In recent times, with speeding lives and so many things to attend at once, our mental stability has sunk into pitfalls. Along with coping to new changes, handling our mental adaptability has put us on a never-ending rolling bridge. Mental health is a recent concept that has created a new type of consciousness amongst people. Though it has been there since human existence, its advocacy has only gained eyes in recent years. Here are 6 Best Mental Health Apps.

Mental health, in a very basic understanding, deals with the mind and its well being. Our minds are a repository of all the activities that define us humans. Right from finding new ideas to devising plans, the mind does all the work. However, managing mental health has become a mammoth task. Due to this, mental health apps have emerged as elongated friends.

Mental health apps are primarily consequences of adverse mental health conditions. As coping with mental health becomes strenuous, mental health apps are used to intervene and treat. In this article, there will be a complete brief elaboration to what mental health apps are. Further, there will be an elucidation to what mental health app uses are. Lastly, the article will have the best 6 mental health apps.

Mental Health Apps – What Are They?

Mental health, as defined by American Psychological Association (APA) is “a state of mind characterized by emotional well being, good behavioral adjustment, relative freedom from anxiety and disabling symptoms, and a capacity to establish constructive relationships and cope with ordinary demands and stresses of life.” 

According to the definition of APA, mental health is achieved when an individual is emotionally healthy, can adapt to different situations by behavioral adjustment and is not anxious. Further, a mentally sound person is also good at socializing and maintains an amiable personality in the society. Lastly, a mentally healthy person is also skillful and can handle the normal stress triggers of life. 

According to the World Health Organization, mental health “is a state of mental well being”, which makes a person efficient to “cope with stresses of life, realize their abilities, learn well and work well, and contribute to their community.” 

This definition of WHO, further, increases the potentials and perspectives towards viewing mental health. It extends mental health to a state of mind that is beyond just coping with the normal stressors of life. According to WHO, a mentally healthy person, other than from coping with routine stressors, is also able to realize one’s own strengths and capabilities. Once the realization of individual capabilities is dawn, the person engages to refine it. This refined version of capabilities enable the person to be an active part of the community and contribute to its welfare. 

The lack of efficiency in mental health will lead to mental disorders. Mental disorders, as stated by Diagnostics and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, are the “significant distress or impairment.” This distress of impairment impedes the individual’s personal, social, and occupational aspects. Mental disorders, if not treated, can lead to serious downfall of the individual. It can increase from minor Mal-adjustments to aggravated situations like panic attacks, suicidal attempts and substance abuse. 

As a tool of intervention, harnessing the strength of technological advancements, mental health apps have flooded around us. These mental health apps are the pathways to help in dealing with mental health problems. A complete elaboration to what mental health apps are, is provided in the next section. 

Mental Health Apps – What Do They Do?

Mental health apps are the leap in virtual, aimed to help individuals suffering from mental complications. These mental health apps are designed to assist the individuals in improving their complications that are in turn impacting their mental well being. These apps have various activities and tracking analysis. These aspects assist the individuals to know how progressive their mental stability and optimism is. In place of a traditional psychologist, or psychiatrist, mental health apps take over the duty. They behave as the monitor to help the individuals in tracking and knowing the ideal steps to improve their mental well being. 

While the advent of mental health has been a complete revolution to the psychology field, there have been ambivalent responses for it. A set of opinions supports the establishment of mental health apps. They believe that unlike mental health support that can vary due to varied regions, these apps are available for all. It saves up the cost, and has complete resources that are identical to those in actual mental support settings. Further, the mental health apps act as virtual monitors, yet they have been well-included with the qualities and interpretations that a psychologist might have. 

However, while some consider mental health apps to be a boon, it is a bane for others. A set of opinions have raised queries on the credibility of the mental health apps. Though it has all the requisite functioning to improve one’s mental health, yet it cannot take over a psychologist. The traditional way of counseling in psychology is through interrogation, which is not entirely possible on mental health apps.

