The world of marketing is robust and self-sufficient with its variety of forms. Influencer marketing is one such area, which has created a prospective place for marketers and influencers. 

The world of influencer marketing is growing rapidly and will continue to gain prominence for all probable sectors, even in 2022. As per reports, at least 62% of marketers plan to enhance their budget for influencer marketing. Also, 40% of marketers plan to spend at least 20% of their total budget on influencers.

Hence, an increasing number of marketers intend to spend their budget on influencer marketing to target the young customer group. In addition, social media strategies like collaborations with digital content creators create more benefits for marketers. Hence, the year 2022 is awaiting a bright future for this impressive marketing trend.

Why do brands need influencer marketing for their business?

Social media influencers are the most followed and talked about personalities on the internet. With a huge fanbase, these influencers can easily create a large-scale brand or product awareness, whom people tend to trust more.

For smaller brands and local businesses, it is hard to approach celebrities. But influencers are easily accessible. Moreover, the general public tends to relate more with influencers for their cordial lifestyle. Hence, followers tend to seek after those products that influencers review or suggest.

Which social media platform will be a more active channel in influencer marketing?

Influencer Marketing in social media platform
Influencer Marketing in social media platform

Apart from Facebook and Instagram, TikTok has a bigger potential to offer marketers a more extensive reach out to their desired clientele. By producing creative or viral content, marketers can gain seamless traffic to their brand’s products and services.

TikTok is now growing rapidly with its 1 billion active users. For micro-influencer businesses, many accounts can be created at ease and go viral with less effort. Beyond TikTok, there are also great opportunities on platforms like Pinterest and Twitch. Pinterest is remarkable for its inspirational feed, shopping features, and better product categories.

The rate of engagement on Twitch is also quite high, with better content authenticity. There is also an ongoing trend of live shopping events on Twitch, which is creating better opportunities for influencer marketing in the upcoming days.

Should owned media compete or combine with influencer marketing in 2022?

Well, influencer marketing and owned media must team up together to deliver more productive outcomes. People follow and trust better the words of people rather than brands. Thus, leveraging influencer content will be an advantage to brand touchpoints. It will increase your website’s traffic and conversions.

Primarily, millennials get highly influenced by influencers when it comes to discovering new and trendy products.

Influencer marketing trends to look at in 2022

Influencer marketing trends 2022
Influencer marketing trends 2022

With the beginning of 2022, plenty of trends will come up in terms of influencer marketing. Whether you are a marketer who wants to market a new product or you are an influencer who wants to earn more revenue in 2022, here are the upcoming trends you must know about.

Influencers will become brand ambassadors

Marketing agencies are about to focus more on the formation of long-term paid partnership goals. Hence, they will collaborate with a particular influencer instead of changing different faces. It will help an influencer become an identity for a specific brand. 

Influencers might also start sharing their equity in profits that they generate from their public reach. Influencers who would be capable of offering effective sales with their content might gain a better chance to win the trust of brands.

Paid ads will surface

A trend that might shake up the world of influencer marketing is paid ads. In collaboration with social media influencers, brands can work on paid ads to create an extensive reach out to their target audience.

As businesses are getting converted to e-shops, social media ads for these brands are needed to promote sales and increase traffic on the corresponding sites.

More influencer marketing agencies will grow

With the growth of influencer marketing trends, more agencies will grow to gain success. With the fast-growing popularity of influencer marketing, agencies will turn it into a business to connect your brands with the right influencers for better reach and higher conversions.

Videos will get better value

Videos will get better value
Videos will get better value

In 2022, influencers who are good at making high-quality videos will grab better opportunities. This trend will keep growing, and marketing agencies will hire influencers to run attractive yet effective video campaigns through TikTok, IGTVs, and reels.

People prefer to watch videos more rather than read longer posts. Hence, professional-quality videos will surface better as a form of influencer marketing.


The world of marketing has become more robust. Reaching out to a larger audience base has now become easier through social media by sharing engaging advertisement videos of your brand through famous faces. Hence, in terms of influencer marketing, the year 2022 will be quite crucial for both marketers and influencers.