Google, a platform that has revolutionized connection, informing and reaction. It is the space where all the activities melt together to ease out our lives. Right from saving the date for your friend’s birthday, to shopping products virtually, Google is just like your right hand. It is essentially a search engine that helps you in navigating what you search. So, if you want to know how New York City looks, all you can do is ask Google. The top 8 Google applications, are an extension to this broad journey of Google.

People occupied in various fields use Google applications for various purposes. Apart from just being a search engine, Google has various other features to make routine tasks easy and simple. Google applications are also ideal, as they ensure reliable information coupled with security. 

Google has made our lives easy, with its different tools. The list of Google applications are continuously updated with new applications. This article will have a complete elaboration on the background of Google. Further, it will include the benefits of using Google. Lastly, this article will have a complete list of top 8 Google applications. 

Google- Know It More 

Google is a search engine that was started in 1996. It was established and curated by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, to locate files on the Internet. The platform was given the primary execution in Stanford University. The main goal of Google was to use the internet and technology in finding global information. The trials and testing for google were conducted in the same year, in 1996. Currently, the headquarters of Google is located in Mountain View, in California. The official registration of Google happened on 15 September, 1997. 

As a company, Google was incorporated on 4 September 1998. Initially, Google started off as only a search engine. That is, a user can enter the words, search for the information and get relevant results to look into. However, over the time, Google has branched out to various domains.

Google-Know It More

It has successfully penetrated into fields such as computing, software and hardware. The primary principle that Google applications follows is to make world information accessible universally. With the growing demands for searches, information and freedom to explore, Google reorganized itself in 2015. 

In 2015, Google applications served as a parent company to Alphabet. Alphabet is the platform that recognizes all the interests of various users on Google. For instance, Alphabet reorganized other tools of Google, such as Google Drive, Gmail and more. The subsidiary company, Alphabet looks after the Internet usage, advertising, and various other apps inbuilt in Google. In 2019, both Sergey Brin and Larry Page left their posts as the CEO of Google. The current president serving Google is Sundar Pichai. 

The advent of Google applications has given a breakthrough, especially for Internet marketing. It has also shifted people’s interest from traditional acquisition of information through newspapers, magazines and others. Rather, people have information ready on their hands, by just searching on the search bar.

It also saves the cost of knowledge acquisition, through traditional mode. While these all have been the optimistic shifts due to Google, there have also been concerns. Since Google has various information, the question of reliability continues to linger. Further, viruses are prevalent to attack the accounts of any Google users. 

In a nutshell, Google has emerged as the ideal platform for people to get information instantly. It has changed the way we perceive information in linear mode. Today, there are various sets of information on Google, providing options to the users to choose. There are various benefits of Google, harnessed by the users. These benefits of Google are elaborated in the next section. 

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Benefits of Using Google

Google and its applications have transformed our lives, making it possible to complete complex tasks in short times. The advent of Google platform has provided various benefits to the users. These benefits of Google are:

Speedy Search Engine 

The best part of using Google is the less amount of time to search for information. The procedure to search for information on Google is not only easy, but also fast. To search for information, you need to type in the search bar. Once you do that, you have to press Enter, and all the relevant information is before your eyes. According to the reports, Google can deliver your search results in just 0.19 seconds. The platform has a speedy search engine due to efficiency of its technical structure. 

Wide Range of Result Choices

With Google, you do not get the same results all the time. Benefits of Google, include that it is much faster in updating its pages with new sets of information that you search for. For instance, if you want to know about cyber crime, Google will have a number of pages that have information related to the topic.

There is no fixed time period for the same information to be there on Google. As you search for a subject, Google platform will always have a wide choice but with the latest information to provide you with. 

Enhanced Filtering Options

The ideal aspect amongst benefits of Google, is to get the filtering options. You do not have to spend time typing an entire question or a phrase. All you can do is, identify the keyword, type on the search bar in Google, and get the relevant information.

Further, Google applications also provides you with the “Shortcut” option. Through this option, you can add the keywords priorly, and search for the topic you want. It also has the “tools” option, which helps you in filtering the content in three ways. You can search for results in specific language, search according to time period and most relevant or verbatim results. 

Tools as Helping Hands

Along with the search efficiency, Google applications also has various other tools to ease out your work. It has important tools that will help you carry out your daily tasks easily. It has tools such as Google Maps, Calculator, Google Drive, Google Trends, Google Talks and more.

For instance, if you want to find a particular location, you can search for it on Google Maps. Google Maps will provide you with live directions to reach your destination. Or, if you want to know the latest trends in marketing, Google applications trends will assist you to do so. It will provide you with information that has been added to Google about marketing, latestly. 

Connects Diversity at Single Plate

Google’s best advantage is its connection to all on a single platform. It brings in information and people together and enables them to share their views. The articles or the media that you see on Google, are works of people from around the world. For instance, if you are an Indian,and want to know about European culture, you can do it through Google Search. In that perspective, the platform binds people with information about diversity and different regions.

You can also connect with people from around the world, ideally through Google Talk or Google Meet. Through these tools, you can virtually converse and know people. Therefore, Google does not bind you all through information, but also provides opportunities to connect live. 

These are the benefits of Google applications. These Google applications make the tasks easy for you, connect you to the rest of the world and create a complete virtual global village. Google applications has continued to update with the latest applications in its list. The top 8 Google applications are listed in the next section. 

Top 10 Google Application

Google has various applications that help you to create your task with complete efficiency. The top 8 Google applications are listed below in details:

Google Drive

Piles and piles file filling your downloading space? Well, you do not have to worry about those piling files. All you have to do is access Google Drive. Google Drive is a space where you can store different forms of media. Be it your documents, or PPTs, you can put them all in Google Drive.

