemporary times . We have rejected our fake beliefs and moved to a better reality, but no matter how better we are, we still believe the omens and superstitions that control us.

Many societies still highly believe in the mention of superstitions. Keeping people away from doing what they like, some superstitions are still today with the people. It is common not to wash off hair on a certain day, advised not to cut off nails at night and multiple other things that we have to do before doing something big. One of the worst experience that people get from superstitions is when people still prefer superstitions than real facts and logic. It is not a good experience when something bad happens and all the blame goes to a flawed belief that is existing in someone’s mind. Another reason why superstitions should not be believed in is because they take away our power to do something. When something bad happens it is not fair to blame something because it happened, the same thing should not be when something good happened.

Superstitions and Omens are not based on truth, the amount of truth that superstitions portray is too little to believe in by millions and way harmful to be given our complete faith.