People remember what they see. That’s a fact. And, let’s be honest, we all have started consuming content more visually than by reading or by any other way. 

Interestingly, according to research, the probability of people seeing an informational video about an organization is four times that of the people reading about the organization. 

Now, imagine what impact a great video about your organization would leave on the people who are visiting your website or your company’s other social pages

So, if your organization doesn’t get involved in corporate video production, then maybe it’s time to rethink it. 

And to help you with that we have built this article to give you all the information that you would need to delve into the amazing world of corporate video production. From what a corporate video actually is, to the benefits of having a corporate video, this article will prove to be your one-stop destination for corporate video production. 

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What is a corporate video?

A Corporate video in simple language is a video about an organization that is commissioned by the organization. 
To be clearer, a corporate video provides an idea or information about the organization or its products and is developed by the organization itself.  The organization could be of any kind, it could be a company, a corporation, a business, or any other kind.

A corporate video is mostly referred to the customers or the internal employees and ranges in distributing a variety of messages. Over time, with the advancements of digital marketing, corporate video production has become an important tool in developing digital media strategies, and in developing an identity of the brand, too. 

An incredibly powerful tool for communicating with your target audience, a corporate video could help you find new horizons for your business, and give your organization a new and unique identity for itself. 

What is corporate video production?

Corporate video production refers to the process of developing a corporate video. It involves everything from strategizing the video to putting it on the website for the people to consume.  Corporate video production is the idea and method to tell great and compelling stories about the brand to its audience and employees and build an identity for the brand.  It is a tool for brand building and a great marketing strategy. 

What are the different kinds of corporate videos?

Different kinds of corporate videos
Different kinds of corporate videos

Though the main idea of a corporate video is to provide people with a better insight into the company, its work, and its mission and vision. But, with the developing power of the internet, a corporate video could be made to use in many ways.

  • A video with instructions, guidelines, or safety measures for the employees. 
  • A breath-taking video presentation for the investors.
  • A video to demonstrate a new product or showcase the unique selling points of a product. 
  • Videos that narrate the stories of people who have already used the services or the products. Basically, a video with clients and customer testimonials. 
  • A video about an event or putting out a summary of the event.
  • A video with magnificent and learning-oriented interviews with the leaders of the organization. 
  • A video talking about the company’s ideas, motto, mission, and values. Lastly, a video, as a tool to market a product. Or building the brand identity of the company. 
  • These are some of the ways a corporate video is made to use in an organization. Moreover, introducing these videos in the company’s communication and marketing strategy could definitely help in building more connections and a consumer base. 

What are the stages of video production?

 Stages of video production
Stages of video production

Initially, In the traditional methods, there are said to be only three stages in video production, but with the advancement of digital media, and the increasing importance to visual content, it has become imperative to take into note all the five stages of video production carefully. 

Stage 1: Developing the strategy

The first stage involves identifying the objective of the video along with devising the appropriate strategy to produce the video. The motive of this stage is to make sure that the video sends the right message across to the people or the target audience, and helps in developing real leads that can help in boosting the brand’s sales, and image. 

Stage 2: Planning the production

This stage can also be referred to as Pre-production, as this stage involves the planning of all the necessary production equipment and facilities. Such as the storyline, lighting, budgeting, problem-solving, and others. 
The motive of this stage is to decide everything beforehand so that the video production goes smoothly.

Stage 3: Production of the video

The most critical stage, this is where the real work that the people will see, will happen. When all your planning and research come together in the form of a beautiful and inspiring video, that’s when the task of the production ends. 

Stage 4: Finalizing the video

This is when the post-production work begins. After producing the video, it’s time to polish it and bring the best out of it. This stage involves editing the videos and finalizing them the way they need to be distributed amongst the target audience. 

Stage 5: Putting the video to use

The last stage of video production is where you put the video out for its main purpose. At this stage, you can refer back to your strategy and see how the video is to be used and can use it accordingly.

A good corporate video should have definitely gone through these five stages in order to become successful in sending the right message to the target audience. 

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What are the benefits of corporate video production?

Benefits of corporate video production
Benefits of corporate video production

Especially in today’s world, corporate video production holds a lot of significance. Some of the benefits of this practice are as follows.

 Helps in getting more traffic to the website

Well! Amusingly, video content accounts for about two-thirds of the internet traffic. According to leading marketing companies, if you have corporate videos on your website, you are 75% more likely to be seen by people. This can help you bring a lot of traffic to your website, and as it is said, the more the traffic, the more the sales.

 People tend to share videos more

Videos are engaging and captivating, thus have a higher chance to be shared by people. A video provides a human touch to an organization, thus making it 7 times more likely to be shared by people, thus bringing more leads and traffic to the website. Moreover, a video also provides the people to engage with the content and also understand more about the organization. 

 Helps in creating a firm brand identity

A good corporate video will help the people to understand your brand and will help them to easily resonate with the brand identity, making the brand more trusted and reliable. Moreover, it also helps in building a community of people who share the same ideals and values as the brand does. 

 It provides a good return on investment

The cost of video production is way less than the miraculous advantages it can provide your company. More traffic and sales are just a part of the benefits that you might be able to reap if you invest your money in Corporate video production. 

 Modern, new age, creative, and fun

The world is rapidly moving ahead, and it’s time that your organization also keeps up with this rapidly moving world. Corporate videos are the upcoming ways to market products and build a brand identity. With amazing results, these modern age marketing techniques are creative, fun and give you an edge over others. 

These are some of the benefits of delving into the field of corporate video production. Apart from these, one of the prominent benefits of corporate video production is that you can use it in your digital marketing strategy and do wonders with it. It not only helps you reach a wider audience but also helps you send your brand’s messaging to the people in a fun and engaging manner. 


With the world rapidly advancing forward to newer techniques and marketing strategies, it’s time for the organizations as well to hop on this fast train and benefit themselves with the changing tools and techniques. Videos are a great way to send across messages and ideas in a way that resonates with the people, and this ideation could be perfectly used in the world of marketing and brand building too. 

With thousands of its usage in the world of marketing and communications, a corporate video could prove to be a boon to the company’s profile, adding more quality and essence to the organization. 
Whether your motto is to increase leads, or engagement on the page, or simply to launch a product and gather some traction, a corporate video can help you reach your goals with ease and in style. 

So, if you still haven’t looked into the idea of stepping into the world of corporate video production, then maybe it’s time that you do so, and use this amazing tool to your benefit while rejoicing in the marvellous wonders that it does for your company, business, brand, or organization.

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