Love is like a book full of beautiful and meaningful stories. Sometimes it’s a rollercoaster ride that takes you through all the highs and lows. It is a rare gem that only a few get to achieve. After all, love is everything and anything you shape it to be. We find perfection in imperfections and happiness in little things. However, choosing that special someone to spend your whole life with is not that easy. Read our blog to know about Important Points to Consider While Choosing a Life Partner.

Choosing the right partner for marriage is a big deal. You want something unbreakable to create the foundation of a family. Also, you may keep a lot of expectations from your life partner. Don’t you ask yourself questions like How to choose a life partner? What are the factors to consider in choosing a life partner? But we got it sorted for you as we have listed down some points to consider while choosing a life partner.

Though there are several tips in choosing a life partner to help you find the special someone like – noticing their values, morals, perception, reliability, compatibility with each other, etc. While the list is long, some factors are a dealbreaker in finding the right person to spend your life with, forever.

So, here are the 6 important points to consider while choosing a life partner to let you know if he/she is the one!

Friendship (Important Points to Consider While Choosing a Life Partner)

How can you even think of spending a life with someone if you are not friends with them? Friendship is obviously one of the important points to consider while choosing a life partner. We obviously do not mean that you should marry your friend or something. However, you should be friend to the person you choose and vice-versa.

Most of the cliched Bollywood/Hollywood story depicts friends in love-relationship with different people and falling out of the relationship only to realize that friends are actually in love with each other. It’s not just a reel life idea; this works for real life too. After all, “Pyaar ka pehla kadam dosti hi to hai”. By the way if you remember that movie, tell us in the comment section below. Moreover, it’s in the friendship that you see the true nature of someone. So, who would hide behind a mask when your life partner is your friend and then a lover?

You guys are meant to be “permanent roommates” when you’re the best of friends and then lovers. Trust us!

You both have Strong Values

Everyone sees the world through their lens. However, it is beautiful to find someone who shares the same values and principles as you do. Your values are not just your thoughts, but they are the way you live your life. These values show the overall perception of life. So, whenever you want to know a person, notice how he/she upholds their values. Remember, never run after temporal things as it can cost you your peace of mind. Never compromise with your peace of mind for anyone or anything for that matter.

You know you’ve found the one when you both share core values, you respect each other’s opinions, and are ready to adjust yourself if pointed out (source:Lifehack).

You Feel Comfort/ Sense of Belonging with Them

Do you remember feeling butterflies in your stomach when you saw your better half? You surely did! But here’s the thing about love, you not only feel giddy but also the safest when you’re with them. That’s what real love makes you experience. Their embrace is the safest heaven for your stress and worries.

They will crush down all your insecurities. They will accept you for who you are and never let you doubt yourself, even for a second. Letting you rant about your day will not be a biggie for them. And the best part? They won’t judge you for it! So, chomp on that burger, goof around as much as you want. He/she is your person and probably will join you in your shenanigans.

This quality of your significant other will attest to the fact that they are truly and madly in love with you. Therefore, this is one of the tips for choosing a life partner.

You Trust Them Completely – Points to Consider While Choosing a Life Partner

Trust is the first and foremost foundation of any relationship. Through trust, you build friendships, come out of your comfort zone, and share the deepest secrets. Trust is an assurance stamp for any relationship. Meaning, if you trust someone, you are willing to risk it all for them. No external plotting can move the faith you have for them. You probably trust them more than yourself and would even take a stand for them.

After all, they are one of the most cherished persons in your life. And, they respect that. They are fully aware of the trust you hold, and they will do anything and everything to uphold it. You won’t have to fight for it as it will come naturally to both of you. Also, don’t think of this as a cliched movie scenario. The feeling of mutual trust does exist, rare to find and forever to keep. So, this makes it to the list of important points to consider while choosing a life partner.

If your partner is the one who is on the same page as you, you’ve found your soulmate. So, this is one of the questions to ask yourself, that “Do you trust them, completely?”.

They are Reliable (Important Points to Consider While Choosing a Life Partner)

Your life partner is not only the go-to for ranting, but they also are the problem-solver of your life. You feel comfortable in their presence because you know they will do anything they can to make things okay. And if things do get out of hand, they will protect you. They’re like your safety net; he/she will let you explore everything you want to at the same time guide you. They are not the “I told you so” kind of person; instead, they’re ” It’s okay, let’s fix this” person in your life.

You know they’re the ride or die when they let you rely on them. Therefore, keep in mind this one of the important points to consider while choosing a life partner.

They are Understanding – Points to Consider While Choosing a Life Partner

(Source – Medium)

Your perfect life partner will understand you, even without you needing to explain them. They will respond to your silence, cheerfulness, and your every mood. They won’t force you to try something unreasonable. Also, they won’t let you behave irrationally; they will explain things with patience and love. They understand your needs and wants while keeping in mind the wrong and right aspect of things. You both won’t complain about them not giving you time, rather understand the intricacies of life and give them the required space.

When you both have a high level of understanding, you’ll see the meaning behind their actions and will try putting yourself in their shoes. A relationship of such nature will last forever!

Feelings are not any toys to play with. Therefore, never invest time in artificial relationships or relationships, which make you question your ethics and values. And, never be conscious about society and your personal preferences. Society will always find a way to talk about trivial matters like who you love or choose to spend your life with. Never be ashamed of your choices and stand for what you care about (Source: Medium).

Though the list of Points to Consider While Choosing a Life Partner is long. After all, you are going to spend your whole life with that one person. However, these are the 6 Most Important Points to Consider While Choosing a Life Partner. If you think we missed out a point and there is something you think is an important point to consider while choosing a life partner, then write to us in a comment section below.

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