Hello Web series lovers. This year, like the previous, was a Covid 19 disaster for us, but thankfully we had the Technology to keep us together and even entertained. Movies and Web series have become one of the primary sources of entertainment. They keep us engaged during hard times. Technology not only did bring us closer to people but provided us with quality content. 

The 2020 movies on OTT witnessed some exceptional movie work by promising performers and directors. Similar was the case with the 2020 web series on OTT. So, we hope everyone is looking forward to the exciting foreign and Indian web series releases in 2021 on OTT platforms

Many entertainment players have come forward in the OTT market. That has shown a significant increase in the release of Web series or specifically Indian web series. So, it is going to be tough to pick out the best from the lot. 

But before we start, let us mention some best Web series and movies of 2020.

Some of the best web series on OTT in 2020: 

  • SCAM 1992 (SONYLIV)

Some of the best 2020 movies on OTT:

  • LUDO
  • MULAN 

And the list goes on. Now that you have the flashback of the best 2020 movies on OTT and the best 2020 web series on OTT, we continue with our tradition of informing you about the best Web series and Movies of 2021 on the OTT platforms.


Disney+ Hotstar Premium | English

January 2021 | Mini-Series

Ever wondered what happens when two superpowerful heroes start living in the reality that no one thought was possible? Marvel’s WandaVision goes off track with the story-telling of their Marvel universe, and we love it! It is a miniseries with tonnes of twists, major hints, and an outstanding finale. This fan-favorite miniseries has many favorite characters like Jimmy Woo, Agatha Harkness AKA Agnes, Darcy Lewis, Monica Rambeau AKA Geraldine. 

But honestly, Who would’ve thought that the trailer of WandaVision will make so much sense now. Now we wonder how Marvel will top this series. You need to definitely watch the show to understand how Wanda creates an alternate reality and, in the end, is saved by her one true love— Vision. 

You can enjoy this show on Disney+ Hotstar Premium and fall in love with this miniseries. Let’s hope that Marvel serves eager fans with another season soon!

Headspace Guide to Meditation

Netflix | English

January 2021 | Special Interest

If you have struggled with stress, anxiety, or mental distress at one point, this show is for you. This Web series is a self-help guide that teaches you about meditation and its benefits. Some may find meditation hard, but we assure you that the comforting narration of Andy Puddicombe (Former Buddhist monk and Headspace co-founder) will let you understand and practice the art of meditation successfully. 

Get ready for a life-changing experience with Headspace, streaming on Netflix. 

We Are: The Brooklyn Saints


Social & Cultural Documentaries | Motivational 

We need motivational Webseries to keep us believing in better days, even during Covid 19. If you are looking for one of the Best web series for motivation, watch We Are: The Brooklyn Saints. It is a documentary series about a selfless coach creating a flourishing environment for young football players. And how the team comes out of hardships. 

Believe us- this documentary teaches you valuable lessons about life and not just a thing or two about sports. 

You can witness the journey of positivity, love, and kindness through this Netflix webseries.

Dickinson Season 2

Apple TV+

Who wouldn’t love a Web series based on the life of one of the most influential poets of all time? Dickinson is a comedy-drama take on the life of Emily Dickinson. Although the drama draws a lot from Emily’s life, it has its fill of fiction. Known as a homebody, Emily lived most of her life as an extreme introvert, but her voice echoed through her poetry. Season 1 of this webseries dealt with Emily’s father opposing women writing. Now, season 2 will let Emily encounter fame! 

To be or not to be, find out how Emily(played by Hailee Steinfeld) confronts her reality by streaming Dickinson Season 2 on Apple TV+.

Ginny & Georgia


Comedy-Drama | 24th February 2021

This one had a lot of appreciation and criticism around it. Like it or not, Ginny & Georgia is one of the Best web series among the pop-culture youth. Georgia is the uber-cool mom, whereas Ginny is a teenage girl deprived of regular school life. Both try working on their relationships and discover dark secrets. 

How will their lives turn out? Will they stay or shift again to a new place? 

