AI has been a revelation in the past few years, boasting of its innumerous capabilities. From medicine to marketing, no area of life has not been touched by AI in one way or another. The development of AI promises a new future that is as promising as the one our ancestors hoped for when they discovered fire. AI in marketing 2022 holds the key to businesses reaching the next level.

Companies using AI in marketing have seen a tremendous rise. The business world is getting filled with different types of AI in marketing. Leveraging AI in marketing and the ability to do it successfully has almost become a single-handed factor in deciding the fate of companies. Examples of Artificial Intelligence in marketing can be seen from a retail shop to a production powerhouse. The artificial reality for customers to actually view the products they want in 3D is one of the most prominent examples. AI for predictive analytics in providing personalized recommendations and many more such examples are everywhere around us.

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How is AI already affecting marketing today? | AI in marketing 2022

But AI is not just a creation of the past year. It has been in the works for the past decade. The Turing machine was the start of AI back in World War 2. At that time, not many would have thought marketing would be an area, AI would touch. Today businesses have already developed some interesting ways of using AI in marketing.


Chatbots are one of the most prominent examples of Artificial Intelligence in marketing. Who wants to talk to automated messages? No one, right, companies know this too. Thus they are constantly working on providing AI-powered chatbots that can replicate human interaction. According to the HubSpot Global AI survey, 27% of the customers want to interact with AI-powered marketing techniques and tools. 29% are sure that if they like it, they would want to continue the usage too. Chatbots are a powerful tool to lure customers to a CTA and generate revenue or site visits. Thus companies using AI in marketing are keen on developing realistic chatbots.

Voice of the customers

What does AI have to do with human voices? Well according to surveys, 60% of the customers use voice search for looking up business information. Where does AI come in this? One of the types of AI in marketing is natural language processing to understand what a customer says. Humans have different ways of speaking and writing. Thus optimizing your pages and sites according to voice search will soon become a necessity. Leveraging AI in marketing requires understanding the customer, be it in written or spoken form. [ AI in marketing 2022 ]

Data processing

We all might have heard of big data, at least once or twice if not all the time. AI in marketing relies a lot on big data. Big data allows companies to use AI for marketing to better train their models and get the desired output. But we produce a lot more data than we think we do. The data we produce holds the key to our success. But to find this key, the mountain of data has to be scrounged. This is where AI comes into the frame. AI algorithms have started catching up to the amount of data we produce.

This opens up new paths for companies for leveraging AI in marketing, Personalization, something every product wants to offer. Each customer is unique and companies want to recognize that. That is why we have personalized texts and gifts coming to us from these companies. The brain behind finding what we like and what we don’t is AI. From what their customers see to what they buy, companies collect data to offer better services to their customers. They do this to make them feel unique and important.

Augmented Reality

Buying from online stores has always been a dilemma for many. Will the product suit us? Or will it be appropriate in the house? All these questions had no answer except guesswork. But AI has introduced a new marketing strategy as a counter to this. Augmented Reality, the key to convincing customers your product is worth it.

With Augmented Reality, companies use AI in marketing, for displaying their products. This display is similar to a store display, as you can observe the size and look of the product in real life. No more shall you rely on a few thumbnail pictures to judge if a product is good or not. With augmented reality, new marketing strategies have risen to entice customers towards products. [ AI in marketing 2022 ]

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How to leverage AI in marketing 2022? | AI in marketing 2022

How to leverage AI in marketing 2022?
How to leverage AI in marketing 2022? | AI in marketing 2022

Driving conversations

AI can help stimulate human interaction. Of course not 100% but rather just enough to make the customer feel that they are being looked after. An autonomous message with a fixed template does not create any emotion in a user. To make the customer take an action, it is required that the chatbots or query response understand what the customers want. Equipping an AI with natural language processing can help it understand what the customers want.

In the future, it can also help the AI ask questions to the customer, get to know their preferences, and then make suggestions based on them. Even further, transactions can also be automated, providing customers a complete business deal feeling. AI can help companies create an environment where customers feel they are cared for the best.

Campaign inputs

Companies invest a lot into marketing strategies. Hours and hours of brainstorming go into the smallest of marketing decisions. After all, the marketing strategy builds the brand image of the company. But even then there are a few delays and drawbacks. Humans are prone to biases and this can affect the marketing strategy, often negatively. But if the marketing strategy was to be built by a bias free mindset?

Leveraging AI in marketing can be done in a manner to understand what customers need and want. With a large dataset that includes the likes, dislikes, demographics, and other information about the customers, marvels can be done. Artificial intelligence can work on this dataset to create a marketing strategy that is free of bias.

