Jamtara is one of the newest trending TV Shows in the market. Being a Netflix original, it is quite obvious that it has turned quite a lot of heads in a very short time span. However, it’s not just the brand name that influences the audience towards anything.

In today’s time, people are more oriented towards the content as well as acting than the brand name. So, it is safe to say that while the brand name of Netflix acted as a catalyst towards promoting the TV Show, the content is what truly drew in the crowd.

About the Director (Source: Google) Soumendra Padhi is a Director and a writer. He is famous for ‘ Budhia Singh: Born to Run ‘ and ‘ Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega ‘. While the former was in 2016, the latter came in 2020. The former being a movie and the latter being a TV Show.

Both of them gained a lot of attention and the movie got 2 awards, one of which was the “ Best Children’s Film ”. It is quite evident from his work that even though his work isn’t much, there exists a sense of sheer quality.


  1. Amit Sial (Brajesh Bhan)– Amit Sial has enacted the role of a local politician Brajesh Bhan in the series. The character is ruthless and purely money minded. The actor featured in many movies and TV Shows. The three most recent and most popular are ‘InsideEdge, Jamtara and Raid.’
  2. Sparsh Shrivastav (Sunny)– Sparsh Shrivastav has enacted the role of a local kid who is the mastermind behind all phishing acts undergoing in Jamtara. This actor has featured in many TV Shows such as “Balika Vadhu, Fear Files and recently Jamtara.”
  3. Dibyendu Bhattacharya (Inspector Biswa)– Dibyendu Bhattacharya has enacted the role of Inspector Biswa in the police department of Jamtara. He is under the influence of the local politician Brajesh Bhan (Amit Sial). It gives a genuine approximated idea of how lower rank police officers are.
  4. They are by some politicians. While he has a backward role, his role is somewhat pivotal to the existence of spice in this series. He has featured in many movies such as “Section 375, Dev D and Black Friday.”
  5. Aksha Pardasany (Dolly Sahu)– Aksha Pardasany has enacted the role of lead Inspector Dolly Sahu and shows how her young boiling blood aspires to improve the situation of law and order.
  6. At times, she feels as if she’s digressing from the heart of the matter, but she makes up for it and doesn’t let criticism come her way.
  7. Monika Panwar (Gudiya Singh)– Monika Panwar is a newcomer in the industry and has managed to land herself on such a humongous platform like Netflix. Her role is that of a sensible local woman who thinks with her brain and stays calm no matter what. Her acting doesn’t make one feel if she’s a newcomer.

About the Plot of Jamtara | JAMTARA : SABKA NUMBER AYEGA

Jamtara webseries poster (source – bingpost)

Story-line and Review The story-line revolves around the city of Jamtara in Jharkhand. Here Sunny and his friends undertake phishing to fulfill their financial needs. They get their antlers with Brajesh Bhan in a fight for freedom and financial supremacy. For those who do not know what phishing is, in layman terms, it is an act of impersonating any bank official and squeezing out personal bank account details. This is over the phone which is to do any online transaction.

Phishing is a cyber-crime and is a punishable offence under Section 43 of the Information Technology Act, 2000 with a penalty of up to INR 1 Crore. While many shows tend to show good content, they miss out on making it feel real and relatable. But that’s definitely not the case with this show as the sense of authenticity and relatability has been kept intact while maintaining the story-line.

The characters don’t just seem to be playing the part, they tend to live the part and that’s what adds to the relatability and genuinity of the content.

About the Genre and media providers of Jamtara | JAMTARA : SABKA NUMBER AYEGA

The show’s genre is that of Crime and Drama and has been written by Trishant Srivastava (Writer) and Nishank Verma (Writer, Actor). Earlier there was a tradition of those extra-long episodes and loads of seasons. But, nowadays the shows have been limited to just one (1) season or a maximum of two (2) seasons with majority of the episodes lasting for a time span of under thirty (30) minutes which make them all the more desirable for the public to watch as they can now be completed while travelling to and for work.

Now, one doesn’t miss out on the ending of any episode which used to happen earlier and cause unwanted suspense & subsequently disinterest in the series.

It is rightly said that the devil lies in the details and this can be noticed with the creativity in the title. The alphabet ‘r’ in Jamtara has been replaced with an INR symbol which gives us a bit more in-depth insight about the series. Not just this, but the background poster is also an eye-catcher which depicts violence and rivalry.

With the entry of many online media-services providers in the Indian market place such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5 and AltBalaji, directors, writers and actors have been constantly breaking stereotypes. Explicit content is openly shown and abusive languages are no longer beeped out, which improves the purity of any content and brings laughter at times too. The same is with Jamtara.

Some more about the Series | JAMTARA : SABKA NUMBER AYEGA

While the characters stick to the story-line and keep you glued to the seat, there are a few instances where there is somewhat adult yet lighthearted comedy. However, there is one gripe that pinches in this series and it is the uncertain end. The series ends abruptly and in a manner that isn’t expected.

The viewer is left with many schools of thoughts and is confused about the possible happenings in the later stage. Maybe this is one of the tactics to keep any series live in the audience’s mind for a longer period and this even provides a room for the creation of another season.

But, for the time being, with that very uncertain end, the show seems to have lost its charm by the time it has reached the very end.

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