Real India  - Rural India
Real India – Rural India (source – techcrunch)

People with a curiosity to know the real India, just turned their head towards the rural area, called ‘countryside’,
‘villages’ or in the local dialect, ‘gaon’, or ‘Dehat’ where people divide regions but unite ‘Hindustani’. In these areas, animal husbandry or agriculture is the main source of occupation including other sources of livelihood like fishing, cottage industries, pottery, horticulture, etc. Distinct and unique cultures of all religions and communities are present Which perfectly shows ‘Unity in Diversity’.

According to some sources, the rural population is at 65.79% which signifies that
more than half of the population was in the primary sector (on which most of the Indian GDP

There is no central authority in these areas so Panchayat makes all the decision-making done by a group of people. There is a low ratio of inhabitants to open land which produces foodstuffs, fibers, raw materials, etc. Fertility rates and pregnancy is higher among women in rural areas than the urban areas which result in a younger population in villages than cities or towns.

Real India ?

Real India ?
Real India ?

Village life is much more beautiful than you can imagine. Their lifestyle is more different than city life. Gaons have peace, greenery to breathe fresh air. low cost living with fewer distractions and having time to explore what really matters to you is more important than to live in polluted surroundings. Houses are made of bamboo, cow dung cakes, and mud which are
eco-friendly. The beauty of one’s gaon is best described by their way of living and the source of happiness.

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Rural India
Rural India

They are free from breathing and heart diseases due to a lack of pollution. Educational qualities are good in cities but they lack in cultural activities. Some villages don’t even have schools, no supply of water, lack of hygiene facilities. Life in the villages of India differs from region to region but what is similar among them is that they don’t have big dreams of earning more money, a big house, a big job, all they want is to live a simple and happy life.

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