Are you still in a dilemma to increase your brand reach? Or are you tired of distributing advertisement pamphlets on roadsides? Creating a brand presence is very important for your venture to succeed. To aid this, the social media which we used for interaction has become a prominent medium. What is Social media marketing and how it has popularized these days to create importance about the products, brands, and companies. The importance of social media marketing lies in various aspects of marketing and brand awareness. 

Applying social media marketing strategy has become very crucial to grow promotions for the ventures. With users belonging from different parts of the world, the importance of social media marketing for startups is a boon. There are various SMM examples to start as beginners. All these SMM strategies are classified as types of social media marketing. Before we dive into the complexities of social media marketing, let’s begin with the basics. 

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What Is Social Media Marketing?

What Is Social Media Marketing ?
What Is Social Media Marketing?

In a lucid sense, social media marketing is the utilization of social media platforms and websites to promote. The promotion is related to a product or service by a startup, company, or organization. There is a type of SMM strategy behind every post or advertisement you see on social media platforms. 

Social media marketing is distinguished from digital marketing. In the sense that, all types of social media marketing use only social media platforms or websites to achieve brand success. A social media marketing strategy brings in data for potential customers and what the current customer base is. It also governs the management of campaigns, e-posters, and other strategies to increase growth and customer reach. 

Today companies and ventures are hiring for the successful application of social media marketing. This has given rise to an increase in SMM courses. Social media marketing courses have given a bunch of fresh employment opportunities. The basic SMM course includes:

  • Social Media and Brand
  • Marketing Communication Concepts
  • Social Media Content Strategy
  • Creation of Content for Different Social Platforms
  • Creating Content for Social Audience Engagement

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The importance of social media marketing also lies in its advantages. Social media platforms have built analytics tools. This helps in an easy understanding of three essential and anticipated results from SMM. These inbuilt tools help in tracking progress, engagement, and success of the ad posts or campaigns. Apart from this, using social media platforms is easy to use and provides an optimistic approach to brands in less time. 

The importance of social media marketing for startups has grown too. To withstand a competing market world, startups can easily gain a target audience through SMM. Social media marketing cuts down the marketing cause for startups. It builds the requisite brand image and also improves the SEO organically. It simplifies for the startups to understand the target market. It builds their venture’s name and brings in a loyal customer base. 

6 Types Of Social Media Marketing

6 Types Of Social Media Marketing
6 Types Of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be classified into various types too. There are different patterns and strategies included in types of SMM. In a basic sense, 6 types of social media marketing have evolved. The main goal of all these types of social media marketing is to let the brand achieve a name. 

Choosing amongst these 6 types of social media marketing is crucial for your brand’s product or service. So, knowing these types of social media marketing is also the first step to do. Below are the 6 types of social media marketing in detail.

Marketing Through Social Networks

Marketing through social network sites can be a great way to catch the desired target audience. Social network sites are sites that allow people of the same or similar backgrounds and interests to accumulate. This becomes easier for a particular venture to disseminate its ads or campaigns to a particular target audience. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the top 3 social networking sites. However, new social media platforms like Peanut, Upstream, Flip, and others are also some growing social networks. 

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Social News Marketing

Social media marketing also includes social news marketing as a type. With social news sites, the links can be posted to external sites. The users can express their likes or dislikes by clicking up or down. This ultimately decides the overall effect of the links on the users. The links that get the highest number of votes are likely to be displayed more prominently. Social media marketing examples through this pattern can be found on Reddit. It has links, posts, and text images posted under the board “subreddits”. These are essential about the ventures or related to the ventures. Receiving more votes leads to more visibility amongst users. 

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Media Sharing

Media Sharing
Media Sharing

Media sharing is another type of social media marketing. Through this, various media such as videos, images, reels, documentaries, interviews are shared. All these media are based on the promotion of the product, service, and venture indirectly and creatively. A SMM example for this includes the use of Youtube. On Youtube, the ventures can easily promote their products, services, and themselves. All they have to do is create a channel and upload various media to be viewed. 

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Bookmarking Sites

Bookmarking sites are sorting out links, posts, and other media from enormous sites on the internet. It resembles selection based on preferences. Once the links are selected, users can tag or categorize them. This will become easier for them to share it with followers or groups of the same preferences. Social media marketing examples of this type are Pinterest, Dribble, Dudepins. On these platforms, you can bookmark the ads, posts, images you like. From the marketer’s perspective, you can add the links, posts, images by tagging them in categories. This will display your venture when the users search the same or related category. 

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In this type of social media marketing, entries can be done with short descriptions, links, and service sites. Microblogging is a very efficient way to generate audience attention towards the product or service. It is a better way as it provides description and access to the product or service. Microblogging platforms develop as news feeds for users to know about the plethora of additions in the market and other fields.

A social media marketing example for this type is Twitter. It allows you to present your product or service with links and short descriptions about it. It also familiarizes new ventures to comprehend their competitors. Most of the ventures have adapted to microblogging platforms to reach more audiences with their products or services. 

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Community Blogs

What do you do when things cannot assemble with individual strength? Brands that are still in their initial phase would face issues. It would be a challenge to bring in the audience’s attention. But, all you would require is a community blog. This is amongst types of SMM and is very efficient. Community blogs are curated by a community of writers who strive to provide ideal content. They understand your goals and expectations with the product or service. Based on it, they create content and promotional articles which will generate audience engagement for you. Platforms like WordPress, Weebly, Medium offer you space to create content and bring in the right attention for your brand. 

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These are the 6 types of social media marketing. Choosing one for your venture will elevate the audience response. In addition, it will familiarize you with what could be done to elevate the brand presence in the future. SMM works in your favor as it reaches mass with your goals, globally. 

Parting Words

Social media marketing is being popularized these days for its easy application. As you go through the social media marketing examples, you can choose what is best for you. It allows you to test the best SMM strategy. It avoids less risk as it can be modified by understanding what is going wrong. 

The importance of social media marketing keeps increasing. It offers a reliable customer base and contributes to developing brand image. With so many users across the world, SMM is touching new horizons. It has become a platform for marketing, business, and many others. 

Social media marketing has also created job opportunities for the future generation. The hiring of social media users is mainly to develop the right social media content for the organizations. This will escalate their sales and customer growth for the products and services. It also establishes a unique ‘tone’ and ‘culture’ about the ventures. 

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Social media marketing has worked wonders for startups. The importance of social media marketing for startups is swelling high. It gives them a perfect, initial base to launch themselves to users globally. It helps them to improvise and set a firm foot in marketing themselves. 

There are 6 types of social media marketing. These 6 types bring in diverse manners for social media marketing. You can promote yourselves through various social media platforms. These varied social media platforms provide you space for posting links, images, text images, posters, and many more. All these can be devised intelligently and creatively to achieve SMM goals. 

To sum it up, SMM connects you, your venture, and your goals with unseen but reliable users!