Trading is one of the hottest investments right now. These trades also have holidays and working days. On holidays, the trade will be frozen. Trading cannot be done on those days. For those who are actively investing in trading or looking to start in 2023, this article will be helpful. We have listed the MCX holidays in 2023 in this article. With the list of stock market holidays, you can plan your investments effectively. 

About MCX

MCX stands for Multi Commodity Exchange of India. It is the first commodity derivative exchange in India. It was established in 2003. MCX majorly trades metals and energy-based products. It trades about 40 products. 

About MCX

A person who is interested in investing in MCX will need an account. There are two types of MCX accounts.

  • MCX Demat Account
  • MCX Trading Account

MCX Demat Account

A MCX Demat account will help the stock trader invest in many different commodities. 

MCX Trading Account

With a trading account, one can invest in a wide range of commodities. If you want to open an MCX trading account, you will need to have some margin money in the account. It also helps ensure a seamless transaction. It will also help to get access to detailed reports, which are essential for due diligence.   


Advantages of Investing in MCX

Two main advantages of trading in MCX are

  • Transparency
  • Range of opportunities. 


The volumes, prices and changes are organized and transparent in MCX. This can help the stock trader to make careful decisions. 

Range of Opportunities

In MCX, there are many month-based contracts. This will make the trading process flexible for stock traders. 

How to Open an MCX Account

For opening an MCX account you need to follow the steps given below,

How to open a MCX account
  1. Stockbroker Choosing

The first step to creating an MCX account is to choose a stockbroker. Research the stockbrokers in the market. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Choose a broker who is experienced and treats the customer well. 

  1. Fill in the Application

The stockbroker will give you an application form. Fill it out and submit it with the proofs. 

  1. Verification

Once the form is filled out, there will be a verification process. Most of the brokers do it online. Some do it offline. 

  1. Depositing Margin

Once verification is done and the account is opened, you need to deposit the initial margin money. Then, you can start trading. 

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Stock Market Holidays – MCX Holidays 2023

In general, trading platforms operate from Monday to Friday. Every Sunday and Saturday, the stock markets are closed. In addition, there are some holidays when the stock markets are closed. The holidays list of MCX is mentioned below.

MCX holidays list 2023
S.NoHolidayDateDayMorning Session Evening Session
1Republic Day26-JanThursdayClosedClosed
3Ram Navami30-MarThursdayClosedClosed
4Mahavir Jayanti04-AprTuesdayClosedOpen
5Good Friday07-AprFridayClosedClosed
6Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti14-AprFridayClosedClosed
7Maharashtra Day01-MayMondayClosedOpen
9Independence Day15-AugTuesdayClosedClosed
10Ganesh Chaturthi19-SepTuesdayClosedOpen
11Gandhi Jayanti02-OctMondayClosedClosed
14Gurunanak Jayanti27-NovMondayClosedOpen
  • The timing of the morning session is between 10 AM and 5 PM.
  • The timing of the evening session is between 5:15 PM and 11:30 PM. For Agriculture products, the evening session will end by 9:00 PM.


Trading is one of the more popular investment options. Many people are interested in trading right at the moment. MCX is one of the famous commodity exchange platforms. The full form of MCX is the Multi Exchange Commodity of India. MCX deals with metals and energy-based items. There are two types of MCX accounts. They are the MCX Demat Account and the MCX Trading Account. You can open an account through a stockbroker and start trading. Every Saturday and Sunday, the stock markets are closed. In addition, other festival holidays are also observed. We have listed the list in this article. With the help of this, you can plan your investments. 


  1. What is the stock market?

The stock market is buying and selling shares of companies that are publicly held. 

  1. What is the major difference between Stock and Share?

A share represents part ownership of a company.

Stock represents part ownership in many companies. 

  1. Can I trade during closed hours or days?

It is not recommended to trade when the stock market is closed. 

  1. How many sectors are there in the stock market?

There are a total of 11 sectors in the stock market.

  1. Is trading in MCX good?

It has a total market share of 84% in India. It offers you a wide variety of commodities to invest in. It is a transparent trading system. Hence MCX is preferred the most.