This May get ready to binge-watch some amazing versatile web series on OTT platforms. This year has been proved to be a really tough time for many of us. But let’s see this year as a time for nature to heal and for us to explore some incredible web series. May it be Prateek Gandhi’s new web series Vithal Teedi or the much-awaited animation series Star Wars: The Bad Batch? These names of the web series will fill out all the spaces of your web series to watch list. 

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Web Series Releasing in May 2021 on OTT


May 3, Hoichoi

Genre- Drama |Mystery | Romance


Mouchaak releasing on Hoichoi is a Bengali web series about a lady who is in the search of a Love-based happy life to escape her loneliness. In the story, few people and situations leave such an impact on her life that it gives birth to the uncertainty of her dreams getting fulfilled. The web series was released on Hoichoi on May 3rd. This Hoichoi web series is on the list of web series releasing in May 2021 on OTT.

Selena: The Series Part 2

May 4, Netflix

Creator- Moisés Zamora

Genre- Biographical, Musical Drama

With its season 2 released on May 4th, the makers of Selena: the series are making it possible to relive the era of Selena Quintanilla, a Musical Icon from Texan and “The queen of Tejano music” for contemporary fans. The first season established the journey of Selena Quintanilla till 1990 where she is on top of receiving the fan’s love.

The second part has Continued from her debut in the English language Album and will end with her tragic death. This part has also covered the Major life turning points in Selena’s life. Starring Christian Serration in the lead role. The show will surely turn you into the bigger fan of Selena Quintanilla whose biography will let you be inspired by her inspirational journey.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

May 4, Disney + Hotstar


Director – Brad Rau

Genre- Action, Adventure

The most awaited series after its introduction in the last season of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ last year.

This animated series first premiered on Disney plus on May 4th. This series cannot be Underestimated as some random series. But it is a continuation of the most beloved Star Wars: The Clone Wars and we can just not expect anything less than a bunch of mesmerizing Adventures and the journey of the batch no one can stop. This film is on the list of the Web series releasing in May 2021 on OTT.

The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness

May 5, Netflix

Genre- True Crime Documentary


Based on the famed serial killer Son of Sam, Netflix is presenting its new documentary series on David Benkorvitz, also known as The Sons of Sam.

The serial killer is known to have killed six people and attacked seven others. Currently, he has been sentenced to six consecutive life prison sentences.

Hai Taubba

May 6, Alt Balaji

Director – Ekta Kapoor

Genre- Drama

Hai Taubba is an erotic web series consisting of four different stories. This web series is produced by ALT Balaji and starring some great Bengali actors like Gagan Annand, Bhakti Maniyar, Simran, Saheb Bhattacharjee, Rohan Ghos, Akshay, Sachin Khurana, and Megha Mathur. The story revolves around love, lust, betrayal, and breaking social taboos. This web series will be available on Alt Balaji from 6th may joining the list of web series releasing in May 2021 on OTT.

Ramyug | Web Series Releasing in May 2021 on OTT

May 6, MX Player

Directed by Kunal Kohli

Genre- Mythological Drama

This series is based on the life of Lord Rama and his teaching where we find that positivity and happiness always prevail. During this tough time of Corona, This series can be a boost to our weakened hopes. Directed By Kunal Kohli, this series will be a good combination of great VFX editing and in-depth writing. The series is releasing on May 6 in MX Player and is on the list of the web series releasing in May 2021 on OTT.

Chattis Aur Maina

May 7, Disney+ Hotstar Quix

Directed by Sharda Pasi Jairath

Genre- Romance

Vikram Singh Chauhan is paired with Sandeepa Dhar in this upcoming romantic web series. This web series releasing in May 2021 on OTT will capture the romantic journey of Chattis Played by Vikram Singh Chauhan and Maina played by Sandeepa Dhar which is directed by Sharda Pasi Jairath. To witness this interesting journey of these love birds who belong to two very different branches. Stay tuned to Disney + Hotstar Quix.

Mukesh Jasoos

May 7, Disney + Hotstar Quix

Directed by Heena Dsouza

Genre- Crime, Comedy, Thriller

Mukesh Jasoos is a web series releasing in May 2021 on OTT about the story of Mukesh Jha played by Rahul Bagga who is a fraud lawyer and later decides to become a detective. As he becomes the detective, he gets himself caught in such cases which makes his life more miserable. This upcoming show is a combination of comedy, thriller, and crime.

