Travelling universally is an undertaking best plan ahead of time and not exactly with regards to booking flights and packing. No doubt appeared at our entry way sans visa or overlooking melatonin. Your red eye flight can discourage our hotly anticipated break or long -awaited escape. However the greater part of our planning is to ensure health, well-being, safety and security, and budgetary necessities. To save us some planning time we have incorporated this worldwide travel agenda for our next travel significant distance venture. Even just a decade ago travelling abroad was a great achievement for many as many of our siblings used to drop us at an airport or in other words we can say it was not everyone’s cup of tea. But now it has become child’s play.

World Tour?
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In spite of planning things carefully, a lot of things can go wrong during a trip. So, to avoid things going wrong at the end time one must take care of following things while travelling abroad-

  • GET A PASSPORT– We must check our passports if we already have one passport we must check it’s expiration date.  As most of the countries don’t let us in if the expiration date is less than 6 months away. Everyone needs a passport even an infant.
  • GET OUR VISAS– All countries do not offer visas on arrival. It depend on our nationality and each country has different arrangements and requirements can change. Waiting for visa can take a month or even more so we must submit our visa application early and ensure that it is valid for our entire stay.
  • CHECK ALL OUR MEDICATIONS– It depends on where we are going we may need     to get special vaccines or medications as a precaution against different kinds of diseases. We must carry a copy or a print of prescription for security.
  • CHECK WITH OUR INSURANCE CARRIER- Ask our medical and homeowner’s insurance providers whether our insurance policy applies overseas for emergencies or our medical policy may offer emergency flights or our homeowner policy may cover loss or theft during travel.
  • ENSURE THAT YOUR CREDIT CARD WORKS AND ITS ADDITIONAL BENEFITS IN THE COUNTRY WE ARE GOING- Some credit cards cover cancelled flights and lost bags if we have purchased our ticket using that. As most of the banks have switched to chip and PIN technology and they do not accept outdated magnetic strip cards.
  • REGISTER WITH THE EMBASSY- in case there is any unforeseen problem in our country this will help our government know where we are and get us to safety.


  • KEEP COPIES OF OUR DOCUMENTS- We must keep at least one copy of our documents somewhere safe and separate so that in case if we our documents misplace we have them in order to avoid confusion.
  • ACTIVATE OUR PHONE’S GLOBAL CAPABILITIES- There is usually a charge for doing this but it is much less than the roaming charges. There are various alternatives to do this like purchase and use a local SIM card and use what’s app for text and calls.
  • CURRENCY- We must find out the currency of the country we are visiting and the exchange the rate as well.
  • KNOW THE CULTURE- We must read a bit on the culture of the country we are visiting.
  • HOME SECURITY- We must ask a friendly neighbor to keep an eye when we are going in order to avoid robbery.

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Following these well-established practices and being aware of what to look out while travelling abroad are the skills that grow with experience. Stay aware keep safety first and enjoy travels.

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