A digital marketer is always searching for the perfect way to connect with their audience. Whether through social media or Youtube, videos are proven to directly communicate with the consumer and create a buyer intent in them. To write an engaging video marketing script, a writer or marketer must be aware of the buyer persona and the purpose of the video, as there are millions of videos made every day on Youtube and other video distribution platforms. Creating monotonous video content can reduce the chances of going viral and instead damage the brand identity forever. Here we will describe the basics of video marketing and assist you in writing a perfect video marketing script for your business.

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How to write a Video Marketing Script?

A video marketing script is based on the target audience, the information being shared, previous experiences with the consumer or audience and the interests of your customer. Before you start writing a video script, it is vital to answer the following questions:

What is the type of audience you want to target?

What is the aim of the video? Conversion? Lead generation? Traffic?

What is the problem you want to solve? 

Why should your target audience be interested in watching this video?

Answering these questions will help you in strategizing for the video script. Video marketing needs a balance of visuals and script development. Writing in a non-communicative manner will not help you achieve your end goal. A video script should be conversational even if you cannot talk with the audience. You can predict their thought process and tackle the next thought just when the viewer thinks about it.

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Things to do before writing a video marketing script

Things to do before writing a video marketing script

Choose a central character

A central character is a person, topic or thing that is the main element of the video. Every video must first decide on the main character. Once this is determine, it becomes easier to create a script outline based on the central character. The central character has to be defined based on the questions we answered earlier. 

Audience analysis

When does your audience watch online videos? Where are they located? Do they ask questions that you are trying to answer?

If a video marketer is unable to answer these questions on their own, interview the target audience. This can be informal or formal. You can also interview your neighbors if they are similar to the audience you want to target. Audience analysis will help you to decide the language of your script, formal or informal writing, tone of the content, and the level of understanding they already have about the topic.

Storyboard and outline

Some prefer to create a storyboard while working on the script. But a rough storyboard should be created before the video script writing is initiated. A storyboard is a mixture of texts and graphics or visuals. It can be created on a piece of paper too. As video is visual rather than textual content, creating a storyboard helps in imagining the flow and the position of the various aspects in your video.

Start noting the points you want to mention in the video. Then list these points in the outline in a sequential manner. Note down the dialogues, disclaimers, facts, and other textual content you want to share in the video. This way you will be able to arrange your thoughts about the video chronologically. 

Steps to follow for writing a perfect video marketing script

Steps to follow for writing a perfect video marketing script
Steps to follow for writing a perfect video marketing script

Mention the hook

Tell the audience in the first few seconds about your goal to create the video. If your goal is to promote your brand then share the service your brand gives. Don’t repeat the text mentioned in the thumbnail of the title of the video. Inform about the content differently.

Ask a question

This question has to be thought-provoking. It should generate curiosity in the minds of the viewer. 

Start the conversation

Once you ask the question, the first dialogue has to be the problem-solving answer or the solution to the above question. Then the conversation between you and your viewer begins. Use the outline you created earlier to write the conversational part of the script.

Support your message with facts and studies

Don’t just say it, but prove it. 

Bring it all together through your unique brand voice

A brand’s voice can also be artists, influencers, or a company’s voice. It is unique and implicitly describes the brand identity in the world.

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End it with an appropriate call-to-action

A video with no call-to-action is a video that confuses the audience. Whether you want them to subscribe to your Youtube channel or your newsletter, mention the call to action. Give them some valuable reasons for subscribing. 

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How to write promotional video scripts for your business?

How to write promotional video scripts for your business?
How to write promotional video scripts for your business?

Promotional videos have a transactional intention and they advertise and inform simultaneously. Some of the reasons are- showing the advantages of the product or service, How-to videos for your products, and Sharing a customer conversion story that influences the viewers to buy. If you have the same reasons then you need to create a video script for promoting your business. A promotional video script needs to get to the point instantly and entice the viewer with a script that perfectly suits the script. A script needs to mention the call-to-action at the end. But this end should not be far away from the main dialogue. Deliver the message before the viewer scrolls or skips to the next video. 

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You have understood all the valuable steps to writing a video marketing script. But this is just the beginning, as the real challenge is to shoot the video by following the script you have made. A well-thought script might take more time to develop but it makes the post-script part speedy.

It is better to take guidance from an expert or read some blogs online. But the editing and shooting must be well-planned and strategically similar to the video script concept. A theme that is constant across the entire video is more visually pleasing than a video with no consistency. Consult some experts for developing the video scripts as it can be a strenuous task to handle all the things required in video making. A video takes up to 10 days to develop if only one person works on it and 1 to 2 days if experts handle each part. I hope this guide will help you in creating your next video.


  • What are the types of video marketing scripts?

Types of video marketing scripts:

Video marketing scripts are categorized into different types based on their purpose and result. Here are some types of video marketing script types:

  1. Brand engagement video scripts
  2. Word for word videos scripts
  3. Interview themed video scripts
  4. Product demo video scripts
  5. Live video scripts
  • What are the benefits of writing video marketing scripts?

A video script helps to organize the thoughts of the creator and gives the video content a structure. If the creators are consistent and clear, then the viewer will find the video helpful or entertaining. A video with no end goal can be skipped even before the video starts, just by viewing the video thumbnail. 

  • What are the steps to follow while writing a video marketing script?

These are the steps you should follow for creating a perfect video script:

  1. Mention the hook
  2. Ask a question
  3. Starting the conversation by answering the above answer
  4. Support your message with facts
  5. Bring it all together
  6. Add a call-to-action at the end
  • What are the best platforms for running a video campaign?

Here is a list of 5 best platforms for video campaigns-

  1. Youtube
  2. Instagram
  3. Facebook
  4. Snapchat
  5. Pinterest
  • What are some apps or tools to make a storyboard and a video script?

5 tools and software for making a storyboard and a video script-

  1. Storyboarder
  2. Plot
  3. Photoshop
  4. Canva
  5. FrameForge storyboard studio
  6. Moviestorm


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