 Other than Mukesh Bagga, Poonam Dhillon and Paritosh Tripathi are also the cast of the series. The series will have 10 minutes long episodes and will be available on Disney + Hotstar Quix from 7th May.

Murder Meri Jaan!

May 7, Disney+ Hotstar Quix

Genre – Thriller


Murder Meri Jaan is web series revolving around an intelligent cop ACP Aditya and A runaway con bride Sonal Arora. The web series plot takes a turn when Sonal Arora played by Barkha Singh gets stuck in a fake marriage with the ACP played by Tanuj Virwani. The more fun part of the series is that both the characters can never go well with each other because of the differences they have. And their every conversation adds a fun element to the series. The 10 minutes long episodes of the series will be available on Disney + Hotstar Quix from May 7.

Hamara Bar Happy Hour

May 7, Disney + Hotstar Quix

Directed by Hunar

Genre- Comedy-Drama

This is a web series about a group of a friend struggling to run their bar business. The show turns into comical chaos when a bunch of Unsuccessful actors, self-centered, and clueless business people attempt to grow their business. This series stars Shantanu Anam, Pranay Manchanda, Manik Papneja, and Kriti Vij in the lead roles. This comical series is on the list of web series releasing in May 2021 on OTT.

Teen Do Paanch | Web Series Releasing in May 2021 on OTT

May 7, Disney + Hotstar Quix


Genre- Drama


After several unsuccessful attempts, a young couple Vishal and Priyanka decides to become parents of an orphan from an orphanage. Impressed by three siblings, instead of adopting one child, they end up adopting all three of them. Challenges parents face with a child became three times for them. The story from being hilarious takes a turn into an emotional rollercoaster where the young couple finds out that they are pregnant with twins. Starring Shreyas Talpade and Bidita Bag this story will release on Disney + Hotstar Quix on 7th May. This series is on the list of the web series releasing in May 2021 on OTT.

Bamini and Boys

May 7, Disney + Hotstar Quix

Genre- Romantic Drama


After falling for one woman, three boys start living on rent in a flat that is out of their budget. Their hilarious attempts and competition with each other to win over the girl’s heart will give rib-tickling moments to the audience. This web series will have Vidya Malvade, Akashdeep Arora, Rishabh Chaddha, and Anuj Pandit as their main lead.


May 7, Hoichoi

Directed by Abhijit Chowdhury

Genre- Musical- Drama

Subharambha is a Bengali web-series releasing in Hoichoi on May 7. It is based on the story of a girl who understands music as her only language, but will that be enough when her heart is searching for something more?

This musical-based drama is produced by Storiboat Production and is directed by Abhijit Chowdhury. This Hoichoi web series is on the list of the web series releasing on May 2021 on OTT.

Vitthal Teedi | Web Series Releasing in May 2021 on OTT

May 7, OHO Gujarati

Directed by Abhishek Jain

Genre- Drama

Prateek Gandhi is back with his new web series Vitthal Teedi. His Role in Scam 1992 was proof of his great acting skills. The new role of Prateek Gandhi in this Gujarati project is based on a man with the unique skill of playing cards. His skill in playing cards made him invincible to others. Later in the series, his skills take him from humble family background to big city life, and he enters the big world of gambling. The major twist of the plot is his destiny may not stay on his side forever. This gambling-based drama is on the list of the web series releasing in May 2021 on OTT.

The Upshaws | Web Series Releasing in May 2021 on OTT

May 12, Netflix

Created by Regina y hicks, Wanda sykes, and Kim Fields

Genre- Comedy

A family comedy-drama establishing a black family wanting to live a better life dealing with their daily struggles. This show is truly a gem to watch with Family and relate. The new Netflix original is about to make you laugh hard at the mess created by Family members, Beanie played by Mike Epps, Regina played by Kim Fields, and Lucretia (the adults of the family) every time they meet each other.

Beanie, being the head of the family living in Indiana desires to deliver a better life to his family members. But while trying to achieve that he should know how to deal with his sarcastic sister-in-law Lucretia played by Comedian Wanda sykes.

This show Indicates how as families we navigate life i.e, without any blueprint of success. 