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Every customer wants special treatment from a company or a business. Marketing should be done in order to fulfill this need of the customers. Personalization is another amongst types of AI in marketing that can help build a loyal customer base. Personalizing the page of an online shop to reflect the customer choices. Offering personalized suggestions based on what customers buy or do. All of these methods can be implemented to make the customer feel special.

Customers nowadays want a personalized experience, Thus leveraging artificial intelligence to create such an experience is important. Improved attention leads to an improved experience. Using AI in marketing this experience can be created. AI in marketing 2022, will most prominently be used for personalization. [ AI in marketing 2022 ]


Every business wants to have an idea of how it will perform in the future. Forecasting profitability relies a lot on understanding customer behavior. It also becomes an important point while deciding the marketing strategy of the company. Anticipating the customer behavior or the choices they are going to make is crucial to success. Leveraging AI in a manner such that it can predict what customers are going to do is imperative.

By gaining the capacity to anticipate using AI models, companies can better plan their marketing. Certain groups of the customer base can be targeted at certain times to achieve optimum sales. By anticipating the sales going to happen, the profitability of the company can also be judged. We can find out about a customer’s inclinations from their previous purchases and expect what they may do in the future.

Targeting customers

Companies brainstorm for days before deciding what ads to release when and how. Out of all the ads, some work better than the others. What is it that makes them special? Understanding that is the key to boosting revenue and sales. With Artificial Intelligence, companies can understand what makes their ads successful or unsuccessful. The initial campaign may not prove to be the best. But artificial intelligence can help analyze the faults. It can optimize the ads based on what works and what does not.

It can also figure out the most engaging sector in the audience. Then efforts can be made to capitalize on this sector to generate more revenue. By doing this companies can also save a lot. The investment will be safer when ads are backed by data and not biases. The unbiased nature of artificial intelligence helps it create the perfect ads for the audience.

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Understanding Sentiments and Segments

What happens when you take a customer survey? Oftentimes the data we generate from this survey cannot be interpreted properly. Artificial intelligence is the perfect tool to understand and gain insights from customer data. Customer surveys, ad campaigns, purchase history, all this can help better understand the audience. It can also help in identifying underlying customer groups in the audience.

The sentiments that a brand creates in the audience can also be analyzed using AI. It helps provide the businesses with the tool to see what effect they have on the audience. The data that businesses generate is also monumental. Artificial Intelligence can sieve through this data easily. It can help uncover vital patterns that often remain hidden to the human eye. This can help businesses realize what is actually working for them and what does not.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence in marketing | AI in marketing 2022

Examples of Artificial Intelligence in marketing | AI in marketing 2022
Examples of Artificial Intelligence in marketing | AI in marketing 2022

Starbucks Predictive Analysis

Starbucks is a giant in the beverage industry. It is also a pioneer in using Artificial Intelligence to create better marketing strategies. Starbucks has a loyalty card and a mobile application that almost everyone in modern society knows about. Besides offering benefits, the loyalty card also keeps track of the purchases made.

The mobile application also has a similar auxiliary function of keeping a record of what kind of purchases the customer makes, when and where they make them. Then it uses Artificial Intelligence to offer customers personalized product messages. It also used this knowledge to provide discounts and suggestions to the customers, to increase the average order value.

Alibaba FashionAI Store

Chinese Retail Giant Alibaba is prominent amongst new examples of AI in marketing. In order to create a supreme customer experience, Alibaba’s new fashion store, FashionAI has clothing with AI equipped tags. These tags detect when a customer touches the item. Then the related information of the product, along with items you can pair the item with are displayed. The display is created on smart mirrors.

The FashionAI clothing tags do not stop just at showing information. Rather these tags also keep a record of what the customers view in store. This data is synced with its virtual wardrobe app that allows customers to view the same clothes in the app.

Unilever AI Data centers

Unilever AI Data centers
Unilever AI Data centers

Unilever is one of the largest consumer brands in the world. From cereals to household products, it has its reach in everything. Thus it is no shock that Unilever has a huge database for it to work on. This mammoth data holds various consumer trends, habits, perspectives, etc. Unilever uses Artificial Intelligence for the task of extracting information from this data. The use of AI to extract this data, helps Unilever build a marketing strategy that is different for every product. Its data centers across the globe constantly scourge to generate data. This data gives insights to the marketing team for developing a strategy that is free of biases.

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The world is evolving as we know it. Data is being generated every second and the customer base is changing with every tick of the clock. In such situations, it is very important for companies for leveraging AI in marketing. Companies using AI for marketing can already see the rewards of investing in it. Artificial Intelligence holds the key to making businesses and companies move to the next level.

In the world of marketing, an effective strategy conquers. By instilling Artificial Intelligence into their existing practices, companies can breathe a new life into their marketing strategies. AI in marketing 2022 will definitely take a new turn towards success and advancement.