To know the answers, watch Ginny & Georgia on Netflix ASAP!

The Married Woman

Alt Balaji & Zee5

Indian Web Series

Movies and series play a crucial role in breaking the social norms and bringing in a new outlook. Therefore, we have to credit this Indian web series for bringing in more LGBTQ content in front of the audience. A married woman has been the talk of the town because of the incredible portrayal of Astha(Ridhi Dogra) and Peeplika(Monica Dogra). Astha and Peeplika have struggles of their own, but what will happen when they cross each other’s paths? 

As rightly said— you do not find love, you let love in, and rest becomes history! To know how Astha and Peeplika found love in troubled times, watch A Married Woman now! Let us see some of the more thriller web series in the blog.

Love Alarm(Season 2)

Korean Drama | Netflix

Technology progressed so far that now it decides who our soulmates are! Yes, you heard it right; it is the core plot of one of the Best web series on Netflix. Finally, someone is doing extra homework for creating excellent work from Asian comics(Webtoons/Manga), unlike *cough* Hollywood *cough*. It is the second season of Love Alarm, which we finally see after two long years (blame Covid 19). 

Jojo is willing to let her guard down and face love, all because of Hye Yeong, but the shield Technology won’t lift off easily. Now, Jojo wants to look for the creator of Love Alarm to let her app confirm what she’s been feeling in her heart. Will she succeed, or Hwang Sun Oh win her back? To know it all, watch The Love Alarm now!

The Serpent | Thriller Web Series | Indian Web Series

BBC One and Netflix | Crime Drama

Your crime drama dose gets fulfilled with this Webseries. “The Bikini Killer,” “The Splitting Killer,” and “The Serpent” are some of the titles that describe the infamous Charles Sobhraj. The title —”The Serpent”—fittingly describes the cunning nature and killing instincts of Charles.

You have to watch this Webseries to know how Charles— the charmer— wears the mask of a conman and murders foreign tourists in South Asia. We can say it is one of the best thriller web series. 

The Way of the House Husband

Anime | Netflix

8th April

We are thankful that Netflix offers a diverse range of Webseries to suit the palate of different people. The anime lovers only had Crunchy Roll as an option, which is seemingly high-priced. So, you can rely on Netflix for a limited but tasteful anime collection. 

Tatsu struck fear in the hearts of delinquents Yakuza (underworld society) in Japan. Not anymore. Now he has left the roads of violence to become a full-time househusband. The former “The Immortal Dragon” now struggles with keeping the household together and battles for fair deals in the supermarket. 

You better watch this feel-good show to see funny yakuza run-ins and Tatsu’s new role! 

Shadow and Bone | Best Web Series

Netflix | Fantasy

Shadow and Bone is an engaging fiction drama that hits the nail on the right spot! 

From character relatability to flawless world-building, from emotive music score to spectacular CGI Technology, this series is a perfect recipe for a fantasy drama. It is one of the Best web series trending on No.1 globally as of now. 

Alina has the newfound powers of a Witch that have the potential to bring the world together. She must come to terms with the changes and find out the reality of the world full of wizards, pirates, and thieves.

You must add this series as a must-watch, especially during the Covid 19 lockdown, to get a breather from reality.

Yasuke | Webseries

Netflix | Anime

This work is coming from Mappa that has delivered outstanding animation projects like- The God of High School, Attack on Titan, Jujutsu no Kaisen, and so on. Yasuke tells a journey of perseverance and faith. It tells the narrative of an African-American guy who rises to become the first African Ronin (samurai warrior).

Even though the anime received mixed reviews from fans, we think that the anime deserves a chance to be seen from a free point of view. 

The series is available on Netflix. So, go and watch the tale from history with added elements of fantasy.

TVF Aspirants

Mini- Indian web series | Hindi | YouTube


TVF has a strong fan-following among the youth for its satirical content and heartwarming stories. From capturing student life to depicting the struggles of a middle-class person, TVF has come a long way. We hope you remember TVF Qutiyapa days when they primarily focused on parodies.  