Castlevania Season 4

May 13, Netflix

Directed by Spencer Wan

Genre- Animation, Horror, Adventure

 After a long wait, Netflix has finally announced that they will soon release the latest season of Castlevania Season 4. This season is also special as it will be a wrap-up to the show as this has been confirmed to be the final season. Based on the game of the same name, this show has become one of the favorite Netflix originals for the audience. However, the fan has to tolerate the long gaps in between the release of the seasons. 

These seasons have never disappointed its true fans. Or we can say they are well worth the wait.

The Underground Railroad

May 14, Amazon Prime

Directed by Barry Jenkins

Genre- Historical Fiction Drama

One of the most exciting releases in the list of web series releasing in May 2021. The Underground Railroad pitches about America’s difficult past and the struggles of blacks.

Discussing the formation of the Secret railroad to show Blacks the route to freedom. Saving them from slavery. The series features a girl Who desperately escapes slavery and makes a life of freedom for herself after passing through various hard times, she thought she could never live through. Thuso Mbedo, South African Actress is starring in the lead role ‘Cora’ in the series. As Barry Jenkins, the academy award winner has directed the series. The binge-watchers may have an amazing time watching it.

Love, Death + Robots Volume 2

May 14, Netflix

Genre- Science- Fiction


The new animated shorts of ‘Love, Death + Robots Volume 2’ will release on May 14 on Netflix. An anthology around science and fiction includes short episodes ranging from 6 to 17 minutes. The theme is love, death, and robots. The series highlights the brilliant work of Animation artists from across the world. The trailer has given us glimpses of the possible theme of the stories that include survival, economic privilege, and exploring the unexplored. 

Move to Heaven | Web Series Releasing in May 2021 on OTT

May 14, Netflix

Directed by Yoon Ji-Ryeon

Genre- Drama

A young man suffering from Asperger syndrome works in his father’s business ‘Move to Heaven’ of collecting the stuff left behind by the deceased after their deaths. Later, his father dies and leaves Gu-ru’s responsibility in the hands of his ex-con uncle. They both start working as business partners to deliver the untold stories of the dead people to their loved ones by delivering the stuff they left behind. This Netflix series is on the list of web series releasing in May on OTT as it is releasing on 14th May.

Alma Matters: Inside The IIT dream

May 14, Netflix

Directed by Pratik Patra

Genre- Docuseries
Hindi/ English

To become an IITian is a dream for many but what it actually is to be an IITian can only be explained by the real IITians. And what we can assume from the trailer is that ‘ life is never set’ not even there. The Docuseries is directed by Pratik Patra unveiling the ugly side of the prestigious institutions of Engineering. Produced by Dopamine Media & entertainment private Ltd. This show is all about the challenges like extreme competitiveness, discrimination and to continue the motivated identity person carries when enter. That is existing so strongly that every student has to face them. This docu-series is in the list of the web series releasing in May 2021 on OTT.

Haunted Season 3

May 14, Netflix

Haunted Season 3 | Web Series Releasing in May 2021 on OTT
Haunted Season 3 | Web Series Releasing in May 2021 on OTT

Directed by Jane Pavlacky

Genre- Horror

Season 3 of Haunted will be available on Netflix from May 14, 2021. If you are not familiar with the show, the show is based on real people sharing their horrifying experiences with their family members attached with re-enactments. This season is expected to be more freaky than the previous 2 and that you can also assume by watching its trailer. If you love listening to people’s experiences this show is definitely for you. But be careful as their experiences have spooky spirits in them. So stay tuned!

Who Killed Sara?: Season 2

May 19, Netflix

Directed by David Ruiz Bernardo De La Rosa

Genre-Thriller Mystery

When it comes to intriguing and conceptual thriller shows, Netflix always has the upper hand. 

A Mexican crime series ‘Who killed Sara?’ Was released by the streaming service a month ago.

The fans were engrossed and well entertained with this murder mystery saga. 

In no time, the show was praised by a huge mass of people and became the talk of the entertainment world. The reviews were very positive. 

And once again, fans are in for a real treat as Netflix shared a magnificent first look of ‘Who Killed Sara’ Season 2. This is definitely part of our list of web series releasing in May 2021 on OTT.


