In the current tech world, the machines are programmed to imitate human activities and that is called Artificial intelligence. AI powered machines are deployed in various fields to replace or to help humans to do a task. AI programming focuses on three skills that includes learning, reasoning and self correction. While programming an AI powered machine, the engineer or technician will input a huge amount of data. They also create rules and instructions to turn the data into actionable information. Artificial intelligence plays a major role now. The importance of artificial intelligence seems to have a higher demand in the future. In this article the areas where Artificial intelligence is used.  

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Some of the Applications of Artificial Intelligence are:

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Self Driving Cars

Self driving cars are artificial intelligence powered cars. They are the future application of AI. They are also known as autonomous or driverless cars. They do not need a human operator to drive the car. These cars have High resolution cameras and top notch sensors. 

The car can detect what is happening in its surroundings and react with it immediately. For example, if another car is coming too close which can result in an accident, the sensor helps to sense the distance. The car can  move in a safe direction. Because of this feature, self-driving cars can also be operated in congested cities. It is a boon to humans. Because these cars can operate 24/7.

They do not feel sleepy or tired like human drivers do. Hence they are safe for long trips. The companies like Waymo, BMW and Aurrigo are in their final test phases of their self-driving cars. Governments in Some countries do allow self-driving cars and in some countries, it is still not allowed. But self-driving cars are the most expected application of artificial intelligence


It is an interesting AI application. The surveillance is very crucial. Be it a small factory to a big city roads surveillance has a key role in watching whether anything is going wrong or not. This is traditionally done by humans. They have a control room and they watch the footage carefully. Even though humans carefully monitor, some errors may happen here and there. Like they may feel tired or sleepy at some points or they can get distracted. This may result in traumas. That is why artificial intelligence is being deployed here. 

It has to be programmed about when to give an alarm. When something threatening happens it will alarm. When the alarm is given the human officers can take an action based on the situation. So clearly artificial intelligence will not take away the job of humans, it will help to perform the tasks better. It can also be programmed to identify unknown faces, invalid access and so on.  Artificial intelligence will be a major asset in surveillance in the upcoming years. 

Enhancing Customer Services

The customers are the kings. If customer service is better in a firm, the customers will gravitate towards the firm and stay loyal. This keeps running in the minds of all the business owners. Hence they deploy artificial intelligence to improve customer relationships. Artificial intelligence is used in website chatbots. These chatbots help the person who is visiting the website. They help to track shipping, select products or services, record complaints and so on. These chatbots are programmed in a way to understand the language of humans and answer the question appropriately. 

The other place where artificial intelligence used in customer service is calls. Artificial intelligence  will segregate the calls according to the customer  needs. Which is then dealt by the humans to solve the issues. Artificial intelligence in the field of customer service will help a lot to the CRM teams in industries. It really helps the brands to treat their customers well and to retain them as well. 

Personalized Shopping Experiences

Personalized Shopping Experiences
Personalized Shopping Experiences

It is the major industry where artificial intelligence is playing an important role. The AI here will collect the data of the users and use that data to personalise the shopping experience of the users. The AI will collect the data about the needs of a person. These data are collected by analysing the recent searches done in the browser. The AI will use that data to know the products or services that a person is interested in. This data will be used, ads and recommendations will be shown to the users. The users will also be notified by the offers related to that product. 

Sometimes the AI is programmed to show related products as well. For example, if you bought a mobile recently the AI will show the mobile covers and airpods as recommendations. Some AI are programmed to show damage protection plans, warranty plans and compatible devices as well. Overall the users will be shown the products that they are interested in. This is also beneficial for a lot of brands since the conversion rate is also high here.  

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It is one of the major fields where artificial intelligence will be implemented. In the healthcare industry AI is of utmost importance because there is a shortage in the number of technicians available. To run the ultrasonics and ECGs artificial intelligence is highly preferred. It will help to fix the appointments of doctors. This can also help to maintain and review the health records of the patients. These can help humans to concentrate more on other important tasks. There are surgeries that are assisted by artificial intelligence

The future of healthcare is remote consultation and personalised drugs. Artificial intelligence will play a key role in both specially in the personalised drugs. AI will go through all the test reports of the patients and provide them with the drug recommendations that are intended to cure their illness. Another major use of artificial intelligence in healthcare is equipment. The equipment like ECG monitors will be AI powered which can give an alarm when the situation of the patient is getting worse. Overall in the current and future, the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare is huge.

Banking Sectors

It is an area where there is a huge need for artificial intelligence. The banks use artificial intelligence to watch the transactions that are happening and to inform the users about credits and debits via texts. It also helps in maintaining bank records. The major role of artificial intelligence in the banking sector is fraud prevention. It is done by finding the sites and the ways frauds are done. The banks alerts the users about the ways the frauds are done via messages. 

Sometimes the frauds happen by hacking the bank’s server.  AI will continuously monitor the server. If there is any breach in it, it will notify and also suggest ways to recover. The other application of artificial intelligence in banking as an advisor. The AI powered robot will speak to the customer. The customers have to provide information about their goal, financial status and so on. The AI robots will analyse the information and prefer a particular loan or investment. This helps the managers and bank heads to ease their work. Overall it is one of the most needed applications of artificial intelligence. 

Smart Homes

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It is one of the most famous applications of artificial intelligence. By now we all have at least one home based gadget that is AI powered. This includes gadgets from Amazon like Alexa and Google home like Nest. There are AI powered  robots like robotic vacuum cleaners that cleans and mops the home. The other examples are smart doors, plugs and speakers that can be controlled by voices or through smartphones. There are smart mirrors that will help telecast fitness classes which helps to maintain fitness at home without visiting gym.  These artificial intelligence powered gadgets help make home management easy. They also help to save power and time. Hence AI at homes are welcomed and well loved by people. 


In the current tech world, the machines are programmed to imitate human activities and that is called Artificial intelligence. AI powered machines are deployed in various fields to replace or to help humans to do a task. Artificial intelligence plays a major role now. The importance of Artificial intelligence seems to have a higher demand in the future. They are installed in autonomous cars, these cars need no drivers to operate it.

There is surveillance that is powered by AI to identify potential harms. It is also used to enhance the customer service by solving customer queries then and there. It also creates personalised shopping recommendations for individuals by analysing data. There are huge roles for artificial intelligence in healthcare and banking as well. AI powered gadgets are used in home based gadgets to ease home management. Artificial intelligence is always focussing to ease the work of humans.  


  1. What is artificial intelligence?

The machines are programmed to imitate human activities which is called artificial intelligence.

  1. How does artificial intelligence help?
  • It will reduce the error that is caused by humans.
  • It will also ease the work of human beings so that they can use their time and energy on other important tasks.
  1. Is AI destroying the jobs for human beings?

It definitely takes up some of the roles that are done by humans. But most of its applications focus on easing the job of humans.

  1. Are AI powered cars safe to travel?

They have sensors that will sense the harm and act accordingly.

  1. What are the cons of AI?
  • It is very expensive and time consuming to install.
  • It cannot be creative. It can only react as per how it is programmed.
  • Malfunctioning AI will be tedious to solve.