Further, there are chances for generalization of the answer. Since, the mental health apps use the AI technology, there might be chances for it to replicate the same responses for individuals suffering differently. To what extent, the treatments provided by mental health apps, is also questionable. While these apps provide realistic treatments, however, there is no one to note the progress with it. 

Therefore, there is a mixed response to how mental health apps work. Or, if they work, what decides on their credibility, efficiency and the in depth exploration, which  is required essentially. But, to streamline it, the start of mental health apps have truly changed the ways in which we perceive mental health. These apps have lent a hand to create mass awareness about mental health. Various communities and nations have begun to acknowledge mental health and its role in individual well being. Mental health apps have also made it convenient to lead an optimistic and healthy life. [SOFTERMII]

There are various mental health apps uses. These uses of mental health apps are elaborated in the section. 

Uses of Mental Health Apps

Mental health apps have benefited people all around the globe, and those who were suffering from mental health complications. These mental health apps are uses are mentioned following.

Uses of Mental Health Apps
Uses of Mental Health Apps

To Seek Help From Anywhere

Mental health apps emerge as a major intervention in de-stigmatizing mental health and creating a space ‘to ask for help’. Unfortunately, the taboo for mental health is still prevalent in some of these places. This restricts the people to talk about their mental health while some have no knowledge about it. Through mental health apps, people can seek any mental health assistance from anywhere. This is done through common helpline numbers, mails and chatbots, of the mental health apps. They have helped people to talk about their mental health in a more open, and global space. 

Complete Analysis of Mental Conditions

Mental health apps replace your physical sessions and tracking of mental health issues. These apps for mental health have complete procedures, tools and activities designed to assess the mental health issues, further treat them too. Right from identification of the issue to devising plans related to improvement, mental health apps do it all for you. They also have the scope of interrogating, however, it is limited through asking queries. The client can be completely open in order to describe his or her mental situation. 

Records Tasks

Mental health apps remain as the guiding force to initiate your attentiveness in improving your mental health. Apart from just prescribing your activities, they also track how active you are in completing them. Mental health apps record your routine tasks such as sleeping pattern, exercise, food consumption, activity involvement and also your thoughts. It has parameters which help you in interpreting your activeness and reach towards optimal health. This is done on either daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Increase Patient Empowerment 

Mental health apps are ideal spaces that work on building the core of individuals. This core of individuals involves their strength recognition, capabilities, re-defining goals and efforts. All this attentiveness culminates in patient empowerment. That is, the client becomes effectively motivated to work towards the goal breakdown. This empowers him or her on a better journey to build oneself. Therefore, mental health apps are not just sufficient for tracking mental health. They also replicate as tools to empower an individual in attaining an optimistic approach towards life. 

Break Down the Stigma

As approached earlier, stigma related to mental health can be cruel and harsh on those who are experiencing mental inefficiency. To be the first step in eradicating mental health stigma, mental health apps are ideal. Through their global presence, these mental health apps ensure that the mass knows about the basics regarding mental health. Further, through these apps the myths about mental health are busted, giving people a reality check. These apps for mental health also motivate the people to come ahead and express the mental repression that they are experiencing. 

These are some of the mental health apps used. The mental health apps encourage widespread knowledge about mental health. Further, they are also involved in providing people with the right guidance to attain ideal mental health. 

There are various mental health apps that emerged lately. The 6 best mental health apps are elucidated in the next section. 

6 Best Mental Health Apps

There are plethora of mental health apps to access. Here is a detailed list of 6 best mental health apps, to use and get ideal guidance for improving mental health. [VERYWELLMIND]

6 Mental Health Apps
6 Mental Health Apps


Started in 2013, BetterHelp is one of the most prominent mental health apps, offering various mental health assistance to the users. It offers mental health guidance in different ways. This includes video assistance, audio assistance, chat assistance and messaging assistance. The application is accessible through various devices. BetterHelp has therapists that are fully licensed and have work experience of more than 3 years. To access this mental health app, you have to first answer a few questions. Once you answer, you will be connected to a therapist who will take forward the mental guidance virtual sessions. 


