Digital marketing courses have sprung onto the marketing landscape over the last few years. And, when we consider it, the impact is anything but small.

Old-school companies may find it hard to keep up with the fast-paced world of internet marketing. However, they cannot afford to risk ignoring how people look to shop in modern times.

Simply put, digital marketing is the act where people promote their goods and services over the internet. Whether you aspire to expand your company or work as a freelancer, a course in digital marketing skills is essential. There are numerous digital marketing courses online that can help you advance in this field.

So, read about these ground-breaking digital marketing courses and their techniques to gain further insight into this field.

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Digital Marketing Course Online

With a few clicks on Google, you come across a plethora digital marketing courses. In this article, we will inform you about the best digital marketing course online. Learning online is one of the best ways to master this course. The list down below contains both free and paid courses for your convenience.

Digital marketing course Google

Google offers interactive sessions on its best digital marketing course free of cost. The course is available on their learning portals. Besides, they also offer certifications and a world-class learning experience. To access their online marketing course classes, you need to enroll in their courses. Google courses cover a wide array of the topic. They dive into the SEO, search ads usage, and the section of web traffic. 

Every digital marketing course Google offers has a separate course structure. Their study duration, modules covered, and skill level are all mentioned. Besides, their course content is available to proceed with your area of interest. 

Beginners usually go for the fundamentals of digital marketing course that it offers. In this digital marketing course, Google covers details on building your presence online to SEO and international marketing. There are also courses on the online opportunity and e-commerce usage to sell online. 

When establishing your presence online, you must also consider your security. Thus, Google offers a course on how to protect your online campaign wherein you learn these details. It also provides courses to understand customer needs and their online behaviors. This digital marketing course Google helps you educate on how to manage numbers through spreadsheets. 

Several digital marketing courses in Google helps to improve your marketing dynamics. They introduce you to the basics of Google ad search, ad display, video, and shopping. Through these courses, you get to understand the foundation of the Google ads algorithm. Learning from Google adds to your credibility and enhances your knowledge about the said course. 


Coursera (Source – Coursera)

Coursera partners with premier universities and organizations to conduct its online marketing course on digital marketing. The site has top professors who share the key to success in the world of digital marketing. It offers some relevant courses which are essential if you want to thrive in today’s marketing scene. Aside from that, it also provides parts of a broader program that requires months to complete. 

The site’s course on content marketing titled “viral marketing and how to craft contagious content” is one of the best digital marketing course free of cost available online. Jonah Berger, a marketing professor from the University of Pennsylvania, presents this course. The main objective of this course is to make the student aware of creating content that becomes a hit online. From attention-grabbing advertising campaigns to products going viral, the course delves deep into all of it. 

Are you a nervous newbie in the field of data analytics? Put your fears aside, since Coursera offers courses for even the most novice ones. Also, this digital marketing course online on “Google data analytics” covers theory with real-life cases for students. Students engage in assignments and tutorials to learn the art of SQL and other skills. This course is a part of a six months long program. Students get a free trial for a week in this best digital marketing course free of cost. 

Coursera also offers courses on social media marketing where students learn about the power of social media. Under this broad curriculum, there are several courses available with free trial classes and affordable prices. Under this program, they teach you how to become a social media authority. Social media authority is a vital part of digital marketing. Learning how to engage your targeted audience and utilizing popular social media like LinkedIn and Facebook are some of the perks of these classes. 

Next, they also offer courses on digital advertising for aspiring digital marketers. The course focuses heavily on small businesses. Since businesses have access to multiple digital instruments to reach their customers, the course teaches them how to use these digital instruments to reach them better.

Students get aware of the risks and threats involving in their campaigning and how to tackle each one of them. Besides, this program also teaches you how smaller businesses grow with the help of tailored search results. It also helps to structure and visualize relevant data that further helps business owners to make firm decisions. 

Growth Academy

The digital marketing course also has something valuable to deliver. And, growth academy helps add value to the course in their program. Their main goal is to give a comprehensive course on digital marketing training to those who are interested. Further, they update their training lessons regularly to keep up with the course content. This academy currently offers courses on online advertising, leads, selling products online, and growing agency.

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This platform has an easy setup. Hence, you need to enter some essential information to get their exclusive access. Online advertising is a digital marketing course online where several top online advertising experts walk you through the basics of this course for success. As a learner, you will delve deep into the working of a search engine and targeting keywords for better results.