May 28, Amazon Prime Video

Directed by Leigh Janiak

Genre- Adventure, Drama, Thriller

One-hour drama series which is created and written by Lauren Oliver is Releasing amazon prime. The story is based on the best-selling novel by Lauren Oliver which is about a small town in Texas. During the Summers, the graduating students are made to go through various obstacles. This is believed to be a golden chance to achieve a lot of things. But this time, the level of obstacles has upgraded and so the difficulty for students. This time the student will have to face their biggest fear in order to win the prize money bigger than ever. The movie will let us Discover the adventure of the students and how far they are ready to go to win.

Panic is on the list of web series releasing in May 2021 on OTT.

Solos | Web Series Releasing in May 2021 on OTT

May 28, Amazon Prime Video

Directed by David Viel

Genre- Anthology Science Fiction, Drama

The upcoming series stars Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, 

Helen Mirren, Uzo Aduba, Anthony Mackie, Constance Wu, Dan Stevens, and Nicole Beharie. The series consists of seven episodes delivering the story of the people played by the above-mentioned actors. With such an ensemble cast, this series is definitely on our compilation of web series releasing in May 2021 on OTT platforms.


Last week of May, Sony Liv

Directed by Karan Sharma

Genre- Political drama

The story goes around The wife of Bihar’s former CM Lalu prasad. This story unveils her journey as to how illiteracy does not stop her from handling the state as a chief minister. This web series is starring Huma Qureshi in the lead role. The web series directed by Karan Sharma is expected to Be released on Sonyliv by the last week of May but the official date has not been announced yet.

The Family Man Season 2

In May 2021, Amazon Prime Video

Directed by Raj and D.K

Genre- Action, Comedy, Drama

Much to the delight of the fans, recently Manoj gave audiences a pleasant surprise by letting out a crucial hint about the show.

The versatile and talented Manoj Bajpayee on an auspicious occasion that is his birthday, gave the fans a pleasant surprise by letting out an important hint about the series The Family Man. This news urged a sense of excitement among the audience.

One of the most awaited shows of the year is the Family Man season 2 which is directed by Raj and DK. 

The show was going to hit the digital platforms, but due to several disputes between shows like Tandav and Mirzapur in Amazon Prime, the date of release was postponed. 

The latest news that came out was that the show has got a green signal and will be telecasted on the OTT platforms soon. Though there has been no official statement about the release, the words of Manoj Bajpayee hinted in a positive direction, confirming the buzz.

So those were our compilation of the web series releasing in May 2021 on OTT platforms. We have summarized all the series along with their release dates and OTT platforms in the following section.


Web Series Release DateOTT Platform
MouchaakMay 3Hoichoi
Selena: The Series Part 2May 4Netflix
Star Wars: The Bad BatchMay 4Disney+ Hotstar
The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into DarknessMay 5Netflix
Hai TaubbaMay 6Alt Balaji
RamyugMay 6MX Player
Chattis Aur MainaMay 7Disney+ Hotstar Quix
Mukesh JasoosMay 7Disney+ Hotstar Quix
Murder Meri Jaan!May 7Disney+ Hotstar Quix
Hamara Bar Happy HourMay 7Disney+ Hotstar Quix
Teen Do PaanchMay 7Disney+ Hotstar Quix
Bamini and BoysMay 7Disney+ Hotstar Quix
SubharambhaMay 7Hoichoi
Vitthal TeediMay 7OHO Gujarati
The UpshawsMay 12Netflix
Castlevania Season 4May 13Netflix
The Underground RailroadMay 14Amazon Prime Video
Love, Death + Robots Volume 2May 14Netflix
Move to HeavenMay 14Netflix
Alma Matters: Inside The IIT DreamMay 14Netflix
Haunted Season 3May 14Netflix
Who Killed Sara?: Season 2May 19Netflix
PanicMay 28Amazon Prime Video
SolosMay 28Amazon Prime Video
MaharaniLast week of MaySony Liv
The Family Man Season 2In MayAmazon Prime Video

Don’t forget to mark the dates of these upcoming web series releasing on various platforms. We can say that some of the great web series are going to be released this month. To relax you and take you on a different world adventure. The OTT platforms are fully prepared with the list of some most awaited web series. So, here is the list of the web series releasing in May 2021 on OTT. We hope you enjoyed the blog. Keep on reading our other blogs!