With holistic and integrated mental health provisions, Talkspace is the best mental health app. It has all the facilities at one stop for the individuals looking for comprehensive mental health assistance. As a user-friendly application, Talksapce has varied types of mental therapies, insurance coverage and full tracking of the progress. It is also an affordable app with all ranges of subscriptions. The clients can choose any subscription that best matches to their price range. The best part about Talkspace mental health app is the unlimited messaging assistance. Along with one weekly video session, the individuals can stay in touch with their therapist over messages and texts. 


Sanvello is the best mental health app for getting cognitive-behavioral therapy and improvement through mindfulness. CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy includes substituting the Mal-adaptive behavior with a better or adaptive behavior. Further, through the mindfulness technique, the clients are asked to figure out their trigger points and develop neutrality towards them. This will further let them to be unaffected by the once triggering stimuli. The application has a complete list of coping strategies that users can use, without real need of a therapist or psychologist.  Further, the users can also assess their progress through the weekly progressing graphs. 

Breathe, Think, Do With Sesame

A free initiative to help those who are struggling with mental health issues, Breathe, Think, Do With Sesame is available for all types of devices. This mental health app is specially designed in dealing with child psychology. The app caters to the age group of 3 to 5 years old children. The application has coping strategies that help in managing stress in children. The parents can utilize these strategies to manage the stress level with engagement in various activities. The strategies are given by Sesame Street monsters that help them to deal with problems in their daily lives. Activities include breathing exercises, phrases learning, problem-solving skills and more. 

I Am Sober

I Am Sober is a mental health app that assists patients with experiences of addiction and substance abuse. This mental health platform assists the patients to take the initiative to start leaving substance abuse. It has integrated activities that the patients can try on their acceptance and work one step towards being substance free. It provides a detailed tracker that helps the patients to know how long they have been sober. Further, it also helps them to notice what all activities they have completed, in compensation to avoid substance abuse. Further, this mental health app is also ideal for creating motivational factor for the patients, that will further amplify them to move towards being substance-free. 


As the name suggests, this mental health app is ideal for those who want to go with medication-free therapies. The main types of therapies that Calm provides is relaxation, meditation and a proper sleep cycle. With subscription to Calm packages, you can unlock various resources that will help you maintain good sleep patterns. Further you can also unlock various meditation techniques that will help you calm your mind. Relaxation techniques such as breathing techniques, will enable you to get a free mind, and focus on strengthening one’s abilities. 

These are the 6 best mental health apps. These mental health apps help in creating a spectrum of optimistic approaches towards mental upgrade. These apps are all accessible to people from different spaces. 


The above article has a complete explanation of what mental health is. Further, there is an explanation to what mental health apps are. The article also has a complete list of mental health apps uses. Lastly, there is a complete list of 6 best mental health apps.

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Commonly Asked FAQs

  1. What is mental health?

Mental health, as defined by American Psychological Association (APA) is “a state of mind characterized by emotional well being, good behavioral adjustment, relative freedom from anxiety and disabling symptoms, and a capacity to establish constructive relationships and cope with ordinary demands and stresses of life.” 

  1. What are some common mental health disorders?

Some common mental health disorders are:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anorexia Nervosa
  • Bulimia
  • General Anxiety Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorders
  1. What are the uses of mental health apps?

The uses of mental health apps are:

  • It de-stigmatizes the notions about mental health. 
  • It helps to create mental health awareness to the masses. 
  • Mental health apps have assistance for people with all walks of life. 
  • Mental health apps include ideal steps to treat mental health disorders. 
  • It is the perfect replacement for a psychologist or therapist. 
  1. What are features of BetterHelp mental health app?

BetterHelp is one of the most prominent mental health apps, offering various mental health assistance to the users. It offers mental health guidance in different ways. This includes video assistance, audio assistance, chat assistance and messaging assistance. The application is accessible through various devices. BetterHelp has therapists that are fully licensed and have work experience of more than 3 years.