The world of digital marketing is rapidly changing. The newest change that has come and it seems that it is here to stay is Artificial Intelligence. 

The term refers to computers and technology that imitate “cognitive” functions that are present in humans. Functions such as learning, understanding and problem-solving. Going by the name, ‘artificial’ means ‘like original’ and ‘intelligence’ means ‘the ability to apply knowledge’. 

Computer science is making attempts to perceive the core of intelligence via the closest thing that can be to a human mind. Something that thinks and functions the cerebral attributes like you, without having the physical existence per se. 

AI works in some highly technical and specialized fields such as robotics, image recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, etc. AI systems have detailed algorithms that have become so efficient that they are now expanding into human centric work now. 

Digital marketing is all about marketing tactics and ways that show, promote, sell products or services and industries using internet channels. Channels such as websites,  social media  pages, advertisements and emails.

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The relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

Initially, AI was not able to lure marketers in using it in their marketing strategies. The lack of overt knowledge and the supremacy of actual human behaviour were the key reasons. However, things changed when the world started using AI in the biggest to the littlest manners possible. Prevalent giants like Amazon, Instagram to newbies like Spotify have started using AI systems successfully.

Any e-commerce site like Amazon uses results based on what you have previously searched for, and will show you products according to that. Or instagram will perceive what kinds of posts you are interested in, by monitoring what you have liked, commented on and shared the most to show them in your feed. 

Going into the field of digital marketing, AI as its part offers a wide range of benefits and options. Read on to find out how you can use artificial intelligence in digital marketing.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence
Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence helps greatly in strengthening your digital marketing strategies in the following manners:

To understand target audience as well as individuals clearly

AI is capable of analysing, understanding and remembering customer behaviour and preferences. The audience absolutely needs such assistance that understands them better than any human can. As compared to a human, the software can remember and retain every detail of a customer. The results appear as per those details. These details can be modified in no time by just a touch. 

Understand this with the help of an example, when you put your details in a shopping app, say Amazon, you feed the interface all the data you wish to provide the best and most optimized results. All the function that runs in the software while such an act from the user’s end is carried on by AI. 

Improvement in User Experience

The audience has access to a systematic and sorted interface because of these technological advancements. The experience is hassle free, the two parties are a human and a machine, one demands and the other delivers. 

The users have a good experience because the interface acts on commands and delivers results according to their convenience. Whatever you feed the interface as your query will be delivered in the manner you want, you can add filters that narrow down the results best suited as per you wish and you can even sort the results in the menner you wish to view. 

More Effective in Marketing

AI is a program at the end of the day, that means every move that it makes, is calculated. That rules out any and every chance of probability. The data driven evaluation and performance creates a more effective strategy for digital marketing. 

One of the main functions of AI is to help in processes of decision making and optimised content creation. There are videos, images and graphics that can be generated with the help of artificial intelligence only to amplify your marketing strategy. 

Increases Productivity

AI Algorithms, the backbone of AI, majorly help with complex recurring tasks. The system is designed in such a manner that it can perform complex tasks extremely easily. The technical backend work is leveraged to the AI and the human and cognitive intelligence works on more human related tasks like customer relationship management. 

Enhanced shopping experience: 

Shopping on any website or portal is powered by AI. everything that is in the process of buying is done by the AI. a product or a service that is in its physical state far from you, catches your eye or gets picked by you, reaches you in some time via virtually performed functions that involve less human and more machine language. 

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How AI is transforming digital marketing?

How AI is transforming digital marketing?
How AI is transforming digital marketing?

Today, AI is fully equipped with the ability to collect, analyse, use and respond to data and its ability to make data-based decisions quickly and accurately is revolutionizing the arena of Digital marketing. Features like AI semantic recognition along with voice conversion technology and language processing make AI customer service easier to use and deliver an enhanced user experience, which are crucial in the field of marketing.

Here are some ways AI is changing digital marketing:


Chatbots refer to robots that chat as a part of customer service.  Instead of employing people to do the same, AI has come up with the solution, Chatbots. A single chatbot can cater to many customers at the same time that too in different time zones, unlike a human chat service. 

Secondly, AI powered Chatbots don’t need to rest and rejuvenate, they are available 24/7 and can answer in real-time. It means that they are not physically limited to providing good customer service. Because it is a computer programme above all, it can be extremely useful for a large variety of people. There will be no language, geographic or any other kind of barrier that would affect the communication. 

These bots also take feedback from the customers, ask about their experiences, opinions and suggestions. These attributes guarantee a better user intent resulting in interaction and engagement. Chatbots have made much more progress in the amalgamation sphere of artificial intelligence and digital marketing than any other new methods. 

AI and digital advertising

Digital advertising is a field that has seamlessly adopted and embraced artificial intelligence. All the big businesses like Google and Facebook use AI in order to provide the best user experience to their customers. Any kind of marketing performed on these platforms is propagated through the AI systems. 

These platforms use such technology to analyze users’ information, as basic as their gender, age and interests to complex attributes like demographics and behavioural aspects in order  to provide them with the most relevant marketing content like advertisements. 

AI is exceptional in predicting and spotting trends and micro trends. This can help brands reduce their waste and make content and marketing strategies as per the research and predictions. You can discover which type of content will be most effective for your target audience and create content that is most suited to them. 

Voice search

Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques enable voice searches. It is very important because it greatly helps in catering to the search intent. The customer has an option to avoid writing the query and can just speak to the interface as if it is a real person. Voice searching can redefine the way you search for queries and discover results. Advancements like natural language processing (machine translation) and text mining (text transformation) make this procedure very easy to decipher and practise. 

It provides flexible interaction between the interface and the user. Personal voice assistance  enables specific and univocal searches. 

Voice queries are more conversational in comparison to text queries. This is simply speaking the query to the voice assistant that will be the input and the software will produce output on the basis of it.  You must know the ‘near me’ searches that tell the nearby places aligned to your query, those are the major areas where voice search is used. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Several procedures of social media marketing such as, examining  customer  behaviour,  customer  intention,  image understanding procedures, analyzing data from social media, which were a tad difficult to do manually, are being done effectively  through machine learning models and data mining techniques. 

Predictive marketing: AI helps greatly in predicting what kind of product should be produced and towards the goal of producing optimised content only. This is called predictive marketing that studies the upcoming trends and produces content according to that. 

Semantic  search

Semantic search refers to a searching technique where the search process is not only limited to exact meaning and keywords but also the contextual meaning and connotations that come with it. 

Semantics are so important in a field as complex as Artificial Intelligence because the whole narrative rests upon the user’s search intent; the user being a human has a galaxy of queries and curiosity. 

AI understands complex human emotions like curiosity and thus facilitates the users with such technology that helps them give a better user experience. 

Email marketing

It nearly is impossible to respond to every user action that comes to your website. Well, someone has already put AI to yet another good use of enabling E-mail marketing. It helps you personalize emails. Emails have been considered the most formal and trustworthy channel of communication in a corporate setting. The credibility of an email increases if it is sent in a personalized manner where it caters to someone directly. It shows that the email is written personally for him/her and has been invested time on.

AI does that for you. Based on user behaviours and with proper settings, it allows you to send emails that are for specific people without letting you actually do it. These emails are sent when the user takes a certain action. The email is just a response to that action. The response is framed in such a manner that satisfies the user intent. 

AI can help marketers in sending out relevant and engaging messages to the right people upon their actions. 

Wrapping up. 

Complex human emotions with complex machine functions like these are only possible because of the next alternative to human intelligence i.e., artificial intelligence. The technology works upon the practice to provide good user experience and enhanced marketing.