If you want to grow your business, you need to deeply understand the detailed factors that affect your business. A crucial aspect for business growth is to control every strategy and funds (profit, loss, expenditure). You can attain the business growth with various strategies. 

So, if you want to grow your business you need to increase your marketing skills using technology. To do so, you will require a good knowledge of PPC.

Here, we will discuss and understand Pay-per-Click (PPC). Also, we will talk about application of PPC in real world. Moreover, different online PPC certification courses are listed below that are available on Udemy and Amazon.

So let’s get started.

What is PPC?

Firstly, we are talking about Pay-Per-Scale (PPC). Digital marketing is an effective method to adopt for marketing your business. PPC marketing works in the best way possible for service or product ads.

In this strategy, internet marketing advertisers pay some fees when their ads are clicked. That is to say, pay only when ads are clicked. Search Engine Advertising is the prominent form of PPC method.

Significance of PPC Certification Course:

PPC is important as it provides instant traffic. As a result, your site will get more and more revelation to the market. It will also lead to brand visibility. Even though, there is one keyword, there are chances that you can run multiple ads on a single keyword.

If you are starting a new business, PPC advertising is the best way to start with your internet marketing. PPC advertising network is mostly used by Goggle Ads. It is because Google is the search engine primarily applied by everyone. 

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PPC Certification Courses Available on the Internet:

PPC certification courses give an idea about Pay-Per-Click. To digitally market your business, PPC certification courses will aid to gain knowledge of conversion, optimization, web analytics, bidding methods, Ad platforms, search engine marketing as well as improvement of generation.

By taking PPC certification courses, you can understand the concept of display marketing, remarketing as well as content marketing. It will make easy working with some services such as Google Ads and Google Analytics. Moreover, it also aids to understand the concept of conversion tracking.

If you enroll in a PPC certification course, you will receive official badges as well as you get a PPC certificates online. Hence, the PPC certificates can be used to let your clients, managers, and colleagues know how much of a PPC expert you have become.

Existing Resources for PPC Training:

Existing Resources for PPC Training

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

Conversion of active users into organic traffic is focused in this method. PPC and Search Engine Marketing are somewhat similar concepts. In other words, the main goal of both the terms is to earn top sponsored search results on Google.

Social Media Marketing (SMM):

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the important branch of PPC which mainly focus on robust audience targeting solutions. It plays an important role to deliver relevant ads which spread brand awareness. Hence, it directly relates to driving valuable website traffic.

The main objective of this marketing is to attract users with valuable offers while scrolling.

Best Available PPC Certificate Online:

If you wanted to learn social media marketing and you are a beginner, you can join different PPC training courses which are available in an online mode. Register for these PPC certificate courses and gain an expertise in advertising strategies.

PPC Certificate Online
PPC Certificate Online

Here is the list of some PPC certificate online courses where you can find the best PPC training courses:

1. Udemy PPC Course:

Udemy founders Eren Bali and Oktay Caglar prepared a live virtual classroom in the form of software. On this site, many PPC certification courses are available. One of the recent courses available on Udemy is “Social Media Marketing Mastery”.

After registration on this course, you can easily shape various strategies for social media marketing! Also, you can easily figure out the concepts of social media posting and automation. It will make you capable of posting high-quality paid ads on various platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Moreover, if you are a blogger then you can use a Web 2.0 blog to further increase your reach using SEO as well as content marketing. Using this course, you can learn about Twitter marketing strategies for different LASER focused ads.

Various PPC certification courses are available on Udemy posted by Eventbrite, Box, Netapp, etc. These courses are continuously refined and curated so that the collection of PPC courses remains fresh. As a result, it becomes helpful for learners and keeps them one step ahead of others.

2. Amazon PPC Course:

It includes Sponsored Ads Certification courses which are best suitable and perfect for advertisers or agency professionals, who grasp Amazon Ads and sponsored ads through the seller central or advertising console.

There are a different collection of courses from sponsored ads Boot camp which help you to prepare for digital marketing. The courses involved in Amazon PPC courses are:

1. Learn the fundamentals of Sponsored Ads: 

In this course, you can understand common terms and features that help you to drive traffic while advertising effectively.

2. Build Compliment Ads: 

In this course, you can learn various ad policies which help to increase engagement with your audience.

3. Analyze Metric and Reports:

This course helps you to understand sponsored ads and sales attribution. You will learn about available metrics as well as reporting tools to draw campaign insights.

3. Google Ads Certifications:

Google offers a particular certification to that individual who shows proficiency in basic as well as advanced aspects of Google Ads. This allows you to perform as an expert in digital marketing. Also, a giant benefit is that you can be recognized as an expert by Google! 

There is a total of six Google Ads certifications available. Furthermore, Google Ads certification helps your business to become a Google partner in the “Google Partners Program”.

You can claim certification from Google Ads product areas. For example, certificates of Google Ads display, Google Ads shopping, Google Ads measurement certification, Google Ads video, shopping ads, and Google Ads search certification, etc.

List of some Google PPC certifications:

Google PPC certifications
Google PPC certifications

1. Google Ads Search Certification 

If you want to learn about building and optimizing Google search campaigns, then this is the best course to take! At the end of this certification, you gain the ability to leverage automated solutions such as smart bidding, boosting campaign performance, etc.

2. Google Ads Measurement Certification: 

This is helpful to measure and optimize your digital ad performance using Google’s measurement solutions. This will help you to know more about metrics that matter and aid in improving Google Ads performance. Additionally, it directly impacts your business.

3. Google Ads Display Certification: 

A must have certificate in your portfolio to apply display strategies. These marketing strategies are helpful to achieve specific marketing goals.

4. Shopping Ads Certification: 

To validate your proficiency using optimization of shopping ads, the course called “Shopping Ads Certification” is crucial. When you become a certified user, you can gain knowledge about the creation and optimization of shopping campaigns to attain maximum reach and conversions.

When you achieve a particular Google certification individually, you become a certified professional. Show off this certificate issued by Google before showing your skills as an expert! 

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PPC denotes Pay-Per-Click which is involved in online advertising. The PPC strategy follows the rule of paying some fees every time their ads are clicked by a visitor. It is beneficial because advertisers do not have to pay a fixed amount but rather it depends on the click. That is to say, no hidden costs or charges!!! 

Various online PPC certification courses and resources can train you to use PPC method strategically. Using this course you can optimize your ads with fewer fees and less PPC/CPM/CPM/CPL/CPA. These courses are available on Udemy, Amazon, and Google etc. 

Some of the PPC certification courses are available for free. Claim those before they gets converted to paid courses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Que 1. What is a PPC Certification Course?

Ans. PPC certification courses are training related to digitally market and strategically grow your business using Pay-per-Click method. Take this trainings to get verified PPC certificates online and become a PPC expert.

Que 2. Where to find free PPC certification courses?

Ans. There are some free resources and PPC certification courses available on Google.

Que 3. Is PPC hard to learn?

Ans. The PPC courses offered by verifies companies are not hard to earn. However, they are time consuming which will make you an expert in this area.

Que 4. For how long this certificates are counted as valid?

Ans. The Google PPC certification is counted as authentic for the span of 2 years only. Other certification validity are depend on specific companies offering a particular course.