With this Google app, you can store various files such as images, videos, documents, forms and sheets. You can also segregate your files by creating different folders for it. 

Google Drive is an ideal application for students, working entities and freelancers. This application also makes it easy for you to search amongst the heap of content.

It has an inbuilt search bar, where you can type the title of your content and find it. Google Drive is accessible on all kinds of devices. You can access it through your phone, personal computers, tablets and laptops. 

Google Pay

Worried about carrying cash to a longer journey? Or are the heavy merchant payments making it hard for you to store them as cash? Google Pay is an ideal Google application that helps in carrying out easy, smooth and secure transactions.

With this Google app, you can pay or receive an amount, any time and anywhere. The only required facility to access Google Pay is internet connectivity. 

Accessing Google Pay is not a mammoth task. You have to create an account, link your bank account, set a virtual bank pin and you are ready for transactions. This application is used by users as it is directly encrypted and secured by Google only.

You can use the application for shopping on e-commerce platforms, paying your bills, recharges and sending money to others. 


Emails are the official way of communication in formal settings. Whether it is recruiting an employee or sending your resume, emails are the ideal communication channels to do so. Google applications have also introduced GMail, which helps in creating emails for easy communication.

There are various features inbuilt in GMail that will help in curating emails at instant. You can access Gmail, by creating a GMail account. You can create an email id, and set a unique passport for it. 

GMail has spam options that directly transfers unknown emails to the Spam section. Further, if you are unsure about mail, you can also save in the Draft section. Further, you can also see the mails that you have sent in the Sent section. You can view all the mails in the Inbox section.

You can also schedule your emails and save them in the Scheduled options. GMail is the perfect channel for communication that is hassle free. There are also other features in GMail such as deleting bin, chats, and managing labels.

Google Keep

Got a striking thought for your story in the middle of traveling? Google Keep is the best space to put out your sudden thoughts and ideas that come randomly to you.  It is where you can store all your write ups and important details. Google Keep is your virtual note that will help you record various details, relevant to you.

Through this Google application, your typed data will get automatically saved. 

In Google Keep, if you do want to type, you can use the voice memo option. This option will automatically transcribe the information that you want to save. You can also share these ideas on Google Keep with others.

You can also add titles to your notes in Google Keep, to keep them arranged and organized. Google Keep is ideal for people to store information such as notes, links and more. 

Google Maps

Are you unable to identify the way back home? Or have you lost the way to the new mall? There is nothing to worry, as Google Maps is ready to help you. Google Maps is an ideal application to check for routes and directions. This Google application is created to search for different destinations.

It has features for turn by turn navigation and see-view facilities. With this, you can also check the live condition of the destination you want to travel to. 

In Google Maps, you can also download the route maps. You can later access the route maps while traveling and you do not require any internet access.

The Google Maps are ideal to use as they are reliable and provide accurate route details. There is also an inbuilt voice technology that indicates directions to better facilitate navigation. 

Google Earth 

Ever dreamt of seeing Paris or roaming through the DisneyLand? You can visit all these places right from your home. Yes, you heard it all correctly.

You can view the entire sphere and places of the world, by just being at home. This is all possible through the Google application called Google Earth. Google Earth is an application that will provide you with a live view of different places of Earth. 

With Google Earth, you can search for different locations. Not just that, you can also get a live view of outer space, that is your galaxies and the other planets. The application has 3D representation of the places on Earth. The users can type the location and get to see it in all 3D form.

The application also provides tools for drawing the maps, adding pictures and videos. The best part is, Google Earth is all free to use. It has all the updated maps and data regarding places on Earth. 

Google Docs

Are you looking for an updated platform to concise all your written content? Google Docs by Google is the ideal platform to draft all worded content. This Google Docs is well induced with features that will help you typing content easily.

Google Docs have facilities for segregating your content based on the headings and subheadings. The application is completely free to use and only accessible through Google accounts. 

With Google Docs, you also have the option for editing the documents easily. For grammatical errors, your content will see a blue underline. For a wrong word, your content will see a red underline.

This Google Docs also has security for your documents. You can choose the person you want to share the document with. You can choose to provide the other person with the permission to either view, edit or comment on the document. 

Google Lens 

Are you unable to recognize a picture? Worry not, if you cannot, Google Lens is all ready to help you. With this Google application, you can click the picture and let Google search the details about it. For instance, you click a picture of a street through Google Lens. It will provide you with the details such as street name, location and more. 

The best part of Google Lens is you can search for the details of the place in your preferred language. Google Lens is an ideal platform to learn about new places and get a huge bundle of knowledge. 

These are the top 8 Google applications. The use of Google applications makes it easy to work with technology. These all Google applications and their virtually present the tools and save your time to invest in it physically. 

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The article has all the information about what Google is. It traces the benefits of Google and its application. You can advance to these Google applications by adding them as extensions to your Google Chrome. The article also has a complete list of the top 8 Google applications. 

Commonly Asked FAQs

  1. Is Google Chrome free?

Yes, Google Chrome is free for usage. You can use it to search for various information and expand your knowledge. 

  1. How do I use Google Docs?

For Google Docs, you need to follow these steps:

  • Create a Google account
  • Use the Google account to log in to Google Docs
  • Click on the blank document to start writing on Google Docs.
  • You can access various templates depending on the type of content
  1. Is Google Lens free?

Yes, Google Lens is free. You have to click the picture through Google Lens and search for its details. 

  1. Can I have different accounts in GMail?

Yes, you can have different accounts in GMail. However, you have to login differently, to access the required GMail account.