“TVF Aspirants” is a story of ambitious people trying to crack the most reputed exam- UPSC. A lot of people keep on failing but get up again to give their all. After all, the “Aspirants” ka cycle is just Pre… Mains… Aur Life. Seeing through the reflections and trying to pass the hard times will make things easy? Ye UPSC hai Mazak nahi mere Dost. 

This mini Web series is available on Youtube FOR FREE. Mauka hai, samjho aur dekho! We can’t say this to be a thriller web series but yes it definitely fascinated the audience.

TVF Kota Factory

Hindi | Netflix 

May or June

Can TVF be any better? At this point, we think the only OTT platform that can top masterpieces from TVF is TVF itself. Kota is a well-known city where all the IIT and Medical aspirants rush to win at life. This mini Indian web series gives you a glimpse of the competitive life. “Kota mahaul deta hai, sare students hain to competition hai”…” focus hai to selection ho Jana chaiye.” And for the ones lagging, we have Jeetu Bhaiyya to get you ready for the competition. This is another best web series but not a thriller web series.

Season 2 got listed by Netflix in its Webseries slot for 2021! So, get ready to see the season anytime soon, in May or June.

Kota Factory

The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness | Thriller Web Series

Netflix | English

Docu-Series | May 

Netflix already made a big name for releasing the best 2020 web series on OTT that focused on Docu-series. There is always something intriguing about docu crime-series as you see the facts and findings and see all the visible shreds of evidence. The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness turns out to be an informative take on the ill-famed killings. 

Everyone believes the man behind the killings was David Berkowitz, but Terry’s obsessive investigation opens new doors.

What if he committed the murders along with his underlings, or was there a cult involved? Watch the Docu Webseries and decide for yourself.

Murder Meri Jaan | Thriller Web Series | Indian Web Series

Thriller | Disney+ Hotstar Quix


Two polar opposite professions cuffed under a relationship; how will it end? The story of this Indian web series revolves around Aditya and Sonal and their unusual relationship. 

Our leading guy is the Tez Tarrar Police officer, while his lady love is a con artist. Aditya suddenly marries and Sonal, who is seemingly a good catch. And Sonal starts assisting Aditya in solving crimes. 

Will the sham marriage last, or will Aditya uncover Sonal’s reality? To know more about the crazy duo, start streaming Murder Meri Jaan now! We can call this to be an exciting thriller web series.

Love Death + Robots Volume 2

Animation | Netflix 

Science Fiction | May

Everyone became a fan of this series when it first premiered in 2019. Love, Death + Robots is not like your regular Webseries. It is a collection of short animated stories that last for like 6-10 minutes and leave you baffled in the end.

From imagining a world ruled by cats to thinking of different approaches to historical events, there’s nothing that this webseries cannot deliver. 

Watch this collection of Webseries if you’re game for Comedy, Horror, Thriller, and Fantasy genre, all in one. So, what are you waiting for? Get binging!

The Family Man 2 | Thriller Web Series

Indian web series | Action | Amazon Prime Videos


We know everyone’s been patient for the release of Family Man 2, but hey, Sabar ka Fal Meetha Hota Hai! After handling legal disputes relating to other Indian web series, Amazon finally gave a green signal to Family Man 2. 

Speculations are that some scenes of the Webseries were reshot to remove some sequences that may become sensitive for some viewers. But worry not, we still will get to know the whereabouts of Srikant Tiwari and how he tackles the new threat. The best in the house of thriller web series is Family Man.

Concluding Note

From compiling the 2020 best web series on OTT to curating the list of 2020 movies on OTT, we have come a long way with our readers. All we want is for you to enjoy only the Best web series and ease your tension. 

Thriller Web Series
Thriller Web Series

Keep on reading more blogs from us to be updated on all the upcoming series and movies. 

We solemnly swear to deliver you the collection of the best stuff. Always! Comment if you think we missed out on the best 2020 movies on OTT or the best Web series of 2021. And till then, enjoy reading!


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