Aside from that, they also teach you the fundamentals of reaching out to your audience on social media giants like Facebook. This course from growth academy provides all the right resources to help you go further in the field. 

Lead generation is the king in the Internet world. If you master this online marketing course skillfully, your business growth will skyrocket. So, this online marketing course offers you special classes focused on lead generation. There are specified things you need to do right to gain leads. The course briefs you about the fundamentals of it. They also teach you how to set your demographic targeting to gain expertise in this niche. 

The ultimate dream of digital marketers is to see their products gaining popularity online. So, in this particular course, they tell you how you master this skill to using Google shopping. They also teach you to write product copies that convert and help your products. 

The course, grow my agency teaches you how to face challenges and win new businesses. Learn how to put a price tag on your services and add new prices. Besides, the course offered also helps you in understanding how to find fresh clients altogether. Their curriculum will help you take your business to the next level. They provide several video lectures, case studies, and exercises to help the smooth flow of the coursework. So, sign up today and grow your expertise with top experts. 


Udemy (Source – Udemy)

If you are a beginner in the world of digital marketing, Udemy will give you the perfect kick-start. Udemy offers paid classes. But it is affordable for students. Besides, you get access to necessary books and E-books and practical lectures and sessions. They also offer free lectures. But there are some limitations to this best digital marketing course free. For instance, you cannot get a certificate of completion when attending their free tutorials. 

In their digital marketing course, they offer you downloadable resources and assignments to work on. They have a digital marketing course online on digital analytics, email marketing, SEO, and display advertising for a beginner. One of their special course bundle has 12 courses that include an array of topics for people. Students also learn about LinkedIn marketing, social media marketing, and word press set up in this specially designed course. The price of this course is $199, but if you are patient enough, you can get a discount.

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It is also quite beginner-friendly. It helps you understand the working of different components inside digital marketing. You also get quizzes and checklists to improve. The course is interactive in its approach and will help to elevate your marketing expertise. Besides, once you enroll in the course, you get lifetime access to all the future updates the course undergoes. 

Udemy offers another masterclass course where they compile a total of 23 courses in one. This 32 long hour video lecture has rich resources. This detailed course covers everything in the marketing sector. Besides, there are real-world cases that teach you how to apply these ideas and techniques. Some of the topics in the course are how to look for your target market and branding your business.

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Once you enroll in this course, it will help you cover all the essential marketing strategies to give you an overall idea about the field. You can also enhance your branding and leverage your conversion and sales using the techniques you learned throughout the program. 

MIT Open Courseware

The prestigious MIT also offers an open online marketing courseware on digital marketing for students. This course curriculum covers six modules to gain a 368 degree understanding of digital marketing. They have partnered with GetSmarter to create a world-class learning experience for you. Besides, post the completion of the course, you also earn a certificate from MIT Sloan. 

MIT Open Courseware offer a six-week program where they provide you with an outline of some of the best techniques and approaches in the field. You learn how to enhance your campaign return on investment and gain hands-on experience regarding the concept of analytics tools. MIT released their modules weekly that enables a flexible yet structured approach in their learning methodology. They have several top experts who give their best to provide you with an overview of the modules. 


Udacity offers a full range of nano degree programs for digital marketers. They have collaborated with several companies to present a comprehensive approach to this domain. Hence, it covers every essential topic and equips the students with a solid basis for improving their game.


Their real-world cases enable students to run real-time campaigns and analyze results. Their course is much more than a basic theoretical framework. The course covers a wide range of topics on Google analytics and SEO & SEM. Students also benefit from the expert project review. The program tailors you to become a digital marketing specialist. 


edX (Source – edx)

edX offers courses to learn the essentials of digital marketing for the students. Their professional online marketing course is available from prominent schools and colleges. Their Wharton professional series on the said course assists you to utilize the tools to their potential. You get in-depth knowledge on how to put out quality content to gain loyal customers. 

They also provide case studies and Google analytics to assist you in better understanding your consumer journey. Aside from that, you will discover how to stand out amid the turmoil of the internet by being distinct. By choosing their digital marketing course, you familiarize yourself with social networks, content creation, influencer marketing, and the like. 

They will also brief you about how marketing generates value and influences the perceptions and loyalty of your customers. You will also learn to develop your digital marketing strategy through their course. 

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The article has provided you with a brief rundown of some of the best digital marketing course free and paid. Each course has its unique approach. But it helps you progress quickly in your growth in the digital marketing profession. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get a jump start on your career.