There are several characteristics that make a good brand. One of those is good customer support and service. 

Setting up a human team to propagate customer service is a yesteryear practice now. The digital marketing world is now facilitated with the expanding scope of Artificial Intelligence. 

There are many legs of AI in digital marketing but ones these days are Chatbots. The new decade started with an intensive upsurge in the usage of Chatbots for better service to the customer and it has kept growing ever since. 

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What are Chatbots?

With its growing influence on the businesses, it is surely an asset to include in your marketing strategy. Chatbots are chat machines that are powered by artificial intelligence. They are present on the website to answer your queries and help you find solutions to your problems. It’s high time to include Chatbots in your marketing strategy because they offer excellent service. 

These chat machines are so advanced that they facilitate human-like interaction while serving the customer. Chatbots are a win-win situation because they offer the latest communication process for the brand without hampering the customer’s trust built over the years. 

How are chatbots transforming the various aspects of digital marketing?

How are chatbots transforming the various aspects of digital marketing? | What are Chatbots
How are chatbots transforming the various aspects of digital marketing?

Chatbots fully computerize the process of marketing and customer support, unburdening the human resource for more important work of idea generation and creation. The marketing process demands a lot of work. Customer service in marketing is predominantly technical work that can be done in a better and optimised manner with the aid of AI-powered technology. 

Contact details, sales call information, answering FAQs and general queries and guiding through common technical hurdles, these are the types of work that can be done in a more optimised manner by a machine than a human.  

Are chatbots a threat to human jobs?

In case you are thinking that chatbots are here to replace humans in the process of providing good service to the customers, you are mistaken. They are only making human interaction better in that sense. 

The bots are only working in the initial phases of customer support where the problems and queries discussed are generic and are probably non conversational. As soon as any customer needs deeper assistance with any of the problems, they can opt for human assistance to guide themselves through the process. 

The technical work that was being done by a very consistent and hardworking team of customer support is now channelled to just as equally capable technology if not more.  

AI Chatbots : 2 main types

AI Chatbots : 2 main types


Task oriented chatbots are declarative. As single-purpose programs they automate conversational responses to the inquiries of the customers. There are only some specific responses that these chatbots give that are mostly used in support, service and FAQs. 

They are the most commonly used chatbots that can easily handle generic questions, like the queries about business hours or simple transactions that are not complex to comprehend and generally don’t require detailed guidance. 


These chatbots are conversational. They are also the virtual assistants as we know them. They offer a much more interactive service. Predictive intelligence is applied here along with analytics that helps in a personalized approach towards the customers based on tier preferences and past behaviours. 

These powerhouses can also initiate conversations when a customer visits your brand on the web. The most prominent examples are Apple’s Siri,  Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana.  

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How can AI Chatbots prove extremely useful for your brand ?

How can AI Chatbots prove extremely useful for your brand ?
How can AI Chatbots prove extremely useful for your brand ?

The most basic point of contention between a chatbot and a machine is that the former is a machine. It is designed to perform certain tasks better than man ever could. Here are some points that prove why chatbots are the best bet for providing good service to the customer. 

Chatbots amplify Marketing Conversations

Chatbots are perfectly capable of automating the marketing conversations that are a major chunk of customer support process. As a result of increased conversations between customers and the brand, the marketing process grows and promises more sales. 

At the nascent level, the bots are far more equipped and evolved in handling massive traffic that comes their way. When a customer starts to communicate with a business they are assigned their own chatbot that gives them a personalised approach to do so.  These features have an impactful effect on the business. 

Responding to FAQs

Irrespective of the type of business you have, there will be some questions that will definitely be asked. It would be a tiring job for a human to answer almost similar questions multiple times in a day. The bots are programmed in such a manner that they can answer the commonly asked questions very easily. 

Quickly greetings to customers

If it’s a new business, the visitors might be confused with the processing and other aspects of the business. You can make it easier for them to explore and enjoy your website by giving them assistance that will guide them in the process. 

Not only for first time members, these powerhouses prove extremely useful for keeping track of whatever conversation has been made with each customer. This attribute of chatbots enhances the customer experience and is considered a strong suite in the customer’s eyes. 

Simplify Shopping Experience

Chatbots even provide an in-chat shopping experience within the app window. You can even conduct the shopping process for the customers directly in the chatbot. Such easy solutions to rather complex online processes will enhance the user experience. 

Information from Leads

Gathering information from all the leads is very important before proceeding in further important conversations. Details such as contact information, their status on being a customer or not, and the areas where they would like to have assistance.  They can also perform the task of Scheduling seamlessly, any kind of customer support or sales call can be arranged via these bots. 

Increasing Sales

A chatbot helps to move the leads into sales. They are a great way to commence the customer’s journey. It’s also a quick online communication setup for people who are too busy to get things done on call. 

Improved Marketing

Chatbots are the devices that nurture leads. Once a customer has started using a chatbot, you can maintain a connection that promises constant communication. It becomes easier to lead them to a purchase or sign up for various services. It’s more direct and personalised one-to-one conversation aspect provides it an edge over the typical email marketing method.  

Improve communication with stored data.

Another way to enhance the user experience of the customers is being able to retain information and conversations that already exist with a customer. They account for the customer’s preferences and other personal details. 

The pre-existing knowledge about the customer helps greatly with providing them assistance in the areas that the customers want and signed up for. 

Breaking the Robotic Monotony

You can use the powerhouses for being one of the businesses that make the optimum use of technology. But the same devices can be used in a manner that will be a gamechanger for you. With such a large number of options present in the e-commerce and digital marketers era a robotic conversation is all you get.

Use chatbots to provide a human touch in the conversations. It can engage with the customers as a human would and can quickly aid the issues with solutions. Its given that a human-like interaction is more capable of leaving an impact that blatant robotic conversations. 

Offers personalized recommendations.

Understanding the visitor is very important for growing. Their preferences and needs are the most important things that you need to understand. You need to know the various pain points and concerns of your customers so that you can address the same concern that can compensate equally.  

You can programme your chatbot into providing relevant recommendations in products and other aspects of support. Showing them different but related products based on their search and purchase history will ensure a smoother user experience.  This way you cut the hustle of finding products from the customers’ side making the sales process more likely to take place. 

Offers Speedy Response.

This is the winning bet of using a chatbot. It offers an extremely speedy response to the customers’ queries. With the crunch of time in everyone’s life, only fast service is appreciated. 

Chatbots offer real time responses 24 hours everyday to the customers making them feel prioritised and important. Such service also strengthens the loyalty of the customer for the brand. 

These devices can be programmed in a manner that the AI can respond to queries anytime of the day, irrespective of the availability of human staff. This attribute enhances the UX by reducing the barriers of effective communication.  

Chatbots are a win-win. 

Chatbots are conversational powerhouses that boost the efficiency to operate and also save various costs for the business. On the other hand, it provides a seamless experience in most important areas of a business; customer support and customer experience. 

They enable the businesses to resolve the customers’ queries and offer them solutions in no time while being able to improve the business as well in many aspects. 

Researches have shown that Chatbots are considered the most effective way of communication between a business and its customers. 

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End Note

The world has now reached a place where the merger of human intelligence and artificial intelligence is a key to exponential growth. Chatbots are the quintessential technology powered by artificial intelligence that provide communication service for a better customer experience.